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Todd Thornton
I received an email tonight saying Zaption was purchased by Workday and will be shutting down in a few months on September 30th, 2016. I thought it might be beneficial for a new thread to see how everyone was going to replace their current interactive layers on video? Zaption mentions Hapyak and H5P as alternatives. (I seem to recall hearing about… (Show more)
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James Khazar
Is there any way to get a permalink to a file in the Files section in a Course? If there is, I can't find it. When any file is updated, it gets a new reference URL which destroys the ability to link to the file and update it in the future without going back are resetting all the links you've made to the file. In other words, if I upload a .zip… (Show more)
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Adarsh Char
Hello brilliant Canvas Community, I've got something of a challenge: an instructor I'm working with, in her f2f class, passes around a hat with assignment topics. Students draw one of four topics out of the hat randomly, and that's what they work on for the assignment. I can't have the teacher assign these topics because she wants to students to… (Show more)
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Kathy Scott
Hi, is there a list of how notifications are set by default for a new user?
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Pam Schachern
I wasn't sure where to put this question so I thought I would put it here for some suggestions or recommendations on where to post the question and maybe even some suggestions!       We would like to create a program for new hires at our school.  My thoughts are something like a student handbook that we distribute to new students.  I'm thinking… (Show more)
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Doug Vinton
Something has changed from last year... I'm not seeing how to cross-list classes.   Also, do I cross-list 1st, then copy old courses?
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Robert Cooley
Are these in any way integrated?   First some background, I teach English in Asia.  I want to have 6-8 new words of new vocabulary in each class.  Then a short quiz about these new words.   What I want is some reinforcement and repetition exercises for the students.   Maybe they take the short quiz again the next morning to reinforce.  Then I… (Show more)
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Brian Anders
I have links to YouTube videos using the href tag in HTML. Whenever I save the page, a thumbnail shows of the YouTube video, however, I just want the link to show as text and not show as a thumbnail as well. How can I achieve this?
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Benjamin Angel
I will be leaving the country for 11 days and was wondering if I can access my Canvas Courses overseas? 
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C. Blaise Mitsutama
I inherited a course in which lectures are offered in five formats: video, audio, handout, slides, and transcript. Unfortunately, this means I don't know exactly how some elements of the course were created.   The image below shows how the links are displayed for Module 4 Lecture b.    For some reason, some of the buttons link to the wrong… (Show more)
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