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  Customer Success

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Join us for a K-12 Study Hall session on 11/17 @ 9:30am MST. This month’s K-12 Study Hall is called: Why LTI?  Troy Anderson, our resident LTI Guru, will be joining our K-12 Webinar group to teach us what LTI is, how Canvas leverages LTI to enable a variety of tools to work seamlessly into your Canvas instance, explore some commonly used K-12 LTI tools, and introduce a few new LTI tools.




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October 29 Production Release Notes


In this production release (October 29), users can expand and collapse the Global Navigation Menu and view all items with a due date in the To Do list. Instructors have a small workflow change for group assignments and can create group assignments with intra-group peer reviews. Admins can create a telephone URL scheme in a custom Help Menu link and add federated attributes to all authentication methods.


For additional details please see Canvas Production Release Notes (2016-10-29)




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Canvas Reveals Partnership to Bring New, Engaging Content to K-12 Classrooms


Canvas has partnered with several best-of-breed, standards-aligned content providers to enable teachers to easily pull content into their Canvas classrooms. Since finding good K-12 content can be difficult, the Canvas team is now working with content providers specifically designed for K–12 settings, like Discovery Education and BrainPOP, so teachers can access expertly vetted materials for their classes.


Click here for all the details.



  Research & Education

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This month, the Research & Education team for Product helped support the launch of our new Arc online video platform—the launch also included an Arc infographic and several Arc blog posts. Arc is the next-generation online video platform that unmutes learning by turning one-way, passive video into inclusive, productive discussion. We also provided research content for a Bridge Culture of Learning e-book, which Instructure will soon publish.



Arc infographic

Arc Blog Post


  Canvas Network

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Finding professional development opportunities for educators has never been easier on Canvas Network. We are pleased to announce the launch of the Educator Catalog. The Educator Catalog provides educators a central location to find high-quality courses to aid them in their professional development.


Find the Educator Catalog in three easy steps.

  1. Go to

  1. Click on the “Categories” link below the search bar

  1. Select the Educator Catalog from the dropdown menu



Last month we introduced you to courses such as Course Design Lab: Style and Structure with Media and HTML, Analytics in Course Design: Leveraging Canvas Data, Effective Group Work Strategies and more. Now you can quickly navigate Canvas Network to find the best course for you and your professional development.




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Happy November Canvas K-12ers! Something that usually comes up at this time of year is how to leverage Canvas in the Elementary School classroom. The use of an LMS at the high school and middle school level seems pretty intuitive for many Canvas admins, but when you start talking about elementary students who are beginning readers, it gives them pause.


Well admins, we hear you and want to help by showing you just what you can do with Canvas as a tool in your ELED classes!  A good place to start is with our 10 Things Your Kids Can Learn Online eLearning Infographic. Once you’ve finished that,  check out some of our favorite resources about Canvas in the ELED classroom. You can also join our CanvasLive Twitter Chats on Tuesday evenings, which are completely focused on Canvas & ELED. #Canvas4elem


Elementary Classroom & Canvas




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New Partners:


In October we gained some great new partners who contribute unique and exciting tools to the ever growing learning tools ecosystem. Check out Honor Lock, CapSim, Triumph Learning, Zoomi, and Bocavox to see the latest integrations. 


Partner Spotlight:


Vocareum has developed a cloud platform built specifically for coding classes. The Vocareum products are accessible as LTI-compliant apps within Canvas. They offer two products built on top of their cloud platform—codeLMS and cloudLabs. Their platform capabilities range from enabling coding quizzes, assignments, projects, and exams on the cloud, to delivering the ability to execute and assess the code created by students.


The main components of our cloud platform are:


  • Assignment Management
  • Grading Automation
  • Plagiarism Detection
  • Learning Analytics
  • Cloud IDE
  • Exams-as-a-Service


codeLMS is an LMS built specifically to address the needs of coding classes. Unlike horizontal LMS offerings, Vocareum delivers coding-specific capabilities like grading automation, plagiarism detection, and learning analytics that are missing in horizontal LMS offerings.


cloudLabs provides access to cloud computer labs to browsers. Students do not need to install any software to work on their coding projects. This capability is particularly useful for online classes where students may not have access to either physical labs, IT support, or if they work on a variety of devices including tablets or chromebooks.


You can learn more about their platform by SIGNING UP to attend any of their weekly product demos, every Wednesday at 10:00 Pacific.