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Lachlan Wintour
Hi! I would like to know how I can create multiple sites in canvas. I cant seem to find an option to do this in the admin panel.
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Josie Vine
Oh my God! I've forgotten how to upload a document into modules!!
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Nancy Michael
In creating two versions of an exam, I typically have one graph and then ask a series of questions about either point "a" or point "b".  I can create the image in a text question.  I can create question banks and create a group to pick questions from a question bank.  I would like to create a series of 3 questions about point "a" and another… (Show more)
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Samuel Fritz
When I create a module and try to add an existing quiz (created in new quizzes), nothing appears in the "quiz"menu.  I can find the new quiz in the "assignments" menu instead.  On the other hand, clicking "Quizzes" in the course navigation tab does show the quiz.  Is this a known issue?
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Sandra Torbica
How do I delete all comments completely from the video I have emended into the module page?
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Debbie Baysinger
I am trying to embed a website into a Canvas page. I am using the following code in the new rich content editor:   <p><iframe src="" width="600" height="1000" style="overflow: hidden;"></iframe></p>   I am getting the "refused to connect" error. Do you have any suggestions?
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anna griffin
How to install an app and locate the key and secret?
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Nicole Harwood
Hello, in the canvas guide i cannot find the assignments tab that it says to find under the course navigation tab? can I get some help please. thank you
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