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Nick Nicosia
Hello again, I am trying to delete a section but it says I can not delete a section with people enrolled. However, I am the ONLY one enrolled in the course yet I can not delete it? Why?   It also says I am a student... but I can not remove myself as a student in a course where I am also the teacher? (I am not sure how I became a student in my… (Show more)
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Chikaodiri Nwonu
How can find another student Maryville's email account?
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Chyteira Dues
Is the a "treat ungraded as 0" option within the Canvas Teacher app to mimic this option within the full version?  Thanks!
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Admin Admin
Click to view contentWe installed Canvas from Bitnami. And we use Turnitin to check plagiarism. Now we use Turnitin through an external tool when we create the assignment: But I would also like to use the Turnitin framework, as it is more convenient for teachers. In the Canvas located on the Instructure server there is such an opportunity:   How can I install… (Show more)
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Stuart Walsh
Flipped classrooms - this is a course I did as PD a couple of years ago, thought it a real good idea, a concept with a lot of merit, but when I tried to implement it to my Year 11 Software Design class, "horror" was on their faces, but we don't do homework, we only have some boring homework to do. I tried to tell them this is not "really"… (Show more)
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Hiren Gami
In canvas speed grader, there is a free draw annotation. It works well on mobile devices while on a computer using right-click hold and drawing it does not retain correct marking when we open next time. Also, if just used without any comment on box it combines all the marking into a single comment box. I would like to have each annotation hold one… (Show more)
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Scott Johnson
Why does an Exam stay in "missing" status after I input a grade. Shouldn't it automatically switch to "none"? Other columns (discussion boards, etc.) do but not the Exam. I have to go into each student's grade and change the status to "none" in every class (about 400 students). Maybe it's because the grade was or wasn't entered in Speed Grader and… (Show more)
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Laura Gogia
I have developed an escape room module that uses mastery paths as the basis for students moving through review materials. However, we have several issues with mastery paths that make it unusable in this fast-paced context   There is a long lag before Canvas loads the mastery path after a quiz. If students push the Next button too quickly it kicks… (Show more)
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Shawn Bee
Will I lose my students' quiz submissions if I change the quiz type afterwards? Thanks for your help!
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