• a course has dropped from my canvas before the end date

    Hello, I have a course that closed and dropped from my main canvas screen at midnight on the last date for the last assignment due.  I tried to turn in my assignment and was locked out.  I emailed the ...
    Michele Wood
    created by Michele Wood
  • Is there a way to hide grader names from students?

    Is there a way to hide grader names from students? We have a number of faculty reviewing students' graduating portfolio work, but we do not want the students to know which faculty is reviewing whose work.  Is th...
    Bin Li
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  • My past course details

    How can I see my past course details (assignments, class notes etc..)? Currently I can see only the last year course details.
    Sureshna Bandara
    last modified by Sureshna Bandara
  • Missing Grades

    Hi, our school grades had been updating perfectly as teachers marked assessments, but after the end of term, they now just show as dashes. It occurred once the teachers were marking end of term assessments and ex...
    Caiden Wood
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  • Join a Course

    How can we create a link for our course on canvas so that every one can easily send a request to  join the course?
    Muhammad Zil Ur Rehman
    last modified by Muhammad Zil Ur Rehman
  • Video Playback in Speed Grader

    I teach a video production class. I have my students always export video using the H.264 codec in the .mp4 format. This is what the support article says is a valid playback format in canvas studio. However, I cannot p...
    David Rowden
    created by David Rowden
  • When does canvas show summer classes? My canvas still has my spring classes on it. Do I need to change something? I’m enrolled in two summer online classes that start Monday and they are not linked onto canvas, still my spring classes are up.

    When does canvas show summer classes? My canvas still has my spring classes on it. Do I need to change something? I’m enrolled in two summer online classes that start Monday and they are not linked onto canvas, ...
    Shayna Bandini
    last modified by Shayna Bandini
  • Help with deleting an Arc video

    I added a video from Arc on to my home page. I want to delete it. How do I delete. I have looked all over the place and can not find a delete. Very frustrated.
    Cheryl Travelstead
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  • Adding instructors

    Can instructors be added after a course closes?
    Kristen  Friedrichs
    last modified by Kristen Friedrichs
  • How to update the browser for my laptop?

    my laptop shows a message says that my browser doesn't meet the requirement of the canvas. how can update it since I need to down the notes from my professor to get ready for the final. 
    chunmei Mo
    last modified by chunmei Mo
  • Excessive file storage -finding duplicated images

    Is there an easy way to reduce the number of duplicated files  in my old Course Files? I use a lot of images, and strive to upload only images less than 1 mb, but my file storage seems to be much more full than e...
    Deanna Pindell
    last modified by Deanna Pindell
  • Had there been a change in the way the iOS Teacher App handles alphabetizing?

    Yesterday while doing some grading I noticed that the list of students who had completed an assignment was ordered alphabetically by first name. But, my grade book in the browser version is quite clearly ordered ...
    Scott Mahoney
    created by Scott Mahoney
  • New required software

    I have downloaded the required soft ware to my computer. I have finished my project in the required software. Now when I click on submit the new software isn't recognized and my document are not available to upload.
    Theresa Sanchez
    last modified by Theresa Sanchez
  • register as admin

    Hi everyone, From the management point of view, how do I register as an administrator and to create a school url for my teachers and parents to sign in?
    Fank Sun
    last modified by Fank Sun
  • Canvas Enrollment

    I am web registered for a course, but it is not showing up on my enrolled courses list. 
    Amrit Sandhu
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  • Why does my Canvas look like this?

      Why does my canvas look like this?   I am having an issue with my canvas looking like this after I cleared my cookies. I can't even open any of my courses, because it sends me to the same home screen wh...
    Jhasmin Javellana
    last modified by Jhasmin Javellana
  • How do you Average the Extra Attempts on Quizzes? (Default one attempt)

    I realize if I grant ALL student multiple attempts on a quiz that I can set the grading scheme to "average" the multiple attempts.  However, there doesn't appear to be an option to do this when a student only get...
    Jason Bagley
    last modified by Jason Bagley
  • Allowing unpenalized absences in Roll Call

    Hello, we have a course attendance grading policy as follows: perfect attendance = +10 points 2 x tardy = 1 absence 2 absences = 0 points 3 absences = -10 ponts Absences over 3 vary in penalty. The above numb...
    Allison Durazzi
    last modified by Allison Durazzi
  • Assignment shows up in history but not in gradebook

    We sync our Canvas grade book to our SIS grade book. I have a couple of teachers whose grades are not matching between the two books. I've found that there are grades that show up in the Canvas gradebook history, but ...
    Shanda Cunningham
    last modified by Shanda Cunningham
  • How do I download all the assignments submitted from one student?

    So I am trying to download the assignments from just one student.  How do I do this without downloading the assignments for the entire class or without having do do this one assignment at a time?
    Cale Thornburg
    last modified by Cale Thornburg