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Gary Lane
How do I add a file that is on my pc onto Canvas so my students can read it?
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George Hatsidimitris
I need students to be able to share files (specifically pdf files that constitute reading materials) before certain classes. One option that comes to mind is setting up a discussion thread and then having the students share files during the course of the discussion. Are there other, perhaps better, ways of doing this?   thanks, George.
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Marilyn Patton
I am trying to run a class through Canvas.instructure How do I add people into the class?   I thought that by adding them to the People list that they would get invitations but that hasn't happened.
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Alka Shah
Can students create a digital poster in Canvas?
in Q & A
ronald Gromoll
how do you enter the answers for a multiple choice quiz and then view the  question as the student would see it?
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Natalie Havlina
I'm trying to record a video in a discussions using the "record/upload media" button. When I hit the button, a box pops up with "Record", "Mic" and "Webcam" in it. If I hit "record," it will record audio, but not video. When I click "Webcam", a drop-down appears that says, "No Video." I've adjusted the site settings to make sure the website is… (Show more)
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Kellie Fleurijean
Click to view contentMy school changed everyone's Google accounts. When I tried to submit a Google doc in Canvas, only things from my old Google account show up. How can I update which Google account I want Canvas to use?
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Genet Kifle
Can’t find the school, Bentley elementary please help
in Q & A
Allyson Lantz
When I login online, everything is there. However when I tried to login on the app nothing was there.
in Q & A
Kevin Krieg
In Blackboard I could listen to my lectures at different speeds. I could use 1.5, 2 ext. Can I do that using Canvas??
in Q & A
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