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JULY 2016

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Customer Success



New Offering: Subscription Training

You can now purchase Subscription Training, which provides a full year of unlimited Canvas webinars. It’s the perfect way to get new admins up to speed, to train new instructors, or to help faculty and staff learn more about advanced Canvas tools. Here’s an outline of our Instructor Led Courses. Contact your CSM for more info about how to get Subscription Training for your institution.


P.S. If you’ve already purchased Subscription Training, watch this helpful video (featuring Sarah Pratt, one of our CSMs) to learn more about how to get started.







New Canvas User Interface (UI): July 9

On July 9, 2016, the New Canvas Interface will no longer be a Feature Option in Canvas and will be enabled for all Canvas users as a standard feature. Enabling the New UI affects the user interface for the entire Canvas account. Reach out to your CSM if you have questions about enabling the New UI in your instance.


June 25 Production Release

In this production release, admins can save themes for their institutions in the Theme Editor, and minor settings options have been included in several account-level features. For instructors, the Notifications page clarifies the purpose of the Grading notification, and the Gradebook and Rubrics include small icon updates.


For more details and updates, see our Product Release Notes.







InstructureCon 2016, July 19-21

We’ve always felt like InstructureCon was summer camp for education-minded adults. But in 2016 we’re doubling down with a summer camp theme: Kumbayawesome! We’ll see you in a matter of days at Camp Canvas for all the education-driven, Canvas-based awesomeness you can shake an immaculately-whittled stick at (plus campfires and boondoggles and rivers and late night shenanigans and who knows what else). For more info:


Browse the FAQs.


Canvas Network



30 Courses Starting in June

With all the new courses starting this summer, you won’t have time to be bored. Check out the highlights below, then visit Canvas Network to browse the rest:


  • Jason Wingard, Ph.D., Dean and Professor at the School of Professional Studies at Columbia University and former Chief Learning Officer at Goldman Sachs, is offering Global Human Capital Trends. This self-paced course will probe workforce upheavals that force organizations to adapt and change.
  • Dr. Ed Hoffman, NASA Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO), has been on the faculty of the IKNS Program at Columbia University since 2011. He’s offering Enterprise Risk Management where you can learn why convening collaboration is the critical leadership skill of our time.
  • Sim Segal, FSA, CERA, Director of the Master of Science in Enterprise Risk Management program at Columbia University, is president and founder of SimErgy Consulting, a consulting firm specializing exclusively in ERM. He’s offering A Preview Course on the 5 Killer Risks of Enterprise Risk Management. Learn how to fight back so you don’t fall victim to the five killer risks in business by using ERM.

Courses relevant to today's political climate include Santa Clara University’s How to Run an Ethical Campaign – and Win and Iowa State University’s Teaching and Learning Iowa History: Iowans and the Struggles Against Anti-Black Racism.






Ready for InstructureCon 2016?

To make sure, watch this webinar, “InstructureCon: What to Expect When You’re Expecting” (session recording link). Camp Counselor Jackie (aka our events manager) will provide an orientation for Camp Canvas.


New Canvas UI

Have you switched to the New UI? If not, here are some helpful resources to help you prepare for changes coming July 9:







Forty-two Instructure partners will attend InstructureCon 2016 in Keystone, so stop by the exhibit hall to learn about some of the cool tools you can use to customize and enhance Canvas. View the complete list of our partner sponsors.


Upcoming Partner Webinars



“Best Practices for Integrating Vetted OER: Your LMS as the Hub for Instruction”

July 12, 2016 at 11 a.m. MT


The growing effort to incorporate Open Educational Resources as a foundational part of digital transformations unveils new challenges and opportunities for districts. How can administrators ensure that teachers use trusted, quality resources that are organized to match the district’s curriculum? Is there a way teachers can access all OER needed without leaving the platform they use to design and deliver instruction?


Please join us to learn how Cabarrus County Schools found answers to these questions (and to a few more) when textbook funding became limited throughout North Carolina.




unplag-logo copy.png

“Ensuring Academic Integrity Through Plagiarism Detection”

July 14, 2016 at 11 a.m. MT


During this webinar we’ll share our knowledge about the latest cheating techniques and interesting cases we’ve seen over the last year and how we’ve adapted to stop them. Dealing with technology, working with academic papers, and instantly monitoring "student talks" online, we can clearly see new methods of online academic cheating evolving.







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