• SafeCollege Integration?

    I'm looking for a way to embed SafeColleges (Vector Seolutions) into Canvas. SafeColleges is a training solution for mandatory training for compliance. Is there anyone who has had some experience integrating these wit...
    Anna Catterson
    created by Anna Catterson
  • Blog posts for students

    Does anyone know any application that integrates with Canvas and allows generating blog entries for students and allows other students to comment? 
    Rebeca Alvarado
    created by Rebeca Alvarado
  • What is the process for integrating Studio into a Canvas account?

    We did a demo with ARC, and was told that it was becoming Studio. I have read some posts on how Studio works, but cannot find information on how to "turn it on" or integrate it into Canvas. We are using the Free For T...
    Tara Zeller
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  • How do you manage citing images in your courses?

    Hello, all  I have several courses that use many graphics (such as anatomy and physiology courses), and am trying to come up with a way to manage the citations.  I am interested in what others are doing....
    Judith Reymond
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  • Modules to use across all courses

    I am interested in creating a repository of career-related information that any instructor from my university can use withing their Canvas course. For example, I want there to be content on resume writing or finding a...
    Lynn Atanasoff
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  • Total points for course?

    Are best practices to set 100 total points for a course and then weight according to assignments/discussions/etc.?
    Walker Ladd
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  • Language Translation Service Within Canvas

    We are looking to service some of our international students and would like to offer a translation tool for them on vocabulary that they do not understand.  Has anyone found a translation app or translation tool ...
    Brian Morris
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  • Academic Dishonesty with Online Quiz

    In setting up an online Canvas quiz, is there a feature which guards against academic honesty? How to confirm the actual student is taking the quiz rather than collaborating or having someone else take it for them?
    Rhonda Cary
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  • how can I construct a virtual classroom with canvas?

    I am investigating potential of creating online or hybrid classes. What software can I use within the canvas shell I've created?
    Kevin Kwlly
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  • Canvas "groups" for majors & minors

    Hi all,   We are using Canvas courses in a little bit of an unorthodox way. We moved from Blackboard to Canvas about a year ago, and when we did, we decided that we were going to take all the Blackboard Communit...
    Abi Johnson
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  • Where can I find examples of good course organization and design for courses in Canvas?

    Our high school is new(ish) to Canvas. Most teachers have begun adding content and are off and running so they know how it works. I received a call from one of our social studies teachers asking for examples of well l...
    Nic Sydorowicz
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  • Student Data Repository

    Hi Colleagues   We're thinking about how to use Canvas as more than just a tool for curriculum delivery.   As a school just beginning the Canvas journey (2nd Year!) we are looking to engage staff in a way ...
    Bill Greenslade
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  • Page naming conventions

    Does anyone have suggestions for how to name pages?
    Paul Knox
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  • Canvas RSS Feed with iTunes Connect & Podcasts

    How would I use the Canvas RSS Feed with iTunes Connect for my Podcast?   The reason I ask is because I would like to host my Podcasts in Canvas.  The biggest concern is access to the files inside Canvas, se...
    Schuyler Huff
    created by Schuyler Huff
  • Ungraded rough draft with distinct deadline?

    Hello hive mind! I'm teaching a composition course this term that requires several essays. I'd like to have students submit rough drafts, partake in peer review, and then submit revised, final drafts. I've created an ...
    Sarah Kinne
    created by Sarah Kinne
  • Options on Canvas Free for Teachers

    What is your experience with the Free for Teachers Canvas Options in terms of using videos, voice-over-PowerPoints, and quizzes?  Also is there a limitation to the number of students?   Can access be limit...
    Eleanor  Burns
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  • What tools does canvas have to help increase student retention?

    Akente Ward
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  • ISO Solution for Faculty Using Point Leader Final Grade Calc

    Subject:  Faculty who use Point Leader to curve grades   I have a few faculty members who use the Point Leader system to tally the final grade of their class.  They take the total of the Point Leader's...
    Bonnie Daniel
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  • Canvas for storing staff PD records

    Is anyone using Canvas for staff to upload/record their participation in PD in a way that allows their manager to verify their evidence? So far, I have only really come up with setting up assignments for various categ...
    Marion Weeks
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  • Experiences with Big Blue Button

    Would love to hear people's recent experiences with using the Conferences tool (aka Big Blue Button), especially anyone in Australia. When we tested it two years ago we had a lot of issues (constant dropping out etc) ...
    Marion Weeks
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