• +People to Courses - Please Provide Feedback

    We are currently evaluating our permissions regarding adding people to courses. We are curious what other institutions do and what your policies are surrounding this functionality.
    Samantha  Ellington
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  • Technology needs/support roadmap

    My apologies if there is already a thread out there about this topic but I didn't see it when I searched. Let's look ahead and try to create a roadmap of where support might be needed. For example, I'm guessing ther...
    Leona Barratt
    created by Leona Barratt
  • Assignment titles are too truncated in Gradebook

    Has anyone else had the problem that Gradebook severely truncates the titles of each assignment, making it impossible to tell which assignment is which?   Like most instructors, I give my assignments names ...
    Amber Kerr
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  • How to improve academics of Slow Learners?

    Slow learners are not much active in class room academic activities.Suggest some remedies to make them fast learners.
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  • Remote Group Video Projects

    Is there a good way to have two students who live remotely to work together to create a video project with PPT's and picture-in-picture narration by both students?  Suggestions?
    Michael Smiley
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  • PearDeck vs NearPod

    My school is interested in using either PearDeck or NearPod. In researching which would be better for teachers and students, I thought the Canvas Community could share some insight on pros and cons.  Our school ...
    Michelle Blackwell
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  • Outcomes and Canvas Data

    My supervisor, Eric Ludwig, has asked that I do a bit of research on using Outcomes at the Account (or Sub-Account) level and associated rubrics and then wanting to use Canvas Data to pull that information.  Our ...
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  • Are there any recommendations for LTI's for AP Computer Science?

    I teach AP Computer Science and would like to find ways to implement quizzes and assignments in Canvas that allow for coding in Java.
    Jay Uhl
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  • Two-Factor Proctor Authentication?

    My institution is looking for a new way to proctor exams that is both effective and convenient for the student. In the past we had the proctor sit with the student, then after the exam the proctor fill out a proc...
    RTSDE Student Services
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  • What is your recommendations on internet bandwidth connectivity for 800-1,000 students simultaneously taking exam in Canvas LMS?

    What is your recommendations on internet bandwidth connectivity for 800-1,000 students simultaneously taking exam in Canvas LMS?
    Edgardo Padlan
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  • Permissions & Hiding default Course roles

    We are at the beginning of our Canvas journey and I've been tasked to replicated the permissions available to the teaching staff in our current VLE. Currently staff are able to view all courses in their school and enr...
    Melissa Markle
    created by Melissa Markle
  • Monitoring Unsplash

    Has anyone explored additional monitoring of Unsplash images? We're looking at updates coming and we're concerned about how easy it is to find questionable content. It isn't pornographic, but some of the images you ca...
    Brian Bennett
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  • Adding custom menu items

    About a month ago, Kenneth Larsen added the following comment to the Canvas Production Release Notes (2015-08-08)   If you want to add an additional logout link into the left navigation for the new UI you can us...
    Matthew Jennings
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  • How do I arrange to be automatically subscribed, by default, to any new discussion that any course member creates?

    How do I arrange to be automatically subscribed, by default, to any new discussion that any course member creates?
    Richard Anderson
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  • Can we connect Vidyo and Vimeo to Canvas

    Background: We stream almost all of our lessons using the Vidyo system. When we are finished for the day, the recording from the day's lesson is uploaded to Vimeo.  To make this more accessible for students we ...
    Tim Littleton
    created by Tim Littleton
  • Any face detection proctoring app in Canvas?

    Hello everyone.  I am glad that Canvas has provided this venue for teachers to ask things that could improve their teaching craft. I also believe that sharing is caring .  Here is my question, Is there such ...
    Glenda Obre
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  • How to give all students the same comment...

    If you wanted to give every student the same comment, is there a way to do it as  "fill" or batch comment instead of pasting/typing it over and over in the Assignment Comments box?
    Stephanie Bridge
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  • German Course--Packaged Content

    Hello!   I have a student at my school who needs to take German 3. Is anyone familiar with an online course designer or company that has content for foreign language, specifically German? I have an instructor wh...
    George Pecchio
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  • Book Study Questions

    I am looking for a book or books to use with my teachers in the fall with a book study.  It is for a technology thread in the teacher leadership academy.  Any suggestions you might have would be greatly appr...
    Aaron Lunsford
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  • Official ID Photos in Canvas

    Hello,   I was recently asked by our Provost to look into sync’ing up student/user ID photos from our ID database into our LMS (Canvas). This is primarily requested from faculty which teach in large secti...
    Michael Scalero
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