• Problem importing into a database

    Hi all,   I'm tearing my hair out with this one - hopefully there is a simple fix that I'm missing.   I have a Postgres DB into which I am loading selected flat files (there is a wonderful bash script that...
    Rich Layden
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  • Help with higher education measures

    First, I am going to admit that I am not fluent in using Canvas data or Power BI that we are trying to set up at our university. I have more experience with Excel, so if I use the wrong terminology, please forgive me ...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • File views/downloads within Live Events

    I'm interested in confirming some assumptions about how file views and downloads (for individual files) are represented -or not- in Live Events (both formats), specifically:   1- It appears to me that in both ca...
    Patricia Goldweic
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  • Data Services page keeps refreshing on MacBook Safari

    I have successfully added the Data Services to my Canvas admin menu. However, when I click on it, the screen keeps refreshing and will not display the content. I'm using MacBook Pro running Mojave. Does anyone have an...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • HTTPS delivery method for Data Services

    I'm looking to configure a data stream to receive notifications for when a student submits an assignment.  I'd like to configure this using HTTPS rather than go through setting up SQS and was wondering if anyone ...
    Stephen Poulter
    created by Stephen Poulter
  • Question regarding Canvas Live Events

    I was wondering what the status of Live Events is.   I have an LTI tool and I would like to use live events to get "pushed" individual data changes instead of using the API to "pull" ALL data on every page load....
    Jared Chapman
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  • Using Canvas Data with MS SQL Management Studio

    Our institution is wanting to take a look at Canvas Data to see what kind of information we can pull out of it. I have looked around the Canvas community quite a bit to learn more about the data portal and what it off...
    Erik Gustafson
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  • Is there a "data as of" date in Canvas Data?

    Hi, I'm looking for a "data extract date" or "data as of date" so that we know when the data was pulled into Redshift.  I didn't see a status date or table anywhere in the documentation, but maybe I missed it?...
    Ruby P Nugent
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  • We're Updating our Data Source

    Hello Canvas Community!    There was a glitch in the matrix. We discovered a problem that affected the accuracy of your data. To ensure that data numbers are what they should be, we are updating the da...
    Oxana Jurosevic
    created by Oxana Jurosevic
  • Canvas Data CLI - Unpack Errors

    Hello, I'm trying to get the CLI tool to automatically sync and unpack the files based on this tutorial. All works well until we get to the unpack command. This error gets thrown in the middle of the command and...
    Kaleb Shelton
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  • Submission_type in Submission_dim null value

    I am working on a report that counts the number of submissions in a Canvas course. When I run a count on the number of submission IDs (from submission_dim) in a course its larger than the number displayed in cour...
    Tyler Weldon
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  • Which Business Intelligence (BI) Tools will you use with Canvas Data?

    We want to assess which kinds of BI Tools schools are leveraging to analyze data. This information will continue to help us evaluate which tools we may want to provide sample configurations, artifacts, etc. for in the...
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  • Identify Assignments with Plagiarism Review

    Is there a way to identify assignments that have selected Plagiarism Review using Canvas Data?  
    Jarrad Coots
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  • Is any SIS ID of user in Canvas Data Portal?

    I have just reviewed the database schema of Canvas Data Portal.   For some reasons, I would like to obtain sis_id as well as email of user (e.g. in user_dim table). Anyone has idea about it?   Please advance.
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • duplicate records on files like account, courses and assignments

    hi, I'm dealing with this issue:   for some reason, in my canvasdata files, I'm seeing duplicate records for courses, accounts or assignments. Is this normal? I'd double check the course ID and it shows 2 record...
    David Daza
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  • Canvas Data Loader vs Canvas Data CLI

    I'm pretty sure these are different things, but the URL to the Canvas Data Loader page includes "cli-tool", i.e. https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-11943-how-to-use-the-canvas-data-cli-tool - is that a...
    David Tod
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  • Canvas Data 2 - Ideas and Feedback

    The invaluable feedback and ideas that many of you have provided to inform the foundation of Canvas 2 is greatly appreciated.  We’d now like to do a quick check-in to see how things are working for you and ...
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  • Tracking Faculty Communication Response Time

    I'm trying to use Canvas Data to determine how long, on average, it takes for a teacher or TA to respond to a student communication. I've checked the following tables: communication_channel_dim communication_channel...
    Gary Arnell
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  • Error importing data to Mysql

    After following the installation instructions here: How to Use the Canvas Data Loader  I have run into the following error trying to import data to Mysql. The error is below. You'll notice it was trying to do so...
    Ryan Hoffman
    created by Ryan Hoffman
  • Quicker ways to Download Canvas Data

    We have created a json script to download Canvas Data through API. When we first started in 2017 it downloaded all 72 files then in less than 5min. now it takes anywhere between 30min-80min. After that we are loading ...
    Sirish Malisetty
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