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December 2015

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  Customer Success

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Reminder: Double Check Start and End Dates

Happy holidays—and happy almost-end-of-another-term! To make sure everyone at your institution stays happy, be sure to double check that the start and end dates of your terms and courses don’t end before your assignments are due.




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New Features




New Canvas UI

Updated Features


Other Updates






Theme Editor


Developer Keys


For more details and updates, see our Product Release Notes.



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The Cool Things You Can Do With Canvas

Explore all the cool things you can do with Canvas.


Canvas News Highlights


Campus Technology - December 9, 2015

Stanford Moves to Online LMS Campus-Wide


This piece covers the Stanford campus-wide switch to Canvas, and notes that 94 percent of students found Canvas “very or somewhat easy to use” and 80 percent of faculty reported being “very or somewhat satisfied” during the pilot period. It also notes that previously the Graduate School of Education and the Graduate School of Business made the switch to Canvas previously and both adoptions were a success.


eLiterate - December 10, 2015

LMS Market Updates, Dec 2015

Phil Hill highlights the Stanford switch to Canvas in this piece, as well as the launch of the Moodle association. He includes a graph of the LMS overview of marketshare in the North American market.

December 10, 2015 - Instructure announced it has won the “Best Company” to Work For Award Three Years in a Row from Utah Business Magazine and has one of the highest glassdoor rankings.


In addition, CBS News listed Instructure as one of the best companies to work for and so did CNN Money.


CBS News - The 11 best small and midsize American companies to work for


CNN Money (12/9)



  Canvas Network

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Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Or maybe you’re just dreaming of a white sand beach and warmer weather. Either way, Canvas Network has some dreams of its own: we’re dreaming of providing life-changing learning experiences for kids from one to ninety-two, and we think our dreams are about to come true.

    • Humanizing Online Instruction: The #HumanMOOC: This ever-popular course helps online teachers inject their online courses with personality and presence. Look for some live sessions with ed-tech celebrities in this course.
    • Basic Physics for Animators: Great for new and experienced animators, learn how to bring your animations to life with a Dreamworks animation consultant.
    • Mars: The Next Frontier: Designed specifically for students in grades eight through twelve, take a hypothetical journey to Mars and solve real-life problems designed by Space Center Houston. This course is a great in-class activity idea.
    • Teaching Adults: For new (and newish) Teachers: For teachers looking for a new challenge or an opportunity to expand their skill set, this course will take a look at how adult learners are different from children.

If you have a great idea for an open, online course, submit a proposal to Canvas Network for 2016. We’re looking for unique and engaging course topics taught by creative instructors like you. So, visit Canvas Network to learn more and submit the form to let us know you’re interested.




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Happy Holidays from K-12 land!  Y’all deserve some gifts this holiday season.  You have been REALLY good boys and girls this year, so here are some that we have put under the tree for you (you can give us a kiss under the mistletoe later):


Merry Happy Chrismakwanzakah!




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The Canvas partner ecosystem continues to grow and each month you can find new learning tools the Canvas Partner Directory and the EduAppCenter. There are now over 200 learning tool to help make teaching and learning easier and more fun.  


Here are some of our exciting new partners:


Official Canvas Partnerships


Top Hat

Education Advisory Board (EAB)


Partner Spotlight

Educational Advisory Board


Making Education Smarter

The Education Advisory Board (EAB) is a trusted advisor and performance improvement partner to 1,000+ colleges and universities across North America and Europe. Whether through data analytics, technology, best practice research, or consulting services, our 650+ researchers, consultants, engineers, and data scientists work with members every day to make higher education smarter.


Building Innovative Technology Solutions for Student Success

Our data scientists and engineers turn information into insight to drive measurable results through easy-to-implement technology platforms. The Student Success CollaborativeTM (SSC) suite of products encompasses 375+ universities and colleges, supporting more than 5 million students and thousands of administrators, advisors, and faculty. The three distinct Student Success Collaborative products include an analytics and coordinated care platform for four-year institutions, an onboarding and success platform for community colleges, and a direct-to-student mobile application all designed to help institutions ensure more students persist and graduate.


Amplifying the Impact of Technology with Research and Consulting Services

EAB’s technology offerings are built on a deep research foundation, with over 2,100 best practice research reports and thousands of interviews that inform development and continuous product innovation. At the same time, our world-class consultants help customize solutions to each member’s unique environment and guide institutional transformation to maximize impact and drive measurable student outcomes.


If you have any questions, comments or requests for partners that you’d like to see in our community, simply send an email to