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A colleague asked me how to view the grades of a student who had been dropped from a class. Our SIS processing gives dropped students a status that prevents us from using the View Prior Enrollments link, so we have to be creative with our .beta instance.


Here are the steps:
  • Go to the .beta instance, where data from the production system is copied over weekly. Instructors can log into this instance but students cannot. Also they receive no notifications of any activity that takes place there. The Canvas Guides has a document with more information: How do I access the Canvas beta environment as an instructor?
  • If the student is not enrolled in the course on the .beta instance, their user can be manually enrolled there by selecting the +People button on the People page and using the student ID number for Login ID (or SIS ID). Grades and activity data will reappear for students who were formerly enrolled who are then re-enrolled in a Canvas course.
  • If it is after the semester has ended, you will notice that the +People button is not active. You can activate this by going to the Settings page for that course on the .beta server and de-selecting the check box "Users can only participate in the course between these dates" and selecting the Update Course Details button. The +People button on the People page will then become active.


The best part of all this is that an instructor can do all of this on their own without needing a sysadmin's help (at least on our instance).

At the end of each episode of This Week in Canvas, I ask viewers to make a suggestion for tip of the week. We began the series this semester and have only received a couple of suggestions, and the first one we used as the tip of the week in a subsequent video. This week someone asked for a histogram of grade data, which is a feature that our former LMS had. I started to imagine how to fit in the process of downloading, creating a chart, etc., and wondered how well that could fit into the short videos we like to create.


Then serendipity touched me when I made the connection to Analytics Beta, which is now available in our production instance. So I created a demo video and showed how to enable it, selected a couple of links to show features (including a histogram), and ended with encouragement to be an active member of the Canvas Community: