• How do you remove a deleted sis login reference

    How do you remove a deleted sis login from being referenced or showing as already in use when I try to assign it to the proper user account?   enrollments.csv - Enrolled a user 1216961 in course , but referenced...
    Jose Arroyo
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  • Access to total columns in the gradebook

    Is the Total column in the gradebook accessible by an api or is it available in the canvas data portal files. 
    Sunder Nagarajan
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  • Blank page on my assignment, problem?

    I recently changed my laptop to a Mac Apple computer. When I try to read my assignment, the page is blank. Does anyone know why this is happenings?]
    Vilmar Morillo
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  • Import QTI Failing

    My QTI zip files are not uploading.  Anyone else having this issue?
    Dena Leggett
    created by Dena Leggett
  • For matching quiz questions, is it possible to create a separate point value for each match rather than construct the question's point value as "all or none"?

    For matching questions in Canvas, currently, I am only able to set the point value for these questions as all or none. For example, if there are seven matching components in the question, I could construct the point v...
    Tiffany Gitter
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  • How do I download all the assignments submitted from one student?

    So I am trying to download the assignments from just one student.  How do I do this without downloading the assignments for the entire class or without having do do this one assignment at a time?
    Cale Thornburg
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  • View ungraded items as 0 feature in grade book

    Did the View gradbook with ungraded items as 0 feature get removed from the new grade book?
    Caroline Norton
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  • Grades

    How am I able to access my grades in my canvas account? it is still showing just zeros? 
    Candida Dean
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  • how do I post my course outline to canvas?

    How do I post my course outline to canvas?
    Leroy Johnson
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  • Quizlet

    I am in Spanish 101 as a No Grade Student.  How do I log in to Quilet?  And why am I not getting points for quizzes taken?
    Gloria Ladd
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    why is my dash board, home, announcement pages and others not showing content?
    Epafura Thembo
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  • Course Q&A

    How do I access the course Q&A?
    Bobbi McDonald
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  • why can't I see lectures in my calendar

    I can't see any lectures or workshops in my calendar, for any of the three courses I am enrolled in I have downloaded the URL into Google calendars. 
    Kaye Donehue
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  • My canvas does not have a submission portion for my assignments.

    Hello, I am having trouble with turning in my assignments. I have reached out to the professor and she thought it could be because I was not logged into turnitin but I have just activated this and still do not see whe...
    natasha zaidi
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  • How do you get SNAP 2016 to work in Canvas?

    #SNAP2016 I can't get SNAP 2016 to work in Canvas. I've downloaded the program. I tried cutting off my firewall just to try that. I've also tried allowing Flash to work for everything. In Canvas it just keeps asking ...
    Brandi Wilson
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  • Microsoft Office ?

    Can we still download Microsoft Office and where and how do you do that?
    joan Zalenski
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  • Canvas module

    Hi,    When I use the Canvas link through my coast portal and clicked on the courses, nothing shows up. It shows as a white screen even if I use Safari, Firefox and Chrome. The only file I can access is the...
    Jenny Bui
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  • it about a text book from English 88B with Nathan Wirth 6:10pm-9pm

    I wanna to ask a question about my class and I took a class of English 88B night class with Nathan Wirth from 6:10pm -9pm and I just wanna to know is that was trying to look it up at Canvas text book to print it out a...
    Cindy ruiz
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  • Opening screen in Canvas

    How do I make the dashboard be my opening screen when I sign on to Canvas.  I must have changed it at some point, but I'm not sure why it opens to an old course.
    Erwin Barron
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  • My assignment from Respondus isn't showing up for my students

    I wanted to use Respondus with my Canvas and I upload a survey via respondus to canvas.  I can see it and interact with it on my account but my students are saying they couldn't access it.
    Michael Boucher
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