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David M. Bastedo
I am having lots of trouble with images that have been placed from my Files into various pages.  They are added to the pages successfully, but later when I return to a page, the images have been replaced with "missing image" icon (a tiny blue box with a ? in it.  What gives? Why are images becoming unlinked to their file locations?  It appears to… (Show more)
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Kelly Stack
I would like to voice strong objections to the recent change in rubrics, adding color coding to the scores, with green for the highest scores and then orange and red for lower scores. I emphasize to my students that a C or B is a good score, but now those who have earned a C or B have red marks on their rubrics. The color coding does not reflect… (Show more)
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Jack Boyles
Hi I am a new beginner student on Canvas using the student version for my school. So I go into my modules where my teacher posts the slideshow, and it asks me to authorize the slideshow. It opens up a new window, I then click authorize and I accept and agree to the policy's, but then when I hit agree the authorize window closes and the slideshow… (Show more)
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Christine Coli
A student is not able to see Announcements, and I have included it in the viewable navigation.  Do you know why this might be occurring?
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Mark Krommenacker
Is there an easy way to copy a quiz and edit it rather than recreating the entire thing?   Is the only way to do it: Settings>Import Course>Course Copy and then select the specific content to copy?
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Lynn Wardell
A student who is active in an online class no longer has access to the conferences on Big Blue.  Need help resolving.
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Ilana Masad
Okay, so first of all, in some recent update or change in Canvas, the boxes for "comments" in the rubrics became very large so that now you have to scroll sideways to get to the actual grade or else expand the rubric side, making the actual area where you read the paper much small and less accessible. Not sure why.   More importantly, saved… (Show more)
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Joanie Mills
Brenda Nunn said her answer to my question is in "canvas". I searched her name in the search field on "canvas" & don't see her answer.  Thanks
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