Gregory Beyrer

Keeping Discussions-via-email Clean

Blog Post created by Gregory Beyrer Champion on Aug 5, 2018

As with Conversations, email can also be used to reply to messages in Discussions. In my classes I like to respond to each student's introduction to help them feel welcome, and doing it via email means I can take care of that task when out and about. But unlike Conversations, it is easy to clutter a Discussions page with duplicates of the original message. Just taking care of not including the original message when using email to reply to a Discussion post makes for a cleaner Discussions page.


In the embedded video I demonstrate the following:

  1. Showing that a user is Subscribed to a Discussion.
  2. Confirming that the content of an email and a Discussion post have the same content.
  3. Demonstrating dirty Discussions-via-email.
  4. Demonstrating clean Discussions-via-email.

This does not take care of grading, however, so I still need to log in to Canvas to give students feedback on graded Discussions. And it will not mark the message as read to which I replied.