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Canvas Data Services

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Stefanie Sanders
Hi Team,   I'm creating PowerBI reports using Canvas Data. Now I want user login and logout activity data. From where I'll get this data. Can someone please tell me the table name which contains login and logout activity data.    Thanks, Aakash raj.
Stefanie Sanders
Hi all,   I have just gain access to the Canvas Data portal last week and have been exploring it. From what I can tell so far, it is a tab delimited file stored inside a gz file.    Excel can to a certain point understand the Tab delimitation but it is not the best tool, so I am wondering what everyone else is using to access the data in those… (Show more)
amaan rana
I have been using this for new conversations created, I have an issue that every now and again it doesn't pass through the conversation id in the body. So it makes difficult to keep it consistent. Has anyone else experienced this issue?
in Canvas Data Services
Erik Gustafson
Our institution is wanting to take a look at Canvas Data to see what kind of information we can pull out of it. I have looked around the Canvas community quite a bit to learn more about the data portal and what it offers. I have seen how to download and sync data with the Canvas CLI tool, and it seems straightforward. I do have a few questions… (Show more)
in Canvas Data Services
Stefanie Sanders
Hi,   I am trying to understand whether or not Canvas Data Services and the subscriptions to events (Live Events) that we can set up through it is the answer to our problem. In essence, we want info about Canvas events to be kicked to Zapier so we can send it on to Salesforce, etc. I thought this might be possible by choosing to set a data stream… (Show more)
Stefanie Sanders
We are thinking in automatic reports for courses and we need the course card in each report. Thanks and greetings from Chile!
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