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FieldAdmin CanvasSTK
Hi - we are in the process of trying to get "QuestionMark On Demand" integrated with Canvas. I'm working with both QuestionMark support and Canvas support, but am hoping someone in the Community might be able to help.   I am not able to connect from Canvas to QuestionMark. Everything is set up correctly on the Questionmark server, as their tech… (Show more)
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Andy Amarante
Hi All.  My Agency is in the processes of setting up with Canvass.  I'm the programmer who is responsible for creating the CSV files and the nightly processes that will send the CSV's over to Canvass.   The exports are ok,  it's the file transfer has and required public, private keys and the  script file that has me confused.  Here's what I have… (Show more)
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Suzanna Ribblett
If two students complete the same assignment but one is present for the entire assignment (and so can be graded out of 100 total points) and the other has an excused reason to not complete the entire assignment (and so should not be graded out of 100 because they shouldn't be penalized due to the excuse), is it possible to make an assignment worth… (Show more)
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Crystal Bailey
Can marking assignments missing being disabled? I have assignments that some students submit to, but mostly I manually enter the grade. I'm noticing that for students whose grade was manually added without a submission from them it is marked missing. #missing
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Alex King
Hi all,   I'm currently working on a chemistry course in canvas (migrating from blackboard), and I've hit a bit of a roadblock on Formula type quiz questions.   I need students to calculate solubility from an equation, however the Canvas platform only allows up to 4 decimal places in the answer. This is not precise enough for my needs, as I'm… (Show more)
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Sarah Bania-Dobyns
In the Speed Grader, is it possible to download the version the instructor marked up in the Doc Viewer? That is, I don't want to download the file, add comments and upload again, but rather download it after writing comments directly in the Speed Grader.
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Andrea Cruz
I have to add 1 point to a student's score (74/100 to 75/100). The grade curve has already been set and 74/100 = 76%. How do I add the 1 point and have their curved grade change accordingly? Thanks.
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Lisa Yarnell
After 2 days of working in group pages the students had stored files on, all of the student members became unassigned to their groups this weekend and could not access their files. I could still access the group pages and download and send them the files, but all of the students had been unassigned to their groups by some Canvas glitch, I'm… (Show more)
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Julia Schlegelmilch
We have a group of 60 students and would like to give half of the students an assignment and ask the other half to peer review it. The week thereafter, we change the roles (those reviewing become the ones submitting the assignment).  Also, this needs to be anonymously (so discussions are not an option). How can let canvas assign the peer views… (Show more)
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