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Megan Simpson
Why does a student's assignment show up in Turnitin but not in CANVAS/speed grader when submitting an assignment to a CANVAS assignment with submission type set to "External tool" -- Turnitin?   I am not using Turnitin to grade or comment on student work; I am using a rubric I made in CANVAS and commenting on papers in speed grader/ croc-a-doc. … (Show more)
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Virginia Wooten
I have added a few different courses to my classes from the commons. However, I cannot use the vast majority of the assignments because they are on Google Docs and I have to request access.    Is there a way around this? Or is there a way to contact the owner of the course?
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Jack Graves
I am new to Canvas and building my first course, but it seems to me that it would be useful to be able to organize Pages in Groups (as with Assignments) or Folders (as with Files). Again, it's my first time designing a course in Canvas, but it seems to me that the platform invites significant use of Pages (e.g., my syllabus offloads much of the… (Show more)
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Constancia Wendt
On the quiz page, my quizzes seem to be in a weird order—I don't know if it's by date or what, but I'd like to change it so that things are more organized and easier to find.   This annoys me so! Is there a way to alphabetize?
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Adarsh Char
Hello brilliant Canvas Community, I've got something of a challenge: an instructor I'm working with, in her f2f class, passes around a hat with assignment topics. Students draw one of four topics out of the hat randomly, and that's what they work on for the assignment. I can't have the teacher assign these topics because she wants to students to… (Show more)
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I’m having some trouble with the embedded Office 365 powerpoint presentations.   Students used to be able to view all the powerpoints but magically this week, students can’t see any of them.   I have created a new page and embedded the same presentation(s) in another class and those students are able to see it.    I have been able to see the… (Show more)
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James McLean
In a Canvas page, that is. This seems super-basic, but I can't find anything better than switching into HTML Editor mode.  Some insert menu would be OK, but I'm really hoping for a keyboard shortcut.  (macOS, if it makes a difference.)
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Nikhita Nookala
So the file types allowed for my assignment are pdf and jpeg, so I converted my word document to a pdf. But Canvas still will not allow me to upload. It is a standard pdf, no annotations. How do I fix this?
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Cameron Mount
Ever since Canvas moved over to DocViewer, the system randomly renders Word Documents, arbitrarily shifting the fonts, line-spacing, and other formatting. This makes the Speedgrader app completely incapable of use for assessing things like document formatting. If I have to download every file just to look at them on my computer, then why should I… (Show more)
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Laura Ludwig
I am trying to find the simplest way to copy a quiz so I can modify it for a small group of students. I've been searching through the help and have found how to copy/move questions (via the unfiled question banks); however, I want to know if I can actually copy one quiz (within the same course) and then modify and assign it?  Surely there is a… (Show more)
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