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Becky  Neal
How can I alphabetize linked student accounts?  I am a case manager for many students and look over their grades weekly.  It would make my life easier if there was a button I could click to alphabetize my list.  How can I do this? 
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Sarah Simpson
Hi all,    I've created a quiz - After completing this quiz, depending on the mark, a mastery path is established. The mastery path appears Modules, but I am wondering if there is a way that the student is forwarded immediately to the designated mastery path page after having taken the auto-marking quiz?    This seems like a more fluid option… (Show more)
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Jennifer Carpenter
When I go to ALL pages, I get a notification, in 1 class, that the "null" page was deleted.   1. How can I stop seeing this notification? 2. What was the "null" page?   I know how to get rid of deleted items notification within a page, but not in all pages.
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Ashley McBride
I have created a Quiz in Canvas with two questions that have the answer "0". One is a numerical answer question where students input "0" as the answer and the second is a fill in the blank question where students input "0".   When students go to submit the quiz, it says that they have 2 questions unanswered or without answers. I told them to… (Show more)
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Emin Orujov
Hi, my name is Emin Orujov, i'm studying and working at Touro College. So,  my question is is that possible to separate student and employee accounts ? or maybe some split things? Because on dashboard all my classes mixer with my working classes and also to my employee email i'm getting student classes notifications. Thank you!
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Erik Terdal
For example, from "library" to "guest" or "secure" to their personal hotspot. Devices sometimes change on their own to get a better signal, and students might change connections during an attempt (such as to a personal hotspot if it is faster). I want to make sure their quiz attempts will not be disrupted in anyway the student would notice. Thanks!… (Show more)
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Andreas Eriksson
Hi,   I am using the peer review function in Canvas. I am curious about one of the basic settings. It looks as if students do not get access to the files they have been assigned to review until they submit a file themselves. Is that really the case, and if so, is there a way to change this so that students can access other student's files even if… (Show more)
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Pam Cabe
I have a teacher grading with percentages but Canvas LMS will only push using points.  How are others handling this disparity?  Any ideas appreciated.  She doesn't want to have to resort to hand entering grades in PowerTeacher Pro, but wants averages to be accurate.  Thanks for any information!!
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Cris Tap
Hi,   I am upload a enrollment, user, courses csv files via the SIS Import Api and i am having this error "Error while importing CSV. Please contact support. (Error report 45090000006448363)". This is really hard to find why occurs this error, please if someone can help me.   Thanks
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Mike Acheson
I am trying to figure out how to import the Waymaker messaging tool so I can use it in my next 2 classes at Cerritos College. I currently have the tool in my current class and love it. 
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