• How to remove "Drop files here to add to Module"?

    How can I remove the "Drop files here to add to Module" that is showing up beneath each module in my course?  This just started showing up and it is extremely annoying because I need to be able to see more of the...
    chris morgan
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  • unable to get a proper Dashboard view..

    Hi, as per the video of how to set-up your a/c on Canvas, 'am unable to get the Dashboard view in the same manner.. need assistance, please. Thank you!
    Maanasa Supreeth
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  • Denied Access to Commons

    When I try to log into Commons I receive a message that says, "Oops, your session has expired due to inactivity."  I clicked to refresh and log in but it gives me the same message.
    Deloris Smith
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  • CommonLit Integration?

    Does Canvas offer an option to integrate Commonlit? This would be amazing with distance learning. The integrations with Edpuzzle, Newsela, and FlipGrid are amazing! You can use them with speedgrade and students never ...
    Emily Stewart
    created by Emily Stewart
  • Migrate question banks from the old quizzing engine to the new quizzing engine?

    Migrating old quiz banks to the new quiz engine: I have about 100 different question types, each with 5 versions. These are ones I've made myself--they are not from a publisher's question bank. That makes for 100 que...
    Phillip Daves
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  • If you are the application owner check the logs for more information.

    If you are the application owner check the logs for more information. This is an error message I got when trying to open an assignment I had linked to my google drive  
    Shawn Marsh
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  • Failed to update quiz entry error-new!

    After successfully importing questions to the new item banks in New Quizzes, I tried to create a quiz and pull random questions from a bank of 118. I get "Failed to update quiz entry" error. I created quizzes last wee...
    Marisa Del Savio
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  • New Quizzes - "Failed to update quiz entry."

    I'm working on a quiz in 'New Quizzes" and pulling questions from question banks. When I add a bank set, there doesn't seem to be a problem. But when I try to specify random selection of any number of questions from ...
    James Broderick King
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  • Failed to Update Quiz Entry

    Hello!   I am creating a New Quiz and I want to do random number of questions from a test bank. This normally works just fine, but now for two different question sets, it is telling me "failed to update quiz ent...
    Rebekah Cordeiro
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  • How to incorporate Hyperdocs into Canvas

    We have used Hyperdocs and various other playlist type of Google Docs/Slides....outside of Canvas.  I am looking for the best way to incorporate these into Canvas.  Here is an example of what I am talking ab...
    Kati Heefner
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  • Students showing up as numbers

    Why are my students showing up as numbers instead of names in one of my assignments when I go to grade them?
    Tammy Howard
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  • How to link to Studio videos in a Canvas Page?

    I'm building a page with videos in my Studio, but rather than embedding each video I'd like to use a standard HTML link. Is there any way to do this and still have access to student video analytics? I can't seem to fi...
    Simon Ringsmuth
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  • Wiki tool

    I've done a little searching but perhaps I missed it. Is Canvas working on a Wiki tool (other than the Page option)? What app do you prefer when it comes to Wikis? Thank you! Leona
    Leona Barratt
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  • Putting a Drag and drop activity in Google Slides into Canvas

    I've created a Google Slides activity where students drag and drop words on the slide into columns.  How do I include this Google Slide into my assignments in Canvas in a way that still allows the students to dra...
    Jeanine Carroll
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  • CommonLit

    Can CommonLit be embedded in Canvas?
    Adria Merritt
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  • Remote proctoring in New Quizzes

    We have used Proctorio for remote proctoring of exams.  We have a instructor who has put all of his quizzes in New Quizzes.  Now that we have to go remote, he has found that Proctorio does not work with New ...
    Jilane Richardson
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  • Who's a current Canvas user that also uses Blackbaud SIS?

    I am looking for a school that is using both Canvas and Blackbaud On. We are currently onboarding both and I have several questions regarding the process. One of them is if you are using Grade Passback? Did you have s...
    Lisa Ehlers
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  • Trouble importing test banks/quizzes

    I cannot import my test banks or shared quizzes into my Canvas course. The test banks are being imported as IMSCC file from Evolve.  I have tried to import these several times and each time I get a failed message...
    Brandy Saxton
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  • Controlling Roles when Integrating Teams into Canvas

    I have seen comments on the Microsoft Teams Meetings in Canvas thread identifying the issue where students are joining meetings as presenters rather than attendees. I would prefer students join chats as atte...
    Daniel McComber
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  • Firefox Webcam issue with Studio

    Is anyone else having problems accessing the webcam record function through Canvas Studio in Firefox? I don't have the same issues with Chrome but I want our Faculty to have full functionality on all platforms (that s...
    Mark Peters
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