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Why Genius Matters to Us?

Canvas Network (CN) and I share a strong commitment and belief in students worldwide. With the fervor and dedication to support students to thrive, the objective is clear: Students everywhere must comprehend and grasp that they are genius and they have unique value in the world around them. Each student offers a rare, individual contribution. Sadly, many students waver and doubt their contributions, talents, and rare abilities. With great anticipation, however, teachers now have the invaluable opportunity to help their students discover their greatness by participating in our new Canvas Network course, Genius Matters.


Girl standing by chalkboard with books. The chalkboard behind her has muscles to represent her having strength.

How does this Canvas Network course help teachers create passion-driven work with their students?  

In this self-paced course, teachers will be instructed on how to guide students to recognize their authentic voice, their passion, an increased sense of belonging, and their genius. With hands-on exercises included in the course, teachers will have the incalculable experience to cultivate and enlighten students of their unique genius. 

With the completion of the course, teachers will be able to help their students: 

  • Understand their unique value in school and in the world
  • Explore the concepts of personal branding, networking, team building, and innovation at a more personal level
  • Find greater comfort in finding and amplifying their authentic voice and perspectives
  • Increase their compassion, empathy, and resilience
  • Have greater creativity and willingness to offer unique ideas
  • Reduce internalized bias, create more meaningful inclusion, and an increased sense of belonging
  • Further develop their leadership presence and skills


Matchless Work

I want to create an impact all over the world by helping students discover their genius and every individual embrace their value and potential contribution. We can work together to develop innovative solutions to social problems. 

Enroll in Genius Matters today!

Keep learning,

Angela Maiers
Author, Educator & Changemaker

 @Canvas Network

Canvas Network is committed to helping educators worldwide thrive, excel, and grow. In an effort to achieve this, Canvas Network has aligned their online course offerings to meet the different professional development (PD) needs of educators. Currently, Canvas Network has 40+ PD courses--from blended-learning models to learning how to gamify your online instruction. In the coming months, this library will continue to grow and extend to better serve the individual needs of educators worldwide. Not only will Canvas Network have an ever-growing library of PD courses, they will also offer courses that will help Canvas schools receive additional tips, tricks, and ideas as they implement their instance of Canvas. These Canvas-specific courses will help educators deepen their knowledge and love for Canvas and all of its capacities.