• What happens when a closed assignment is required as a prerequisite?

    What happens on the student's end when a closed assignment (that was never completed) is set as a prerequisite for future assignments/modules? In other words, if a student does not complete a prerequisite assignment a...
    Braxton Thornley
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  • Fiz a vídeo aula Cultura e Clima Escolar mas não foi liberado a opção de teste. Como fazer?

    Após terminar a vídeo aula aparece a mensagem de "Parabéns" mas não libera a prova.  O Curso é o GSA Professores 2019.2
    Luis  Lima de Sousa
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  • Share content with a DIFFERENT institution?

    I need to share some of my course content with an instructor at a different institution.  How can that be done?  
    Marjory Thrash
    created by Marjory Thrash
  • Adding Panopto narrated presentation

    Once Panopto video is ready, how do I upload it into my module?
    Branko Jablanovic
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  • Messaging students who...

    If a teacher uses the Message Students Who feature in gradebook, do observers see that message? 
  • drop lowest grade

    drop lowest grade ?
    joe mathewson
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  • Grading Schemes

    How do I add a grading scheme?
    Cynthia Mattei
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  • How do we list our app in EduApps center?

    We are looking for information on the process of listing our app in EduApp center. We would like to know the complete process that goes into achieving this task. Will there be any cost involved? Is there any dedica...
    Sudhi varanasi
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  • Two of my courses had dissapeared from my dashboard!

    I've completed both classes and supposed to see my final grades. I'm about to register for a new semester. I don't understand what happened. What do I do?
    Kristina Samusenko
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  • How can I edit the student name?

    Hi Team   I have spelt the name wrong and want to edit it. What is the process? Regards Krishna
    Krishna Naineni
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  • Studio Upload refusing to process

    I have a video in studio that is refusing to process past 0%. I have cleared the cache and cookies and restarted the computer and still at 0%.
    Matthew Wysocki
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  • How many different ways can a student view a file in a course

    I've got a student that got access to a file, and I'm trying to figure out how they may have done it.       The file was posted as a file attachment to the question text of a File Upload Quiz ques...
    Glen Parker
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  • How do I Create a Question BANK by copying a word doc from my MAC into Canvas Q bank and still keep all the formatting?

    I need to copy my Exam word doc question files which are large - over 100 questions per exam - from my MAC  into a Canvas Question Bank or directly into a Canvas Quiz/test I need to keep the formatting  I ...
    emer McGuire-Pool
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  • Canvas quiz grading

    Hello, I am asking this question on behalf of our faculty member and here it is in his own wording;   I am having an issue with the Canvas quiz grading. While Canvas automatically populates the grades in the gr...
    Emeka Emeruwa
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  • Can anyone offer help as to resolving or troubleshooting a Submission Error?

    My student has completed her work. She is attempting to attach a Google Doc and then submit. However, Canvas will not allow her to submit and keeps giving her an error message. I have tried to help her by using "past ...
    John Hansen
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  • Smarthinking Online Tool

    My professor suggests we submit our written work through the Canvas Smarthinking Online tool for review prior to submitting the assignment for a grade.   How do I do that?   Renee Schouwenaars
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  • Importing from Haiku

    How do I import my Haiku/Power Learning page to Canvas? I have downloaded an imscc file and tried to upload it but it won't open.
    christie lopez
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  • Conferences

    I copied my course.... my Live Conference Videos I did with students did not carry over... am I able to copy all the links and save them? And will I then be able to access even next year?
    Laura Beall
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  • Deleted Files or Assignments

    Am I able to access deleted files or assignments in e-Campus? Thanks! Julie Marcello
    julie Marcello
    created by julie Marcello
  • HESI Resource not opening on my laptop

    Hi, I am having trouble launching the HESI Resource on my laptop, it prompted "Timed Out". kindly help.
    Tosin Aketola
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