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Aaron Axelsen
It appears that sometime around April 22nd, 2019, Instructure made what appears to be an unannounced change that resulted in a "Unsupported Browser" warning message appearing on Firefox ESR releases.   After doing a bit of digging, it looks like Instructure is opposed to supporting the ESR release Include Firefox ESR as Supported Browser   My… (Show more)
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My students are Denied access to my Modules?  Why?
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David Fair
How do I mix the questions for each student taking the quiz?   There is a feature that the answers can be mixed but not the questions.   Let me know. Thanks.
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Charles McCann
By muting the assignment columns in Grades, will it also 'mute' the assignment from the calculated Total grade? If not, and this being what I want to achieve, will Unpublishing the assignment be the better way to do this?
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John Hill
My students have been allocated to groups, and each group has submitted to a group assignment. The terms of the assignment required students to discuss their submitted work during a follow-up seminar. Attainment of the group mark was conditional on attending this follow-up seminar. I have completed marking on these group assignments but now need… (Show more)
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When using Google Chrome I am getting an "AH Snap" message when i try to bring up the webcam on an announcement or creating  a page.  Any idea why this is happening or how to fix?  Thanks!  
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Holley Collier
I haven't been able to replicate the grading structure for some of our math faculty when using outcomes and quizzes. Here's an example:  A student completes a quiz. 5 questions within the quiz are generating an outcome score. But each of those 5 questions may be aligned with 3 different outcomes. So when the instructor assigns points to each… (Show more)
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Sarah Bever
My team is preparing our registration for an open course through Catalog. We don't want to ask too many demographic questions, that may deter people from enrolling. How many questions/data points (i.e.- state, email, job title etc.) do you recommend? 
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Holly Owens
Hello All,  I am working on motivating faculty with more extrinsic opportunities through certifications and badging. I have some ideas for certifications (e.g. online teaching), but I wanted to know how others are using badging in Canvas and the mechanism you are using to award these badges? In other words, where do they appear to users, in… (Show more)
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Lee Carson
How do you copy questions from one quiz to another
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