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Jennifer Carpenter
Working with Algebra, the teachers would like to put a table in (yes, I can do this with Canvas), but the students need to input some numbers to see how it changes the area and volume of a box.  This can be done in Excel, but can I make it in Excel, embed it in Canvas and still have it function?  I haven't tried due to fears of what happens with… (Show more)
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Theresa Kyle
How can you click on and open up the unread replies?
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Tyler Hart
I need to have pictures in a discussion section for a class, but the only way to embed them into the discussion is by uploading them to canvas first. 
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Brian Coleman
I am a math teacher in Pinellas County.  This is my first year using canvas.  I would like to copy a quiz number 1.  I would also like to be able to select items from one quiz and add them to another.  From what I can see, i need to use  I do not have it.  How do we go about getting that availability?   Thanks   Brian Coleman… (Show more)
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Amanda Doll
Students are marking up a pdf and trying to submit. Before Friday this was never an issue. Now, students are receiving a error message (Failed to Submit. There was an error while communicating with server; Expected a response in the 200-299 range. Got 500). We have checked and done all updates, verified correct input of assignment and connected to… (Show more)
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Mark Levin
As I complete grading each submitted paper I enter the score and press Post Grade. When I return to the grade book the grades appear but when I exit they all revert to the symbol for submittals and I have to then manually update each grade. There must be a way to avoid double entry.   Also, after I post comments on the assignment and later return… (Show more)
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Jeremy Kidwell
I'd like to use an ungraded canvas quiz/survey to solicit votes from my class on topics for the second term. This would be ideally a "ranking" style quiz (see here Survey Ranking Questions vs. Rating Questions  for the distinction between ranking / rating surveys) where students would be presented with a randomised list of options and then would… (Show more)
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therese oleary miller
Hi there!  I just discovered that my students are not able to see the assignments and links that I have posted on my Canvas Calendar.  My course is published...does anyone know what might be the problem??  Thanks for the feedback.
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nyasha cupid
how do enter student grades . attempted but was unsuccessful. 
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Trang Truong
In the "Marks" section on Canvas, can we change the default option to "Mute Assignment"?
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