• Course templates/formats

    Hello,   I am a Canvas new user.   I would like to find out how you can create course templates in Canvas in the same way that you could in Blackboard Learn or Moodle. Likewise, in Moodle there were plug-i...
    Mari-Cruz Garcia
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  • Embedding an Image into a Discussion in less steps

    I'm trying to create on-going visual files for my kids to keep an Art portfolio in Canvas. I've figured out how to create a private discussion for each student. And how to embed an Image (see video below) so they can ...
    Veronica Curtis
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  • summarize a discussion

    What is the best way for an instructor to summarize and make concluding comments about a discussion? 
    Jeanne Erickson
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  • Feature Ideas, why is this a thing?

    What is the intent behind submitting feature ideas and how did this get to be a thing?    The reason I ask this question is for few reasons If the feature idea is such a great idea, then why is it so hard ...
    Joressia Beyer
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  • Reading Accessibility Tool

    Does anyone know of a tool that can be added in Canvas that is similar to the reading accessibility tool "Read & Write" that is a Google Chrome add-on?  We have a handful of students who use this tool for sup...
    Laura  Sharp
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  • Peer Review for Large Groups

    Hi, I'm looking for the best option for conducting peer review of submitted assignments that facilitates groups of 3 or larger all being able to see each other's comments.  To my knowledge, a writer can see all c...
    Garrett DeHond
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  • Discussion Requirements & Module Requirements

    I've set module completion requirements for a discussion to submit the assignment. The discussion is marked complete after a student posts their initial response, however 2 additional replies are requir...
    Kathryn Davis
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    Hi CANVAS Legends,    I am very interested to hear the success and the troubleshooting others have applied in contextualising CANVAS to the Vocational Educational Sector in Australia....
    Haley Gunn
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  • Often-used Feedback Responses

    Is there a way to create 5-10 common "feedback" comments for grading an assignment? Typically by the third or fourth paper in, I begin to see gaps/patterns in student learning, and I end up typing the same commen...
    Mike Musil
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  • Grades Page

    Hi  I am a Programme Administrator for the BA in Early Childhood Studies Programme, our whole programme submits coursework online, we have just moved to Canvas this year and I am able to access the Grades sectio...
    Brenda  Madden
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  • Xerte anyone?

    Hello, Quick question: Is anyone using Xerte embedded within Canvas? We are considering using Knowbly and I wondered if Xerte had any users. Thanks!
    Correy Murphy
    created by Correy Murphy
  • New To Canvas:  New Course for Each Period?

    Should  a course be made for each different period of the same course?  What is common practice?  Or is there a way to define students and grading periods that are added/edited when one course is made?
    David Mendez
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  • Future of Canvas and Flash Plugin

    Adobe announced this week that they have a definite end-of-life for the Flash browser plugin with respect to new features past 2020.   I know that Canvas has relied on Flash for certain areas of the softwar...
    Jeffrey Anderson
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  • Grading with a stylus in Speedgrader App???

    Does anyone know of a teacher that is proficient in grading with a stylus on Canvas? I'd love to know what device they use and if they grade essays with it?   We have been testing out paperless grading and are s...
    Jonathan Yoder
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  • CIDI Labs DesignPLUS

    For some context, I started at MTPC in 2001.  We've been through three LMSs during my time here... Jones e-education, Pearson eCollege's Learning Studio, and now Canvas, and I've been a LMS admin for each of thos...
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  • Audio Descriptions in Canvas Studio

    I was recently "dinged" by our communications department for sharing a video that didn't include Audio Descriptions. The video was a subtitle-only instructional video (no narration) for signing up for Multifactor Auth...
    Kevin Wagenmaker
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  • How are Graded Surveys Used

    I like the idea of graded surveys, but since students are able to submit them for full points without even answering a single question.  How are others finding them useful?   If I were just looking for volu...
    Stephen Bailey
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  • Canvas API - Alexa Skills / AWS?

    Hi,   I am hoping to teach my students how to develop an Amazon Alexa skill, and for their assessment I would like to them to be able to query their view of Canvas via the Echo or Alexa Device Simulator I am s...
    Roy Benson
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  • My institution is using Blackboard but I prefer Canvas

    I have two small classes with 8 in one course and 14 in the other. My institution uses Blackboard but I just HATE it. I am familiar with Canvas and think it's user friendly.   I have opened a free teacher acco...
    Lisa Berger
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  • Gallery of sample Canvas courses?

    I keep having faculty ask if they could see some sample Canvas courses... just so they can see what it might look like, and start thinking how they may want to lay our their course. Is there anything like that in the...
    Cliff Cunningham
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