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Joshua Butler
How do I erase an extra dashboard that is up? One is empty and the other one has all my work in it.
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Jagat Shah
Hi,           I am new instructor with canvas and just started a new semester. I want to share Instructor's material slides with students in canvas, but its publisher's proprietary material and there are clear instructions from the publisher to not share the material with anyone where they can download and distribute.  How can I share the… (Show more)
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Michelle Blackwell
My school is interested in using either PearDeck or NearPod. In researching which would be better for teachers and students, I thought the Canvas Community could share some insight on pros and cons.  Our school serves students in K-12th grades. We are completely online - a public charter school where students and teachers attend class online. Our… (Show more)
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I was able to add my TA earlier this week, but no longer can find where the pull-down menu is for that
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Scott Allen
For our midterms and finals we are required to submit a "hard copy." Is there a way to print what I've spent hours working on? New Quizzes does not have a "print" feature.    Also, screenshotting each question is not acceptable. 
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Robert Haines
When I go to the gradebook to view all students' grades, the columns do not align (see attachment). Is anyone else having this issue? Bob
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Beth Crook
Is it too soon to request an InstructureCon 2020 chat?    (Oh em gee...I got to create the tag!)
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Ryan Mytton
Click to view contentEver since I attended a single class at a certain campus, they've been pretty liberal with their use of the informational messages that appear at the top of Canvas in the web browser version. While they can be dismissed, it's incredibly annoying to have so much of the page taken up by information I'm not interested in every single time I need to… (Show more)
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kimberly hasson
We recently turned on the Diffing via the API.  I need to know how it works if a student is manually removed via canvas application in error.  The file loaded always had that student in the enrollments file that is loaded to canvas.  The student was not added back in via the load, and had to be manually added via the canvas application.    Is… (Show more)
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Mark Lennox
Hi everyone,    Is there a way to see assignment averages in the new grade book? I know in the previous version you could click the dropdown and select "Assignment Details" but I have not found a similar option for the new grade book.    Thanks! 
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