Gregory Beyrer

The Trouble with Rubrics and Google Docs Cloud Assignments

Blog Post created by Gregory Beyrer Champion on Dec 17, 2018

Almost exactly three years ago Brian Rueckert proposed the idea LTI External Tools - Ability to Add Rubric. I am getting ready to use a Google Docs cloud assignment in a class next semester and discovered some unsettling things about rubrics. A search within the Canvas Community led to this idea. My response was long enough and I expect my colleagues to ask me about this, so I decided to blog about the experience and what the workarounds might be.


In the embedded video I demonstrate the following:

  • Adding a rubric to a Google Docs cloud assignment 
  • Showing that the rubric is not visible on the same page as the assignment
  • Showing why it's not a good idea to copy and paste the rubric into the instructions of the assignment
    (no, I did not do a screenshot -- not exactly universal design even with alt text)
  • Showing how students can find the rubric if they can access the assignment instructions
  • Showing how students can find the rubric if they cannot access the assignment instructions
    (yes, it depends on whether the assignment is published but unavailable)

All of this likely applies equally to any External Tool assignment type. Until it gets fixed, students will be justified in feeling like their instructors don't want them to see the expectations for assignments before submission.