• Ungraded (Practice) Quizzes Now All Muted

    Tomorrow my students take their final exam. Today, every single quiz (which is ungraded), told the students that  "Your quiz has been mutedYour quiz score is unavailable because your instructor has not finished g...
    Stephen Gilbert
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  • Why is the Visibility Icon activated?

    We turned on the new gradebook and several of our instructors are seeing the Visibility icon active for select courses. It's the orange eyeball icon, BTW.   They didn't turn off grades for those assignment, so w...
    Stephanie Wilson
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  • Space bar issue

    Quite recently I have been having an issue of using the space bar.  Sometimes it simply does not work in Canvas. Then, I will backspace and delete what I wrote and it starts working again...but could just as eas...
    Fredrick Curry
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  • Access Denied for Student Peer Review

    I have assigned my students to peer review powerpoint presentations for two other students. Some of my students have stated that they are receiving an "Access Denied"message when they click on the Peer Review link fro...
    Lisa Ratchford
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  • Changes to New Gradebook ???

    Well, mama sys admin ain't happy, as well as about 450 faculty and countless students at my college.  The "eyeball" changes to the new grade book this past weekend (July 12 or so) is causing chaos. especially...
    Kate Burkes
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  • Error retrieving assignment external tools

    Recently we started noticing the "error retrieving external tools" message on some assignments created at our site. I have verified the problem, and reading through similar questions, found that calling an external to...
    Jason Boyer
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  • Anyone had trouble submitting PDFs made in Notability into CANVAS with the iPAD?

    Ih am in a 1-to-1 iPad teaching environment and our school has moved to Canvas this year after EBackpack's demise. My students are experiencing difficulty uploading and submitting assignments when they choose to work...
    Claudia Staude
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  • New Gradebook Grade Post Policy Hide Grade Issues/Questions

    Hi Canvas Community,   I wonder if any of you have answers or experience the following. I have been working with instructors (I am an instructional designer) trying to guide them on how to best use the Grade Pos...
    Cynthia Padavano
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  • I can see page views in course analytics, how do I know what pages are being viewed?

    For example, we may have a course on IT Cybersecurity and it may provide some useful information to the community.  As the instructor, how can I see which pages are viewed most frequently and for how long they ar...
    Kirk Baumbach
    created by Kirk Baumbach
  • Why does my profile picture keeps dropping out?

    I have had several events where my profile picture disappears and I have to reload it. 
    Karen Isakson
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  • Migrating Quizzes that Use Pools of Questions from Blackboard to Canvas

    MY QUESTION: IS THERE ANOTHER WAY OF DOING THE FOLLOWING PROCESS?   I am trying to migrate a course that has quizzes among other assessments from Blackboard to Canvas. My question is about how to migrate quizzes...
    Laura Bray
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  • Dynamically resizing iframes in Canvas

    I am trying to dynamically size iframes in canvas. I can size the width by setting it to 'width=100%' but it does not allow me to dynamically size the height, which means any time we update the iframe, we have to go t...
    Jordan Roose
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  • SCORM: Problem with playing videos in Safari

    Hello,   we are using Articulate Storyline 360 as authoring tool and create SCORM packages which we then integrate into Canvas via SCORM LTI. Until recently all videos which we had integrated into our slides in ...
    Kerstin Jarosch
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  • SCORM Content Not Functioning

    SCORM content not functioning across multiple courses.  I am getting "400 Bad Request" errors, extended loading times, incomplete content loads, and non-functional content after load for SCORM packages that previ...
    Jimmy Page
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  • How did you plan out your Sub Accounts and Groups?

    We're currently in the midst of moving from D2L SaaS to Canvas. Currently our courses all fall into a "one big bucket" system. Can anyone share their strategy surrounding the implementation of Sub Accounts and Groups?...
    Shah Yazdanian
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  • URLs going crazy?

    Hello friends -    I have one course where whenever someone goes to link to a document from their course files, it gets changed out to something like this:   https://ivylearn.ivytech.edu/api/v1/canvad...
    Edita Sicken
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  • Resize table cells to different widths

    Hello,  I tried searching for this answer but didn't come up with exactly what I needed. So, content design stand point.    I've inserted a table,  2 columns, 1 row. On the left I have a picture ...
    Lindsay Lewis
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  • OneNote LTI - keeps dropping connection after assignment created

    We've been using Microsoft Class Notebook in an experimental program in our middle school. Its been great in many ways.   But we see it consistently loosing the connection to Canvas. After an assignment has been...
    Ann mariano
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  • Scientific Notation

    How can I create a question in canvas quiz where students can give their answer in scientific notation? This is a very basic functionality, but I cant figure out how to do it in canvas.
    elisha polomski
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  • Mathjax in Canvas

    How can I configure Canvas to use mathjax to generate and display mathematical expressions rather than the built-in math editor. I do not want my mathematical expressions to be generated as images. 
    Larry Riddle
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