• Multiple due dates for a discussion assignment

    Does anyone know of a way to have multiple due dates under the same discussion. As my faculty members discussed, they desire to split a particular discussion into three parts, part 1 where students summarize their cha...
    Craig Donahue
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  • Pre-set comments and emojis for grading

    It would be great if there were pre-set comments in the grading section so that after I grade an assignment and give it a score, I can click on a comment such as "Well done!" Or "great start, but needs additional work...
    April Salas
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  • use the videos/recording from previous years

    Is it possible to copy some videos to my planned canvas. I would like to utilise a guest speaker's presentation from the last year canvas unit
    Sitti Patahuddin
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  • New Analytics / Old Analytics Parity?

    Aside from New Analytics no longer providing 'stoplight' styled dashboards and merging what was once course, students and analytics beta into one new tool, I am curious as to changed functionality between old and new....
    Melissa Falldin
    created by Melissa Falldin
  • Canvas Quiz: Updating vs. Saving

    Complaint: Canvas allows you to save a quiz without clicking update the question. Then, when it "saves," none of your work is actually saved unless you clicked update the question. There should be a pop-up window or s...
    A K
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  • Transcriptions for Studio Recordings

    Since this is not noted in the documentation and is a feature of Studio, Support suggested I create this discussion so others are aware of it. You can get a transcription of any Studio recording that has added Captio...
    Nancy Edwards
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  • Large course storage performance issues?

    Hi, we are looking some expertise from other Canvas users around large Canvas course storage requests.   We are getting requests to increase the Canvas storage size to 10GB+ and are concerned that this may ...
    Mia McElroy
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  • CANVAS on a snow day?

    Has anyone used Canvas to hold online classes during extended school shutdowns? If so, how did you do so? I suspect CANVAS has features for video chats and discussions in real time, but we haven't explored this, and ...
    Joe Knowlton
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  • Quality Matters Template for use in Canvas?

    My institution will piloting Canvas. We are also a member of Quality Matters.  In the past I've used the QM template created for Blackboard to help get faculty started with course development, but I was wond...
    Amy Chernowsky
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  • Instructure to be Acquired by Thoma Bravo

    Instructure Enters Into a Definitive Agreement to be Acquired by Thoma Bravo  Anyone else heard this? I wonder what changes will now be coming?
    Millie Serna
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  • Canvas Student App Data

    I'm an instructional designer at a large university, and am putting together a training for faculty on the Canvas Student App.  I would like to include data regarding how many students utilize the app.  I fe...
    Michael Miguel
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  • Customised Reporting URGENT AND IMPORTANT

    Could you please advise if the following reports can be generated easily by default or will it need to be coded in or set up by Canvas team? We are looking for ideally a one-click solution (if not then a simple soluti...
    R K
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  • Christmas ideas in Canvas

    Has anyone got some cool ideas for the silly season?   When students are a little distracted by festivities and teachers are trying to do last minute jobs before the holidays we all need that handy resource that...
    Bobby Pedersen
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  • Turnitin + Canvas issue: "Resubmit to Turnitin" button occasionally results in submission getting stuck in pending

    Symptom: Student's submissions appear in Canvas, but the originality report (OR) is not returned. The error thrown is: "Turnitin has not returned a score after 11 attempts to retrieve one." Clicking on the "Resubmit t...
    Jesse Poulos
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  • Details Element/Disclosure Widget

    I am interested in making a disclosure widget for a page in IvyLearn. I noticed there is an HTML editor option but after inputting the code, it seems to not run properly on IvyLearn even though the code works fine els...
    Austin Blais
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  • Issues with Flipgrid in the Canvas mobile app

    Hello everyone, Our college is interested in promoting Flipgrid as an instruction tool for online.  We have been doing some testing to ensure the experience is as seamless as possible for our faculty and student...
    Dominic Slauson
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  • Do you use Slack,Pronto,What's App, etc within Canvas?

    Hello All,    If any of you have integrated or are using apps such as Slack, Pronto or What's App in your courses, we would love to hear what you are using it for, has it increased student and/or facul...
    Canvas Help
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  • How can I add extra time to a quiz for one student?

    YOU CAN MODERATE A QUIZ FOR ONE SINGLE STUDENT. Step 1 - Click the quiz name. Step 2 - Click Moderate Quiz from the tabs that appear on the right side of the screen. Step 3 - Click the box next to the student that ...
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  • How do I correctly reflect grades without it showing a student is missing other assignments?

    I have journal entries each lesson week. My students only have to submit 4 journal entries for the entire semester valued at 5 points each, for a total of 20 points in the semester (20% of their overall grade). I have...
    Alexis  Thrower
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  • Differentiated Instruction

    I would like to have an efficient way to provide differentiated instruction to my high school classes. I assign many assignments throughout the year to my high school classes, around 100-120 assignments per year. I wo...
    Robert Goodman
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