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Ingrid Skoog
In the grades option, what does it mean when there are different box colors.  I know that one indicates a late submission.... Is there a "key" posted on Canvas for what each color indicates?
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John Martin
UPDATE Apr 20, 2017 —Still broken. No movement to fix on Instructure's part. They say it's "working as designed." If so, their design that forces students to jump through more hoops (see comments below) to access course content is a bad one. The goal should be to minimize navigation efforts and maximize access to content. The Canvas Google Apps… (Show more)
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David Willmore
I am more than sheepish asking this question.  How do I sort discussions in Jive to place the newest post first?  I tried Jive help, looked into my profile, and, well, here I am asking the question.   A badge to the first person that gives me the answer
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James Sanzin
Over spring break we had 2 instructors  receive an inappropriate message from a student account.  The student claims she was "hacked," Her mother claims the student was with her at the time the incident occurred. The instructors report that they would not expect this type of behavior from the student.  I seriously doubt the student was actually… (Show more)
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Bill Pratt
I am trying to track down an error that is occurring for some students and can't really determine the answer. However, maybe someone else can.   A student submits work to an assignment and typically, their history screen shows a checkmark under participation. However, I see quite a few students who have other submission entries without a… (Show more)
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Edward Menello
How do you put in a screenshot into a text box, then submit it?
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Is it just me, or are some threads loading with a flat layout even when the Discussion View Style is configured to load them as threaded? Is it possible to force the threaded layout back on? I've already tried toggling the view setting.
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Susan  Dordal
Panopto Problem     Panopto will not show my screen so I can present a powerpoint and record myself at the same time.  I have searched everywhere! I have a mac book air. Please help!
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