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Sometimes I like to turn off the automatic embedding of YouTube videos in the Rich Content Editor. I might be jealous of the space on the web page or maybe do not want to give my students a clue about what will be in the video beyond the link text. There is a way to disable this in the Rich Content Editor, but how we do it is different in the new Rich Content Editor. Because it requires editing raw HTML I'm not sure I would count this as an enhancement.


The first video shows the steps to turn off the inline preview in the old Rich Content Editor. It shows how to do it both before adding the YouTube link and after. Doing it after requires precision in the order:

  1. Select the "a" underneath the Rich Content Editor while you are in edit mode
  2. Select the Link to URL button in the Rich Content Editor toolbar
  3. In the dialog that appears, select the check box to turn off the inline preview
  4. Select Update Link


The second video shows how to do the same thing in the new Rich Content Editor. It shows editing the class attribute of the YouTube link to add "inline_disabled":