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Michael Huntington
I have been recording my students scores on exams using the speed grader.  I also record scores for each question using the rubric tool.  I need to see average scores per question but there is no way to export the data.  I do not feel that setting up my exam as a quiz allows me to ask the questions I need too.
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Carly Treibits
I am doing a discussion forum, and I need to use hanging indents but I can't figure it out.
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Lynne Trevisan
Students have the ability to start a quiz/exam, stop, then re-enter if they have not used the full time, if I am understanding the Canvas tool correctly.  Is there a way to stop their ability to re-enter so they must take the quiz/exam in one sitting?  #re-enterquiz
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Peter Li
I want to make the background color of text transparency by using opacity: 0.5; But Canvas seems like not to support the code. No matter how many time I tried to add this code into my course, Canvas will trim the code automatically. Is there anyway to make the color transparent?   I want this:   However, Canvas trimmed my code to be this when… (Show more)
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皇登攀 Huang Dengpan
It is very slow to visit commons resources from my school, and sometimes the domain doesn't work. If we can install the source on my server , it will be very great and very helpful. If it is open source, could you please show me the link ? Hope to see anyone's reply soon.   Thank you very much if you see this question !
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Mekayla Coppock
Where can I go to find what time I scheduled appointments?
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Vanessa Dennen
I am converting courses to Canvas and cannot seem to figure out how to make things happen the way that I need them to happen in the discussion. My sense it that it will require substantial workarounds for tasks like grading (things that take 2 clicks in Blackboard), but perhaps someone else has figured this out already.   My classes (to help… (Show more)
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Jill M. Lanza
I would like to embed an external URL in the course navigation for all courses in a single account. Has anyone had success or recommendations? 
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Irv Kalb
I teach computer science, specifically the Python language.  In Python, spaces at the beginning of lines of code have important meaning.   I give a lot of comments about my student's code using the Speed Grader.  However, I have found that spaces at the beginning of lines in my comments are removed by Canvas.     For example, I might write a… (Show more)
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Brendon Willocks
Hi,   Some students in a course are saying that they cannot upload their assignment as it is over quota. How can I change all students in a course to have more storage quota? Or how can I change an individual students storage quota?   Thanks again   Brendon
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