• Canvas Data Tableau Case Studies

    Here is a catalog of Tableau reports that I have been constantly working on adding to as I discuss analytical gaps on an institutional basis. This is a live document.    All pre-defined reports are att...
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  • Data export files have data from wrong tables.

    The past two mornings, a subset of files in the data export contain data from the wrong tables. Later in the day, we notice that the exports have been corrected. We use the CLI tool to download and unpack the data exp...
    Sam McKnight
    created by Sam McKnight
  • Which Business Intelligence (BI) Tools will you use with Canvas Data?

    We want to assess which kinds of BI Tools schools are leveraging to analyze data. This information will continue to help us evaluate which tools we may want to provide sample configurations, artifacts, etc. for in the...
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  • Historical Rubric data (not selected as final mark)

    Good day,   I've been directed to this forum and i hope someone can assist me. I know that Multiple markers/assessors can mark an assignment and a moderator of sorts can chose the final mark. I've been told that...
    Craig Stoner
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  • Can I get data on chat activity in courses?

    Is there a way in which I can get data regarding chat activity in courses?    I have been looking in the Canvas Data tables, but can't find anything particularly useful. Also, the API doesn't seem to have a...
    Benjamin Selby
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  • Is Canvas Data encrypted at rest?

    I can't find anything in the documentation discussing encryption for Canvas Data. When the data is instantiated in Redshift, is encryption enabled to protect data at rest? Is there any encryption on the flat file repo...
    Glenn Auerbach
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  • Using Canvas Data CSVs to generate rudimentary stats?

    Hi all,   Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, our university is now fully online.  We have usage data from the Admin>Analytics section to get page views and participations, which gives some high level dat...
    Stefanie Sanders
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  • Observer To Students

    What is the foreign key or cross table in the Canvas Data Schema to link an observer to their student?   I can't seem to find that anywhere in Canvas Data and I need to pull students and their observers to build...
    Michael Hammond
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  • Reports vs data: unpublished courses

    When I pull a canvas provisioning report I see a status column that lists courses as unpublished or published. Makes perfect sense.   At my school we use oracle and have a reporting dashboard provided by OIT. W...
    James Umphres
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  • Deleted USER_DIM accounts and WORKFLOW_STATE

    Hi. We've just started using Canvas Data. I have a question about the USER_DIM table.    When I create a test user via the Canvas web app, and then later delete that user via the Canvas web app, they seem t...
    Benjamin Selby
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  • Using Canvas Data with MS SQL Management Studio

    Our institution is wanting to take a look at Canvas Data to see what kind of information we can pull out of it. I have looked around the Canvas community quite a bit to learn more about the data portal and what it off...
    Erik Gustafson
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  • Canvas Data Access Offering: Share Your Thoughts about Datasets

    Data is a powerful tool that has the potential to transform the way we offer education to students. Over the past five years, the Canvas data sharing product has been very important to our users and institutions. ...
    Samuel Timme
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  • How to store canvas data directly in sharepoint or azure database

    Hi Canvas Team,   I'm planning to do power bi reports using canvas data. Using Canvas Data CLI tool data is storing in local pc, is there any way to store data in SharePoint or azure database directly.   mo...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Unique Identifiers and Identity Management at District, Publisher App, and Canvas

    Hi Canvas Developer Community,   I represent a publisher of educational content in Common Cartridge 1.1 format.   We provide roster services to a school district via Clever, and know how important it is th...
    Jim Bruno
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  • Access to total columns in the gradebook

    Is the Total column in the gradebook accessible by an api or is it available in the canvas data portal files. 
    Stefanie Sanders
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  • Request table keeps growing in Redshift

    Hi there   What's the best way to handle Request table data in Redshist? It keeps growing and adding new cluster to Redshift is not the appropriate option as we deal with lots of universities partners and keep r...
    Harshal Parikh
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  • Assignment Submission API data keeps changing

    Hi there   Every day thru Rest API call I am getting data for Assignment Submission API and suprisingly some day rows increases and decreses which is wierd or is it how it works?   How to track that? Could...
    Harshal Parikh
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  • Problem importing into a database

    Hi all,   I'm tearing my hair out with this one - hopefully there is a simple fix that I'm missing.   I have a Postgres DB into which I am loading selected flat files (there is a wonderful bash script that...
    Rich Layden
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  • Help with higher education measures

    First, I am going to admit that I am not fluent in using Canvas data or Power BI that we are trying to set up at our university. I have more experience with Excel, so if I use the wrong terminology, please forgive me ...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • File views/downloads within Live Events

    I'm interested in confirming some assumptions about how file views and downloads (for individual files) are represented -or not- in Live Events (both formats), specifically:   1- It appears to me that in both ca...
    Patricia Goldweic
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