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  Customer Success

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Service Cloud Training for Admins

In case you missed it at InstructureCon 2015, be sure to check out the Canvas Labs space for Canvas Admins to learn all you need to know about our new Service Cloud Support Ticketing system. There, you can find training videos, blog updates, and other helpful tips and tricks.


Canvas Commons

Looking for some fresh course content for the new school year? With Canvas Commons, you can see what others have shared to help you build courses. You can also share your course templates with other users from your school or publicly. Check out all our new developments in the Commons space within the Community. It features tutorials, the development roadmap, feature requests, release notes, Commons guides, and more. You can also contact you CSM for help setting up Commons for your institution and tips about how Commons can work best for you.




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New Features

New Canvas User Interface

People: Student Interactions Report Overview


Updated Features

Collaborations: Etherpad

Course Navigation: Gradebook Link

Gradebook: Excuse an Assignment in Individual View

Grades: Total Column Decimals

Outcomes: Decaying Average Calculation

Quizzes: Quiz Item Analysis Calculation

Rich Content Editor: Default Icons


For more details and updates, see our Product Release Notes.




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New User Video
Check out our new video to see how Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia uses Canvas to enable inquiry-driven, hands-on education.


We’re getting excited for OLC and EDUCAUSE conferences this fall. Take a look at our events calendar, and if you find yourself where we are, come say hi.


Get Extra Credit
Not the kind that helps you make up for bombing your midterm—the kind that helps keep you in the know about Canvas. Subscribe to Extra Credit: The Canvas Blog, and keep up with all the latest news and info about Canvas.


Canvas News Highlights
We were in the news a lot this month. Here are the highlights:



  Research and Education

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White Papers and Reports

The Research and Education Department at Instructure is responsible for keeping an eye on education and technology trends and for analyzing how those trends affect online and blended teaching, learning, and pedagogy. R&Ed has released timely, relevant, and user-oriented white papers and reports over the last year, like:


In August, the research team released Increased Social Connectedness through Digital Peer Learning, which takes a look at how Canvas helps learners connect to one another and to their teachers, as well as how that connection promotes better learning.


Keep Learning Blog

The Keep Learning blog continues to grow. Check out the new Faculty and Professional Development area. Also, look for a new chat coming to Twitter in September under the hashtag #facdevchat. And be sure to keep up on conversations started by some of today’s most innovative teachers in K-12 and higher ed.



  Canvas Network

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If “knowledge is power,” what does that say about learning?


Canvas Network provides free, open, online courses for everyone, everywhere. It can give you the fuel you need to power-up your knowledge. Learn new job skills, gain new insights about how the world works, develop a new creative technique, or brush up on previously learned material.


With more than 60 courses available, there’s something for everyone at Canvas.Net.


Want to share your expertise by teaching a course on Canvas Network? Learn how to get started here.




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Back to School for K-12
If you’re headed back to school after summer break, here are a few features to help ensure a smooth start:

      • Parent co-enrollment helps parents stay engaged in student learning. Click here for step-by-step video instruction.
      • Using Differentiated Assignments, you can create Assignments, Graded Discussions, and Quizzes for individual students in your courses.
      • Multiple Grading Periods allows you to create separate grading periods for courses at your institution.
      • You can use the Gradebook to excuse a student from an assignment, discussion, or quiz.
      • Be sure to manually set up your term dates, course dates, and section dates (and be sure to brush up on the relationship between them) if you want to allow your teachers to enter their courses before the term begins, or to continue grading assignments even after the term ends.




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More Than 200 Learning Tools

Take a look at all of the great solutions that have been added to Canvas over the previous months. In the Canvas Partner Directory and the EduAppCenter, you can find more than 200 learning tools to help make teaching and learning easier. If you have questions, comments, or requests for new partners, contact us at


New Official Canvas Partnerships



Six Red Marbles


Purple Frame


Reclaim Hosting



New Canvas Integrations in the App Center



Office Mix



OneNote Class Notebook

3D Game Lab

Apex Learning

Andover Fulcrum


Partner Spotlight


Fulcrum by Andover Education provides the easiest way to find, store, collaborate on, share, and effortlessly move the content teachers need into Canvas. You can even share content with your non-tech classrooms, so everyone can use the same content regardless of whether students have computer access. Fulcrum is easier and far better organized than any other content solution. And it’s designed to help you with the things that actually happen in the classroom.


Fulcrum is free for teachers. Just sign up using your Canvas account, get other teachers in your school to sign up, and go. Stop searching around (the internet, the teacher’s lounge, the supply closet) for great content. Keep all the great stuff in one place and find what other teachers are using in their classrooms. Fulcrum is designed to make your teaching life easier. No training. No secret password. It’s all you and it’s super easy.


Fulcrum has tens of thousands of free content titles that you can find, share, and collaborate on by natural language and standards-based tags (such as Common Core and Next Generation Science). Fulcrum is the place for all your classroom content needs.