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Ann  Kucera
Hi! I am wondering if there is wide use of auto-enroll into courses and your satisfaction with that.  Our company has rolling admissions and students are bulk enrolled into all coursework upon admission.  This is not a problem in any area except their projects which must be hand-graded. To keep the gradebook numbers down, we have currently put… (Show more)
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Cindy Ulrich
I recently completed the Mad About Musicals Course an did receive my completion certificate.  However my email has gone loco and my certificate disappeared before I could print it.  Would it be possible to receive a replacement? Thank you! 
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Sonia Ross
How do I build in the view/read feature for students?
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Amanda Mahaffey
Hi there, I'm in my second semester of teaching several online classes with Canvas. I am prepping my fall courses, which were copied from my summer courses. I see that none of my announcements or discussion posts indicate that I posted them. They don't have my name or photo. I noticed this when all my classes were originally copied from D2L for… (Show more)
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Rachel Bryson
In Speedgrader, is there a way to shrink the size of the rubric? In order to see my entire rubric and the place to leave qualitative remarks, I have to move the rubric screen so far to the left that it shrinks the student submission until it's nearly illegible. Ideally, I'd be able to see both the student submission and the full rubric together.… (Show more)
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John Bartle
How do you change the order of announcements?
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Ingrid Hames
I figured out how to link two sections of a course by "cross listing" them, but can I link three sections of the same course? I can't seem to figure it out. Thanks!
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Tom Kipp
I've found that when using my updated mac at home, everytime I log into Canvas, I need to reset password.  This doesn't happen when I use my pc at work, so I am assuming that it has something to do with my settings or system, but I have heard at least one other individual mention this is a problem for them...does anyone else have this issue?  
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Jennifer Murdock
I'm getting students turning in work at the exact time of the due time, but it is showing up as red for late. For example, the due time was 8:10 a.m. and a student submission shows 8:10 a.m., but it is red and says late. Is this a Canvas error or do I need to adjust my due times to say 8:11 a.m. which seems odd to me?
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