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Holley Roberts
I teach four courses, but they are broken up into twenty on my dashboard. Is there a way to combine courses so that I don't have to navigate among them?
in Canvas Commons
Shalin Hai-Jew
Dear Canvas Commons:  I am editing a book titled "Designing Instruction for Open Sharing" (with Springer Publishing).  Would it be possible to share the following Call for Chapters:     All who contribute to the Canvas Commons would likely have the… (Show more)
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Keith Folse
A professor at a different university wanted my course, so I shared it PUBLIC to Commons.  She downloaded the course, but some links such as discussions do  not work (they did not transfer, I think).  Does anyone know what I might have done wrong?  
in Canvas Commons
Aida Reilly
I don't see the National Version of my books on "Commons"  Descubre el Español F, 
in Canvas Commons
Robert M. Cartelli
From what I see, we need to import / download a course from Canvas Commons before we can see all course content.  Is there a Canvas Commons preview mode that will allow us to see a course without first importing / downloading the course?  If not, is a Canvas Commons preview mode a feature that will be available in the near future? Thank you.… (Show more)
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