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Jeremy Johnson
We would like to know how much of a Vimeo video is being watched by our students so we can modify them for a better learning experience.   Is there a way to track how much of a video has been watched by a student? I see that there is a way to do it using Javascript (Tracking progress in embedded Vimeo videos | Urban Insight ), though I'm not… (Show more)
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David Buchanan
How am I notified if I receive a chat from someone.  Is there a sound or an indicator similar to an inbox number?
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Richard Waters
any plans to add as an external app? It is a widely used graphing and geometric sketching app?
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Scott Snyder
I have been trying to find a way of using standards-based grading with Canvas in a way where Canvas automatically populates the standards based on student responses to tests and quizzes. I have found questions about this issue (see below as an example), but no answer. I don't want to do percentage grading. I want letter grades to be based on the… (Show more)
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Coulton Woodger
Has anyone tried to embed either google translate or a dictionary into their course? I most likely with use a redirect tool to make it happen, but thought there might be an api or something that someone else has done to be able to use these tools in their courses! 
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Molly Caldera
An instructor brought an idea to me today--she wanted to be able to send an auto-reply to students when they submit an assignment as a way to 1. assure them the assignment was successfully submitted, and 2. to include details about the average turnaround time. So for this instructor, the message would go something like this:    Success! Your… (Show more)
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Laura Saxe-O'Brien
I am trying to insert an image on one of my Canvas shells.  However, when I open settings, there is no place to insert the image?  How can that be added?
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Austin Alman
What do I do if my course is not showing up in my student account on my course tab
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Jason Schaffer
Hello Everyone,   After searching the community I cannot find a definitive answer on this topic so I thought I would ask it anew here with the hope of getting some clarity.  From what I can tell, as an admin, I can enable to Google Apps LTI which would allow our users (with some limitations) to use collaborations, docs, sheets, presentations,… (Show more)
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Need a recommendation for text to speech app to integrate with Canvas...  
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