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October 2015 Canvas Connection

Blog Post created by Heather Smith Employee on Oct 8, 2015

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  Customer Success

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Do You Feel Lucky?

Well, even if you don’t, you may be one of 10 randomly selected survey respondents who’ll receive a Canvas swag pack. All you have to do is respond to our Fall CSM Survey coming your way mid-October. So, take a few minutes to tell us (honestly, candidly, with gusto) about your fall school start experience. We want to know what went well, what didn’t, and how we could have helped you more.


Brush Up on Canvas Quizzes

It may feel like the school year just started, but you know how time flies when you’re having fun. Midterms are just around the corner, so get ready by brushing up on Canvas Quizzes.



Be a Grouper

Groupers are giant saltwater fish that can weigh up to 800 pounds. Or, in our case, they’re Canvas users who take advantage of all the Canvas Community has to offer by participating in one (or many) groups. You can be a K-12 or higher education grouper and connect with others who can answer your questions or benefit from your knowledge. You can also be an I heart pandas grouper and share fun panda facts, flicks, photos, and all-around good times. Visit our Groups homepage to become a grouper (i.e., to view and join all Canvas Community groups).





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New Features

Calendar: Recurring Events

Conferences: Polling

Groups: Conclude Groups at Course Conclusion


Updated Features

Gradebook: Muted Assignments

New Canvas UI: Login Page Layout, Admin Navigation

People: SIS Enrollments and Remove from Course Option

Permissions: Rubrics, Global Announcements

Theme Editor: Subaccount Customization, K12 Theme Template Access, Login Customization

SpeedGrader: Manual Quiz Question Grading, Hiding Names in Anonymous Surveys


Other Canvas Updates

Gradebook: Post Grades to SIS Button

Notifications: Notification Styles


Platform/Integration Updates

Account Navigation: Developer Keys

APIs: SIS Integration, Submissions, Outcome Results API


For more details and updates, see our Product Release Notes.




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A Little Canvas 101

Watch our new video for a one-minute refresher about all that’s awesome about Canvas.



We’ll see you in Indianapolis at EDUCAUSE later this month, but check out our events calendar to find out where else we’re headed this fall.


Canvas News Highlights

A TV station in Indianapolis aired a news segment about Canvas, highlighting the number of Indiana schools switching to Canvas and why the schools like it. See our press release for more info about the good things happening in Indiana: Instructure Welcomes 70 New Canvas K-12 Clients from Indiana in Five Months.


Harvard's student newspaper published a story about its switch to Canvas. It quotes a professor who says Canvas streamlines classroom administration, so he can spend more time teaching. Harvard expects Canvas will have a dramatic, positive impact on the university.


The student newspaper at Bowling Green University published a story on efforts to gather student and teacher feedback about Canvas.


The student newspaper at St. Edward's University published a story about the university’s switch from Blackboard to Canvas. The article explains why the author prefers Canvas over Blackboard.



  Research and Education

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New K-12 Infographic

In September, the Research and Education team released “Blending in K-12: How Teachers are Using Technology to Change the Classroom,” an infographic that describes the various ways mobile technology is used in K-12 classrooms.


Keep Learning Blog

We recently hosted our first Twitter chat using the hashtag #facdevchat. The discussion was well attended by teachers and teacher trainers around the world. Review the feed to see how participants explored ways to improve faculty development.



  Canvas Network

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Teach Beyond the Classroom

Can you teach a cooking course that supports learning math and science concepts? How about an ESL course taught through digital storytelling? Or maybe you’re an urban gardener who can share tricks of the trade with novice green thumbs. If you have a great idea for an open, online course, submit a proposal to Canvas Network for the 2016 calendar year. We’re looking for unique and engaging course topics taught by creative instructors like you. So, visit Canvas Network to learn more and use the form to let us know you’re interested.




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Service Cloud

Do you have all the processes and support you need to ensure a successful school year? Make sure your admins are using Service Cloud, the Canvas support ticketing system. Download this webinar to understand how it works.


Professional Learning Communities

Extend your support network by engaging with one of the professional learning communities (PLCs) in the Canvas Community. Join a group today to find a life-line as a Canvas Admin and a lifetime of support as a K-12 professional.




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Partner Spotlights




Badgr, a Canvas Premier partner, is an Open Badges issuing system that integrates with Canvas to automatically issue badges within courses. An open-source project of Concentric Sky, Badgr offers easy badge configuration for instructors and effortless badge management for students.


Open Badges are fully portable, allowing badge earners to combine badges they’ve earned in Canvas with those from other programs to tell a more complete story of their achievements—both online and off.


When instructors use Badgr to automatically issue badges in Canvas, they can:


      • Define badges for any achievement that can be assessed within a course.
      • Easily attach badges to course modules.
      • Watch as students complete course modules and earn badges.
      • View students’ progress across the available badges for the course.

When students earn Open Badges within a Canvas course, they can:

      • Keep track of the badges they’ve earned in the course, as well as the ones they still have left to earn.
      • Get instant access to their badges without needing to create an account on an external service.
      • Earn a badge once and manage it anywhere Open Badges are used.
      • Easily share badges to LinkedIn or Facebook or save them to their favorite badge management application.



Realizeit helps students achieve mastery—their full learning potential—by enabling institutions

and educators to provide intelligent pathways to mastery for each individual learner. Realizeit is

a versatile and scalable learning measurement system serving a growing set of institutions in K-

12, higher education, and corporate learning with mastery-based personalized learning

capabilities in both traditional and emerging competency-based learning models. Our client

institutions have realized improved student and institutional outcomes—engagement,

persistence, achievement, and mastery for a diverse set of use-cases.


Realizeit dynamically recommends, directs, adjusts, and measures each individual’s progress

toward the learning objective in sharp contrast to traditional learning management platforms,

which deliver the same course to every student and deliver it in the same way every time. The

platform produces rich data, deep analytics, and insights that can transform institutional

effectiveness operations and empower students to reach their highest learning potential.  The unique and proven mastery-based learning system helps institutions improve student

achievement (e.g., individual completion with required mastery), affordably and in the most optimal amount of time for each student. It can power competency-based, adaptive, personalized, and individualized learning models delivering unique value for learners, teachers, content developers, and administrators.


Realizeit is a comprehensive, open platform engineered for scale. It is especially well suited for

enterprise-wide deployments with a full suite of mature capabilities that blend easily into existing

learning ecosystems.


For more information, visit www.Realizeitlearning.com.



This month, we continue our fall webinar series featuring Canvas partners. This gives our partners an opportunity to show off their learning tools and integrations with Canvas—and you an opportunity to learn how they help make teaching and learning easier.


October 21 - Premier Partner Examity

“Better test integrity with Examity, a Canvas Premier Partner”

Register Now


October 21 - Certified Partner Vocareum

“Integrating cloud execution and assessment for coding classes”

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October 28 - Certified Partners ArtistWorks and CK-12

“Personalized learning with Canvas Certified partners ArtistWorks and CK-12”

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For more information about upcoming webinars contact partners@instructure.com.