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Fredrick Curry
I am trying to figure out how to use a Canvas quiz to measure SLOs. I have a course that has three SLOs and I have developed one or two questions for each SLO. I would like to set up a quiz that will allow me to evaluate how many students succeeded at each SLO measure. When I try to use "outcomes" under canvas it seems to want me to construct a… (Show more)
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Heather Rozar-Bergmann
Gizmos (Explore Learning) contains many interactive math and science activities that are in HTML5.  Has anyone ever used them in Canvas or know if they are embeddable?
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Hans Magnus Mikalsen Nedreberg
Hello all! I have two questions regarding creating custom menus on pages: 1) I've made a custom menu (html in the text editor, using custom css file) for the modules and the module´s pages to be displayed in a "right column" (which unfortunately is part of the regular page content as of now). I'm not sure if my malpractice insurance will cover… (Show more)
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Liza Amani Intern
Hello, I noticed this issue was asked about in this thread a year ago, but I could not find a solution.  When I require a Quiz to be taken with LDB, the "require LDB for feedback and results" option is selected by default, but after students take the quiz, they select the link to view their results, and it does not show them their results.  … (Show more)
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Jo Paul
We have a student who has two different IP addresses on his CSV report log for an exam. The test runs on a different IP address midway through his exam. We suspect the student tried to re-enter and continue the exam after exiting our testing room from an outside computer. The student continues to deny any wrong doing indicating that he didn't… (Show more)
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Michael Williams
Has anyone had any experience with installing Canvas Opensource on CentOS 7?  I know that the instructions are written for Ubuntu but I am hoping that there is a package or steps for those using CentOS. 
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Cassie Arnold
Over the weekend the Canvas email system appears to have gone through some changes. Since this change, it is not possible to, at a glance, distinguish between read and unread emails. The only way we can see to distinguish them is to go to the drop-down to show only unread emails only. We have elementary/middle school students whose only way to… (Show more)
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Kimberly Smith
I would like to add an issue associated with the Assignment Group rule "Number of scores to ignore for each student" (which is actually "automatically drop lowest X scores). Right now, I am just preventing totals from displaying to students in the Gradebook, which is problematic - as is the 'dropping' (graying out) of scores that will ultimately… (Show more)
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Jessica Sowalsky
Instructions for Setting Up Cielo24 Transcription Player **Note: We use the same Quiz BSE Player in both Canvas and Kaltura MediaSpace*     In Canvas check and make sure that the Kaltura applications are pointing to the correct Kaltura Application Framework (KAF):   Login to Canvas in your Internet browser Select Admin from the left-hand panel… (Show more)
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