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Yvonne Mason
I'm having trouble with the Shared Notes feature in a conference. Sometimes it will allow me to select a document type and save to my desktop, and sometimes it will not.  Can anyone help with why the Shared Notes doesn't download and save. Did I miss a setting somewhere? Thanks!
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Wan Fareed
Hi,   I am creating a Blueprint where on the landing page (as screenshot 1), shows the Instructor's profile. Initially I have wanted instructor to be able to edit this page and update their information. However, they may accidentally delete or 'morph' the page. So now I am thinking if there is a way to pull information from the 'Profile page'… (Show more)
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Rachael Barker
Is it possible to change the default for in line previews so that the icon doesn't appear automatically when I upload and link to a file? 
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Darius Gardner
1. My name is Darius Gardner I'm studying to be a occupational therapist. 2. I chose this image because it reflects me and my goal that someday I will become a OT. 3. My hobbies are reading and sleeping.  4. I have one dog, a yorkie/schnauzer mix.  5. Whenever I get alot of free time I like to travel. 6. I'm extremely shy.  If you want to… (Show more)
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Shannon Larrea
With the update on February 16th, the pen feature and bar with tools disappeared in Teacher app. Anyone else have this issue?
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Steve Clancy
Howdy. This may have been answered in the past, but so far I've not found an question/answer that exactly mirrors my situation, so please bear with me!   I created a short quiz earlier this year with the goal of providing separate feedback for each individual question. Using Speedgrader, I added comments for each question in the textbox below… (Show more)
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Edward Callahan
A colleague recently added me to a course so that I could import it to my own Canvas shell.  I was told that Canvas would send me an email inviting me to the course.  However, I have received no such email.  I have tried searching for the course in the Commons, and only two of that instructor's courses are visible, both of which are not the course… (Show more)
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Stephanie Robertson
Hi,   I have a Professor who has excess courses. These are ones he is part of, but doesn't want on the email list as he has over 30 courses listed.   Is there any way to narrow the email list down, so he is able to have it simplified?
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Isobel Williams
I inserted an image from Flickr changed my mind and deleted it.  But the external link icon stayed and no ammount of deleting would get rid of it.  The only solution was to edit the HTML.  Is this right?   
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