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rsz_stocksy_txp6ada0fe3uah000_small_492457.jpgMelissa Loble (Instructure), our VP of Partners & Programs, fearless leader of Canvas Network, and longtime MOOC instructor, recently published a blog post on the Canvas LMS blog about ways we can start making MOOCs more open again. Open education evangelists argue that mainstream MOOCs are not truly open because the content does not adhere to the "5 Rs" of open educational resources (OER). The content is not retainable, reusable, revisable, remixable, and redistributable. The content lives in the MOOC platform and is available only for a limited time.


In other words, "open" shouldn't just mean "free."


How can Canvas Network start challenging the definition of what a MOOC platform looks like? Read on for some of Melissa's ideas.


Five Approaches to Make MOOCs More Open