Erin Hallmark

See What’s New in the Canvas Guides

Blog Post created by Erin Hallmark Administrator on Apr 18, 2017

Late last year we created a survey to learn how we could improve the Canvas Guides space, and many of you were kind enough to share your thoughts with us. On Saturday, April 22, we unveiled some exciting changes to the Guides site.


Simplification. Our goal was to simplify the way you interact with the Canvas Guides, starting with its name. The “Canvas Guides” are now known as the Guides, and this terminology change will help everyone know that all guides live in the space—not just the guides related to the Canvas product.


Cleaner look. We’ve simplified the number of buttons in the Guides page and grouped them by product. Each product lives in its own subspace, which we can customize based on the needs of the product.


Next/Previous links. When you open a guide, each document within the guide contains Next and Previous links, which help create an organized framework through the entire guide.


Related content. There’s more to the Community than the Guides. The Community provides groups and other spaces dedicated to individual products. For quick reference, each Guide subspace includes a sidebar with some additional content or places that are directly related to the product, such as a link to the product’s release notes and user groups.


If you’d like a walkthrough of all the changes in the Guides space, come join us in our upcoming CanvasLIVE presentation on May 9: The Guides (Formerly Known as Canvas Guides)