Canvas Community Tips & Tricks

Blog Post created by Administrator on Nov 11, 2019

I am frequently asked to give an overview and best practices chat about Canvas Community or get questions about the topic from people who are prepping to do a similar presentation themselves. I thought if I wrote out a few ideas it might be helpful for you the dear reader.


  1. The community is large.  There are over 700k discrete content items in the community - blog posts like this one, questions, discussions, feature ideas, uploaded files and videos, etc. All of this content constitutes a growing knowledge repository about Canvas that includes official knowledge including guides and release information alongside the 'tribal knowledge' contributed by users.  The number of members on the homepage continues to grow.  As of now it is north of 500k and quickly heading for 600.  The community is active.  In Fall 2019 there were over 30k active users on a thirty day rolling average.  If you ask a question the Q&A area, 95% of the time you will get an answer within 24 hours.  When you start using Canvas, because of the community, on day one you have 1000s of friends ready to engage with you every day.

  2. Edite Profile Option in Canvas CommunityUpdate your profile.  If you add a picture of yourself - not a cartoon or an image of your cat (unless you have a really cool cat) and some basic information about where you work and what your role is there and maybe a little more bio info about yourself that will go along way with your fellow users.  People will remember you better if they have a face to the name.

  3. Use your inbox and newsfeed effectively.  You might know that you can follow people, places and content in the community but did you know that you can create custom streams for what you follow or follow into your community inbox?  Point your browser to to get started with streams.

  4. Follow your friends' friends.  In someone's profile you can see who they are following.  If you found them interesting enough to follow, maybe you will find more interesting people by seeing who their friends are.
  5. Share things with People.  Rather than sending links or copying and pasting into email, encourage the people you associate with to create community accounts so that you can share resources with them that will help them work through challenges they have.