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JUNE 2015

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  Customer Success

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Coming to Terms With the End of the Term

Whew! You’ve successfully made it to the end of another term. And now, whether you’re teaching through the summer or getting ready to dust off your flip flops and recharge with some R&R before fall, here are some of our best end-of-term tips and tricks.


For Instructors

      • Download any student work you’d like to keep as examples (both good and not-so-good).
      • Clear out any assignments, content pages, discussions, or quizzes/surveys you didn’t find useful (or that you now consider junk). That way, you can avoid copying unwanted content into future courses.
      • Consider exporting your grades to CSV files (depending on your final grading system).
      • Share your course to Commons (if you have Commons turned on), so it’s easy to import course content for next term.
      • Have a great summer teaching, beaching, or doing whatever you plan to do.


For Canvas Admins


Seeing Red at InstructureCon 2015

While you’re exploring student-centered learning and Canyons Resort at this month’s conference, keep an eye out for our CSM team. We’ll be easy to spot in our hot red Canvas t-shirts. So, come say hi if you see us. We’ll be happy to help with anything you need (or just be glad to see you).




Summer Admin Survey

Watch for our summer admin survey coming June 24. Ten lucky respondents will be randomly selected to receive a super-amazing-awesome-exclusive swag pack.




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New Features

      • Calendar: Custom Colors
      • Assignments: Differentiated Assignments by Individual
      • User Profile: Student Submission Exports

Updated Features

      • Admin Settings: Reports
      • Collaborations: EtherPad
      • Gradebook: Multiple Grading Periods in Individual View, Persistent Gradebook Columns, Total Grade Rounding
      • Notifications: Conference Recordings

Other Updates

      • Authentication: Canvas Login Parameters
      • Settings: Feature Option Buttons
      • Technology Upgrades: Ruby 2.1, Passenger 5

Platform/Integration Updates

      • APIs: Submissions, Groups, Users


For more details and updates, see our Product Release Notes.




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InstructureCon 2015

In just a matter of days, we’ll be gathering in the mountains of Park City, Utah, for our fifth annual user conference. As this year’s theme, “Student-Centered Learning: The Musical,” more than suggests, it’s all about rocking, rolling, rumbling, and rallying around student-centered learning. Visit the InstructureCon 2015 conference site for answers to last-minute questions about workshops, sessions, lodging, transportation, or any of that jazz.


And, as always, watch for us at events throughout the country this spring.


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You won’t really get extra credit (because we’re not really keeping score), but you’ll always know what we’re up to.


Canvas News Highlights

We were in the news a lot this month. Here are the highlights.


      • The Strain MOOC - wrote about the edutainment MOOC being launched by Instructure in partnership with FX Networks and UC Irvine. This MOOC was also mentioned in Variety Magazine, WIRED, The Chronicle of Higher Education, University Business, Education Dive, and Campus Technology News.
      • The Educator Magazine - Australia’s only magazine and news website for senior educational professionals posted a story about how Canvas is a great new platform for higher ed and K-12 schools in Australia.
      • Best Practices Network - In case you missed it, Instructure announced that the Best Practice Network in the UK chose Canvas VLE and Canvas Catalog.


Keep Learning Blog

In June, the Keep Learning blog will be exploring the question: Where does learning happen? Ideas about unschooling, DIY education, autodidacts, and student-centered, personalized, and autonomous learning strategies have relocated learning outside the walls of the school, campus, and university. As InstructureCon opens with a theme of student-centered learning, so will the Keep Learning community begin to ask what it means when learning changes hands, shifts locations, and disrupts us



  Canvas Network

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Alice Cooper may be singing about school being out for the summer, but we’re still singing our school anthem, which is (unofficially) “Keep Learning.” If you plan on keeping your nose in a book this summer and adding some color to your brainy-ographic, we’ve got a slew of amazing courses queued up for you.


      • Mini Medical School. Perfect for future med students (and their parents).
      • Bringing STEM to Light: Teaching About Light and Optics. This truly unique and inspiring course is designed for teachers of all grades, including home school parents-teachers.
      • Basic Physics for Animators. Animation artists and those who aspire to be an animation artists will appreciate this opportunity to expel some creativity energy through art with physics.
      • College Algebra Prep. For the truly hard-core algebraian or those who need a little college prep.
      • Foundations in Excellence. Three courses you can complete as fast or as slow as you like. This is summer school for educators, policy makers, school officials, parents, and edu reformers of all stripes.


To learn about Canvas Network and enroll in any of the more tha 80 courses currently available, visit Canvas.Net today.




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Join in on all the fun!

If you’re already planning ahead for the new school year, don’t go it alone. Join one of the K-12 Community Groups and stay connected to other K-12 Canvas Admins throughout the summer. You can learn best practices and strategies for adoption success while you become an expert Canvas Admin for your district.


Key Groups To Consider


If you don’t find a group that suits your needs, or you’d like to start a new group of your own for your Professional Learning Community, we would love to hear from you. Fill out this form to create a new group.


Canvas Admin Tool Kit BreakOut Session

Rachel Kirkland is a Customer Success Manager with the Priority Services team here at Canvas. She has a background in educational technology and instructional design, and she’s a total Canvas fangirl. She has  provided a quick overview of the admin tools available to all Canvas administrators in this session entitled: “Canvas Admin Tool Kit.”


Not enough time for the whole session? No problem. Check out this shorter overview video on admin tools.



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InstructureCon Unconference

This year, InstructureCon is hosting its first unconference. On Tuesday, June 16, anyone who is registered for the main conference, but not attending a pre-conference workshop, is welcome to join the full-day unconference. This is an opportunity for educators to team up and discuss teaching practices, learning methods, and to form new networks around new ideas. The unconference theme is Student-Centered Learning and Educational Technology. Seats are filling fast, so visit the unconference Canvas course today to learn more and to sign up while you still can.


New Canvas Integrations in the App Center

In May, we added three integrations to for cool new solutions.


Official Canvas Partnerships

In May, we were happy to welcome Unplag to our Certified Partner tier and Gooru to our Premier Partner tier.

      • Unplag - Launched in 2014, the Unplag team keeps developing existing features and creating new ones based on feedback from its clients. Unplag has been primarily created for educational establishments to simplify their document workflow and to spot duplications in students’ papers. Being constantly upgraded, Unplug, a similarity detection engine, has a wide list of features to offer.
      • Gooru - Personalization is everywhere. Apps and sites like Netflix, Pandora, and Amazon draw from a huge catalog of options as well as user data to recommend personalized movies, songs, and other items. But learning is complex, and teachers and students aren’t consumers of education—they’re creators. Our task as “ed-technologists” is to innovate collaboratively with the community of educators and students to support the ways they teach and learn. Gooru supports students, teachers, schools, districts, developers, partners, and other audiences who are honoring the human right to education.


Get the latest news about new partners and LTI integrations by following @EduAppCenter on Twitter. Send questions, comments or requests for partners to