• Possible Tweaks?

    Like many others, I had not used Canvas until the start of the lockdown, but I have found it very useful and remarkably easy to learn.  I have noticed that a simple things might make the platform just a little e...
    Andrew Black
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  • Lost Whole Course

    Need help restoring a course. I tried cross-listing to bring a student list into a new course. It brought them in but the prior course is entirely missing. Everything I can find in help says to contact someone as it m...
    Teresa Landry
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  • Canvas and low or no vision students blind

    How can I best use Canvas to reach students with low or no vision? My face to face classes have students with low or no vision. I wish for my low/no vision population to not miss out on online learning through this LM...
    Lisa Feinstein
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  • We did not find the following correspondences

    Hello all. I have been looking for similar requests on this error and did not find any. Hope this is the right place to put this. We´re trying to invite a new user from inside a course, but we keep on getting th...
    created by AROLDO NORIEGA

    Hi community,   I'm new to Canvas and I'm trying to create a group assignment in which 6 groups will edit 6 identical copies of the same document. Is this possible?    I've already created m...
    Josina Beichner
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  • Does anyone have a great way of allowing students to grade themselves?

    I am an art teacher tasked with using Canvas as my method to grade. I like using self-evaluation rubrics and since our district is trying to be as green as possible, I'm attempting to use Canvas to make this happen. B...
    alison winters hanson
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  • Canvas Module Update Issue

    Hello --   Canvas was recently updated so that when an instructor or user creates a new module for a course, the new module automatically has a "drag and drop" option underneath. The issue with this update is th...
    Shantaya Rao
    created by Shantaya Rao
  • An existing Canvas user with the SIS ID#### has already claimed

    Hi,   I am trying to troubleshoot the following errors:   users.csv - An existing Canvas user with the SIS ID#### has already claimed  enrollments.csv - User not found for enrollment (User ID: #...
    Armando Lujan
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  • Real time surveys and results

    Is there a plug in or third party app I can integrate with Canvas that will allow me to embed realtime surveys within my Canvas class so students can see the overall results once they submit their reply (for example, ...
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  • Students add a Kahoot quiz to Discussions

     I am having trouble confirming this: Can my students create a Kahoot quiz and then share it with the small groups I have created in Canvas Discussions? For example, I have students in groups of 2 to 4 and I want...
    Caren Fleming
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  • Math exams showing work

    How can students show their work for math questions if using the canvas system for online math exams? 
    Pam Hicks
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  • How do I organize canvas for a primary team teaching set up?

    I teach 3rd grade math, science, and social studies. My team teacher teaches Language Arts.  We each have about 25 students in our homeroom. The students switch after recess.  During remote school we used go...
    Janice Sandberg
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  • Learning Intentions and Success Criteria

    I am attempting to do a deep-dive into embedding learning intentions and success criteria in my canvas course for next year. I am looking for suggestions or hearing what others are doing to track meeting and achieving...
    created by ALISHA TAYLOR
  • What are the best practices regarding grouped sets and discussion boards?

    This summer I have 3 sections that have been merged into one canvas course (around 30 students per section, so around 90 students in all). For the purposes of discussion board activities I only want students to see pe...
    Christopher Brady
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  • Best Practice for Grading Group Assignments

    Hi there,   So I've read through How do I grade group assignments in SpeedGrader?, but it doesn't really lay out the steps needed to grade a group assignment and then change individual grades, without having to ...
    Kalli Binkowski
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  • My Thinglink

    ThingLink  This is the video I made on my assumptions on what we are going to be doing.
    Samuel Pani
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  • Master Template for all courses

    We are a small University and with the need to move all classes online I am being asked if we could push out a home page template created by one of our faculty to all existing courses in our Canvas instance for Fall 2...
    Scott Groomes
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  • What companies or programs have online ELA Curriculum with Canvas Integration?

    I'm looking for some common core ELA online curriculum that has Canvas integration. Specifically, it would be great if there were entire modules(units) already built out. Instead of trying to tweak my own curriculum...
    Kelly Redmon
    created by Kelly Redmon
  • The new editor's course links

    Before, to link to 5 other pages in the same course, I needed to click 7 times: Open "Page", open that page category, then click the 5 pages. Now, to link to 5 other pages in the same course, I need to click 25 ...
    Hao-Nhien Vu
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  • What to do when I see 'There was an unexpected error, please contact support.' at Canvas import stage?

    Hi all, I am trying to import a Blackboard course into Canvas and it keeps failing, with the only issue showing as 'There was an unexpected error, please contact support.' However, there is no link to support, so I ...
    Stephen Beale
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