• Inconsistent Loading Problems with new RCE and the Apps tool

    Hello everyone,   Out institution moved to the new rich content editor at the end of May.  Since then, we have gotten reports from a number of faculty about a problem with the Apps tool in the new editor.&#...
    Dominic Slauson
    created by Dominic Slauson
  • How to upload a file to check for plagiarism as a teacher NOT as student

    I have a student essay sent to me by email. I want to check for plagiarism. How can I upload this file as a teacher NOT student
    abdel ennaceur
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  • Students not showing in email contacts list

    I am trying to email my students in a course.  When I look at "People" in my course it shows 20 students enrolled.  When I go to the "Inbox" and select the course it shows "1" enrolled.  Also I still tr...
    Nancy Hilbun
    created by Nancy Hilbun
  • Week 3 -Module Questions

    Hi ,    Between the identifying needs and generating concept there is a step on establishing target specification    Can you pls explain the same as how to do it    regards @Bryan Coo...
    Anurag  kumar
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  • How can I add a graphic to my course card?

    How can I add a graphic to my course card?  I would like to add the title of the course and a graphic to my course card. How do I do this?
    MICHAEL Ruef
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  • Passward change

    How to change your canvas passward
    Dillon Smith
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  • How does using Canvas for remote learning practically look like for K-1?  Are there any sample canvas "classrooms" for these grades we can look at?

    Canvas has amazing features, but is not easy to navigate for a five year old.  We are using this K-12 for our district, and I'm concerned how it will look for my first graders and for our youngest learners. ...
    victoria rosenkranz
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  • Highlighting isn’t saving

    My professors upload PDFs for us to read through Canvas. I use the editing tool to highlight the text while I’m reading. Too often when I leave the pdf it does not save my work. It’s very frustrating to no...
    Ashley Phillips
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  • video

    i am trying to figure out how to view the videos that my professor has been posting i didn't realize there were videos being posted but i cant find them either. any help?
    Sarah Lentz
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  • Question bank numbering

    In the question bank, I tried to edit the numbering, but the numbering won't change after I refresh the page. Any ideas?
    Shaida Kargarnovin
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    Para que sirve una sección
    Monique Munoz
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  • Group Discussion Outputs not in Speedgrader

    I created a group discussion and when I started opening my student's output in speedgrader, some of the outputs are not showing up. What kind of setting should I make so that I can see all the comments and submission ...
    Ryan Roy Bartolome
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  • Problem with LMS on own VPS server

    Hello. I want to use LMS Canvas on my own VPS server in a non-commercial social tutoring directory project https://www.tetatet.org.ua I installed https://github.com/instructure/canvas-lms/wiki/Production- Start on you...
    Denis Alden
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  • How to assign conferences for a specific group of students in the course?

    How to assign conferences for only a group of students, not for the entire course? I don´t want to deactivate participants - to get access to all contents -  but send the conference invitation only for a sm...
    Judit Szklenár
    created by Judit Szklenár
  • Student Discussion Posts not Showing in Speedgrader

    I have a professor that has assigned a graded discussion, however when trying to grade it through Speedgrader the post and replies do not appear.  The only thing that appears on the Speedgrader screen is:   ...
    Tammy Ellison
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  • if an assignment says "not yet graded" does that mean it has been turned in and just not graded yet?

    if an assignment says "not yet graded" does that mean it has been turned in and just not graded yet?
    aubrey trigo
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  • Do Students Have Ability to Perform a Screencast Presentation?

    Hello,   I would my students to complete a task in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Upon completion, I would like them to use Studio to create a Screencast video to share their work on the Discussion Board.  ...
    Chris Bellon
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  • Unable to Register Courses Texas Teachers of Tomorrow

    I am unable to register to courses via Intern Portal>Training Progress> Courses Remaining (Canvas would not let me register kept getting incorrect username & password but was same as I used to log into ...
    Magdalena Lira
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  • Get All Quiz Submissions API not working

    We are using quiz submissions API to get the submissions history of the learners. We want to check details of all the attempts for a learner and so, using this API( link: Quiz Submissions - Canvas LMS REST API Do...
    Amit kumat
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  • Student Registration Information in FFT Accounts

    Hello everyone,   I'm using an FFT account and have allowed self enrollment, but I can't see students' private emails. How can I see their registration information and send notifications to personal emails (not ...
    Mayy ElHayawi
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