• Canvas

    I am trying to learn canvas I am looking for tutorials. but I can not find them? Where do I begin?
    Chris Harris
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  • Messages Not Appearing

    I messaged an instructor this morning regarding an assignment, and received and notification that she replied. When I went to view the message it was gone and I couldn't view it. I've looked both through the...
    Ariana Ahlers
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  • Mastery Paths don't process

    Hi, I am struggling with Mastery Paths.  I have set up a simple mastery path with three different paths.  When I test the paths using the test student, I get a message that says "Locked until the assignm...
    Rebecca Lindsay
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  • Can't edit the last column in a rubric?

    I am having an issue with a rubric that I brought over from a Blackboard conversion. I can edit most of the rubric, but when I click on the pencil icon on the last column, it doesn't do anything.  Any ideas?
    Stephen Scheib
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  • Update Scores vs Submit

    I am a TA and use the Speedgrader. I am confused about the difference between the "update scores" and the "submit" button. I have only been clicking the "update scores" button. Will that releases the scores to the stu...
    Katrina Morales
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  • Re-send Invitation to Conference?

    I created a "no time limit" conference and selected the students to invite, then opened the conference.  All but one got the invitation and she's looked at her junk mail and elsewhere for it.    Is the...
    Susan Zvacek
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  • Notification message with Spanish urls?

    One of our teachers is receiving notifications from notifications@instructure.com containing Spanish language for the url links?
    Jeff Pocock
    created by Jeff Pocock
  • LTI Tool Provider links not importing from D2L back-up

    When attempting to migrate D2L course exports into Canvas we are encountering challenges with any content that uses an LTI Tool Provider. The links to the tools do not import and the only feedback provided is: Import...
    Adrian Maszko
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  • Canvas Sync Errors

    Does anyone know a solution to the sync issue that some of our teachers are having? I will use myself in the example. I create an assignment for Q2. Everything syncs wonderfully. During Q3, I do the same thing, but a...
    Joe Roney
    created by Joe Roney
  • PDF File Loading Error Help

    I am trying to load a PDF file into canvas, and on my own version through the Canvas app it shows this (the image attached). If have tried re-loading the pdf and it still does the same thing. Thank you so much for you...
    Brett Nichelson
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  • Please show a sample of canvas activities?

    Please show an example of a Canvas activitiy
    Isoke Nia
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  • LTI variable Canvas.course.sectionSisSourceIds does not return value

    Hi, I am new Canvas developer. I currently create a external app to display classlist and photos. Everything works fine. The link in a course navigation points to a external app which display photos. In Canvas there a...
    George Yang
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  • How to increase character limit in Question?

    I am trying to set a practical exam through Canvas. I want to include around 10 images/screenshots and their description so students can get the idea of what they have to implement. It is an essay type of question. I ...
    Ashish Revar
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  • Missing Assignments in PowerTeacher Pro

    Is anyone else having issues with syncing "Missing" assignments to PowerTeacher Pro??  Late and Exempt transfer fine but Missing assignments do not.  Thanks
    Gary Bacon
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  • . in Media Submission

    Has anyone noticed there's a . after student has submitted a media recording? I am not aware of what it does or has any meaning...
    Ashok Thapa
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  • Quiz

    I can see my quiz in the quiz tab but when I try to add it to my module it is not there to select.
    Rhee Beard
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  • Can I recall a conversation?

    I accidentally sent the wrong file to a student in a conversation - it contained the work of another student (not intended for that student). Is there any way to recall a message or attachment from a conversation? Thi...
    Jennie Mayer
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  • TutorialStep-by-Step Custom Gradebook Column

    Does anyone have a step-by-step tutorial for someone with a non-IT background to create a custom gradebook column. I have no issues reading this documentation, but I have no idea where to even begin. What do I write i...
    Ariel Jagusztyn
    created by Ariel Jagusztyn
  • Hide SCORM columns in Gradebook?

    Hello,   When uploading a SCORM created In Articulate 360 it creates a Column in the Gradebook.    Is there any way to hide these or prevent them from appearing? I have multiple SCORMS and the Gradebo...
    Damien  Drohan
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  • Uploading/Sharing Material for Individual Students and Staff

    Is it possible to use Canvas to create a folder or eportfolio where a student, a select group of faculty and an admin, can add and view documents that are hidden from other students and staff?   I know of the ep...
    Charles Andreasen
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