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  Customer Success

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December is upon us, and that means turning in final papers, grading assignments, and closing out the term. With December also comes the holiday season. If you need support, please reach out to your CSM, their backup, and/or Canvas Support. We will be available to assist you during this time.


We have a CanvasLive on MasteryPaths this Thursday (click the link for information).


Admins should be receiving a small gift to show our great appreciation for the partnership we have with your school. We appreciate each and every one of you.


We want to wish you all a very safe and happy holiday season and a great start to 2017!



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In this production release (November 19), admins can manage all default links in the Help Menu and manage permissions for adding and editing LTI tools.

Instructors can use MasteryPaths to customize student learning experiences based on student performance. This feature must first be enabled by a Canvas admin. Additionally, instructors with analytics permissions can view analytics in concluded courses.

Students can view updated terminology in the To Do list for No Submission or Not Graded assignments.

For all users, the Calendar Week and Agenda views have been updated with a simplified look and feel.


Click here for more information on the November 19, 2016 Production Release.



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Canvas Announces New, First-of-Its-Kind Mobile App for Parents


Canvas announced a new, first-of-its kind mobile app that allows parents or designated guardians to monitor their children's education and progress at a glance. The Canvas Parent app is available to all iOS and Android users to help parents of K–12 students stay informed on their children's assignments, grades, and overall schooling.


  Research & Education

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We have added a new K–12 client story to the CanvasLMS YouTube channel, showing how Canvas and the Santa Ana Unified School District (California) are “bringing learning to the students.”


The video shows why teachers call Canvas a student-first system and a platform that allows them to personalize learning for each student. Thank you to everyone from Santa Ana for letting us tell their story!


  Canvas Network

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Interested in learning how you and your institution might benefit from hosting a course on Canvas Network? Here are a few examples:


  • Professional development
  • Building brand awareness
  • Recruiting new applicants for specialized programs
  • Letting prospective students get a taste of what courses are like on your campus
  • Experimenting with new course content or course design


As you can see, there are many reasons to host a course on Canvas Network. For more information on how you can get involved, fill out this short form.



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New Partners

We added some great new partners in November, including Accredible, a digital certificate tool and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH), a leader in K–12 content. Check out the Canvas Partner Portal for a complete list of official Instructure partners. 


If there’s a learning tool you’d like to see integrated with Canvas, let us know at We’re always happy to talk open standards and integration to help grow the interoperable learning tool ecosystem. 


Partner Spotlight


Realizeit helps students achieve mastery–their full learning potential—by enabling institutions

and educators to provide intelligent pathways to mastery for each individual learner. Realizeit is

a versatile and scalable learning measurement system serving a growing set of institutions in K–

12, higher education, and corporate learning with mastery-based personalized learning

capabilities in both traditional and emerging competency-based learning models. Our client

institutions have realized improved student and institutional outcomes—engagement,

persistence, achievement, and mastery for a diverse set of use-cases.


Realizeit dynamically recommends, directs, adjusts, and measures each individual’s progress

toward the learning objective in sharp contrast to traditional learning management platforms,

which deliver the same course to every student and deliver it in the same way every time. The

platform produces rich data, deep analytics, and insights that can transform institutional

effectiveness operations and empower the student to reach their highest learning potential. 


Partner Webinars

Visit the partner webinar archive to view recordings of past webinars featuring partner integrations.


Making significant improvements to student achievement and institutional success depends on high-quality feedback. But how can you be sure you’re capturing the greatest amount of student opinions about their learning experience? This webinar discussed Class Climate’s support for proven features to improve your evaluation response rates. We explored how the following factors contribute to a robust response:


  • Mobile distribution to meet students where they are—on their phones!
  • LMS connectors to ensure the evaluation experience is seamlessly connected to the learning experience
  • Mapping your evaluation process to your institutional culture to embed evaluations in campus life


View the recorded webinar HERE.