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Do you know about the board game renaissance?

Sales of analog games (read: not video games) have grown steadily over the past five years. Market analysts believe that a proliferation of smartphone apps based on board games has contributed to increased interest in the games. Many gamers get hooked on the digital version then pick up the boxed edition to play with friends.


This summer, at Instructurecon, our annual user conference, we hosted game night. More than 200 people carved out some conference time to play board games and make new friends. Board games were a great fit for the Canvas user community because playing board games is a social activity that taps into the creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration skills educators value.


From the renaissance to enlightenment (via open online learning)

Almost everyone has a desire to be challenged in new ways. Taking an open online course is a socially engaging activity that supports creativity and critical thinking. Learning helps us view ourselves, our lives, and our world in a new way.


Take a look at the dozens of freely available courses listed below. Have a seat at the Canvas Network table; we'll deal you in for an enlightening experience.


July 2015

For educators, parents

Teaching and Learning Iowa History: Iowans and the Civil Rights Movement (Iowa State University)

Web Accessibility MOOC for Educators  (Colorado Community College System)

Prior Learning Assessment for Educators and Industry (Colorado Community College System)


For pre-college, recent grads, career-minded folks

Discover Your Value: Turning Experience into College Credit (Bellevue University)

Statistics in Education for Mere Mortals (Canvas Network)

Mastering Academic Research: Information Skills for Successful Students (Canvas Network)

Employability Skills for Industry  (Colorado Community College System)

Technical Math for Industry  (Colorado Community College System)


For everyone

Celebrating Food and Wellness Around the Globe (Shoreline Community College)

Stunt Writing for Personal Growth (

Digital.Me: Managing Your Digital Self  (University of Derby)

Bridging the Dementia Divide: Supporting People Living with Dementia (University of Derby)

Microbes Rule the World: Effects of Disease on History (Weber State University)


August 2015

For educators, parents

Teaching Flipped (University of Utah)

Differentiation: A Strategy for All Students (Knox Grammar School)

Parenting in the Digital Age (Noblesville School District)


For pre-college, recent grads, career-minded folks

Determine Your Readiness for Doctoral Studies (Keiser University-Ft. Lauderdale)

Create an Expert LinkedIn Profile for Job Search (Culture Link)

Navigating Your Professional Future (University of Canberra)

Business Ethics for the Real World (Santa Clara University)

Creating an Ethical Corporate Culture (Santa Clara University)


For everyone

E-Sankofa: Conversations About the Black Experience (Michigan State University)

Fundamentals of Energy Resources (McHenry County College)


Interested in taking a course on Canvas Network?

Who can take courses on Canvas Network?

Anyone with an email address can enroll in a course on Canvas Network. Choose a course that interests you and complete the enrollment process. If you have a user account on another instance of Canvas, you will need to create a new account for Canvas Network (register as a new user).


How do I enroll in a course?

Go to and browse our course catalog. When you find a course you like, click the course tile to view more information. You can start the enrollment process by clicking the blue "enroll" button on the course details page.


Is there a certificate available for my course?

Individual instructors or sponsoring institutions may offer a certificate of participation or completion. The instructor or sponsoring institution is responsible for issuing certificates. Canvas Network does not issue certificates. Please read the course details to find out if a certificate is offered, or contact the instructor after the course begins to inquire about certificates.


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