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Lilit  Griggs-Atoyan
Hey, I was just wondering if its possible to participate in the lecture or at least listen to the lecture in a live mode, and I was wondering if virtual room is created for that exact reason?   Thanks
in Canvas Commons
Keith Folse
A professor at a different university wanted my course, so I shared it PUBLIC to Commons.  She downloaded the course, but some links such as discussions do  not work (they did not transfer, I think).  Does anyone know what I might have done wrong?  
in Canvas Commons
Aida Reilly
I don't see the National Version of my books on "Commons"  Descubre el Español F, 
in Canvas Commons
Sampanna Kahu
Hi,   I am a Teaching Assistant and I am trying to write an auto-grader script. We have multiple quizzes in our course and each quiz has multiple questions. After the deadline for attempting the quiz is done , I plan to run my script which will get all the answers for a given quiz and user. However, I am having difficulties trying to find such… (Show more)
in Canvas Commons
Stefanie Sanders
Does anyone here has used the approved content feature in Commons? Does Commons allow to receive a notification if I have to approve content? How could I know it? What are the permissions of the admin role in Commons? I know I can approve and erase content but what else?
Jeremy Woodward
What are the best ways to implement the mobile app in rural school areas, where the poverty level is high?
in Canvas Commons
Robert M. Cartelli
From what I see, we need to import / download a course from Canvas Commons before we can see all course content.  Is there a Canvas Commons preview mode that will allow us to see a course without first importing / downloading the course?  If not, is a Canvas Commons preview mode a feature that will be available in the near future? Thank you.… (Show more)
in Canvas Commons
Renee Carney
We’ve had a few questions about the removal of the rating system in Commons, and we wanted to provide you all with some insight into our thought process. The rating system didn’t see wide adoption. Only 6.8% of resources in Commons had a star rating. Of those resources with a rating, 88% of them received 5 stars. We weren’t the only ones who… (Show more)
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