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Veronica Edmonds-Brown
How do I over ride a deduction for a late submission? (because students given extensions). know I can provide separate assignment pages but when have three or four with different due dates not feasible.
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Cleo Protogerou
Click to view contentHello! I am ready to submit my course grades to the Registrar's Office but I am seeing discrepancies between the grades in the grade book and those in the "Fall 2019 Grade Submission - Final" section. For example, Maria has a total grade C in the grade book: However, a total grade B appears in the Fall 2019 Grade Submission - Final section:… (Show more)
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Jennifer Carpenter
I'm working with someone who imported a 90-question quiz in New Quizzes.  However, the students can only see the first 50 questions.  As a teacher, and in preview mode, I can see all 90.  In Speedgrader, they can see all 90 and the last 40 for every student is labeled as incomplete.  
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Kristin Krosschell
When we post grades manually to everyone grades remain hidden for 41 users- why?
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Francisca Garner
How do I get my assignments that have due dates and are published to show up in my grade book. I never had this issue, but now that I created my final exam and a bonus extra credit assignment they are not showing up in my gradebook.  Help!
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Tonia  Malone
Greetings, I have a couple of faculty who use the …   Calculated multiple choice Embedded answers (cloze) Wildcards Randomize from question bank   …question types/tools in Moodle. We will move a Canvas campus by Fall 2020.   Do you know of any 3rd party tools or other options to allow these faculty to use Canvas like they currently do?   These are… (Show more)
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Sheila Trzcinka
How do I assign points to quiz questions?
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Farah Ibrahim
Hullo I am leaving the university and would like to download my files from my courses but many of the courses are not allowing me to download or delete files. Also I was advised to import a course, however, I have no information how to open the file. None of the apps that I have can open it. Please advise. Thanks, Farah A. Ibrahim Professor,… (Show more)
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Morgan Boyer
Now that finals are over, how do I see my final course grades?  Can I also see my GPA?
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Valeda Murray
What grade is overall a  passing grade for a class?
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