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Week In Review: 2016-02-05

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WEEK OF 2016-02-05

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This Day in History


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This day in history, Henry "Hank" Aaron, nicknamed the Hammer or Hammerin Hank, was born on February 5, 1934.


Hank Aaron is a retired Major League Baseball right fielder. He was best known for playing with the Milwaukee Brewers/Atlanta Braves as well as beating Babe Ruth’s home run streak by hitting his 755th and final home run on July 20,1976.


Throughout his life,  Hank faced racial bigotry with a calm and professional demeanor. Sports Illustrated noted Hank’s attitude by writing:


"Is this to be the year in which Aaron, at the age of thirty-nine, takes a moon walk above one of the most hallowed individual records in American sport...? Or will it be remembered as the season in which Aaron, the most dignified of athletes, was besieged with hate mail and trapped by the cobwebs and goblins that lurk in baseball's attic?"


On January 8, 2001, Hank was awarded with the Presidential Citizens Medal by President Clinton. He subsequently received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor, from President George W. Bush in June 2002.


Canvas Commons: Black History Month




February is dedicated to a month-long learning about the African American icons, leaders, activists, and inventors who have made significant impacts on American history. And what better way to integrate these topics into Canvas courses than importing just-in-time resources from Commons public.


InstructureCON 2016 Call For Proposals


What is InstructureCon?


It’s a conference held annually for people throughout the world who use and love Canvas or who would like to use Canvas. Our Learning Management System here at Instructure has been rocking the Higher Ed and K-12 Communities throughout the world. InstructureCon is where everyone comes together to share experiences, be taught new features and updates, where everyone is fed a wealth of Canvas knowledge, connections are made and networking is easy, and where SWAG is abundant. It’s a hoot, and well worth the time and money!


Interested in presenting? To submit your presentation proposal, please complete this form by February 21, 2016 at exactly 12 a.m. MT (that is, the stroke of midnight in the Mountain time zone).


For information about our epic InstructureCon visit





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Canvas Tips & Tricks - Submitting Files With An iPad


1x1 with iPads? Here is the process for submitting files from an iPad using Google Drive or Dropbox:

  • Find the file inside Google Drive or Dropbox and click the “Open In” link and select Canvas
  • Open Canvas, navigate to your assignment and select “Submit”
  • This should open a menu with your file as one of the options to select
  • Select your file and click “Submit”



Canvas Live!


What is Canvas Live?

Come see Canvas come to life! Watch timely webinars, participate in hands-on demo courses, and discover new resources! Please click here to learn more.



Higher Ed Collective


CanvasCon - Florida

Save the date! The Florida Users Group will be hosted by the University of Central Florida on March 11, 2016.


We have many folks in the state of Florida doing Awesome things with Canvas and we would love to hear from you. If you would like to present this year, please complete and submit the Call for Proposal form by Monday, Feb 15. Registration details and event agenda will follow in the weeks to come.


Please feel free to reach out to Taylor Austin with any questions at




K12 Bulletin Board



The new Grade Pass Back group is now live in the Community! This group is a one stop shop for all things GPB. There will be regular updates, discussion boards, and swag giveaways. Check it out by clicking here!


Save the Date:

Study Hall: Successful Parent-Teacher Conferences
Date/Time: Tuesday February 9th 3pm MST

Whether you’re meeting parents online or face-to-face in the classroom, at this study hall you can learn ways to leverage Canvas tools to ensure you have successful parent-teacher conferences.
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"PD the Canvas Catalog Way"


This webinar will focus on Instructure’s Catalog platform. Catalog integrates with Canvas to provide a front facing registration and payment portal for Canvas. With Catalog schools and districts are able to showcase any of the course offerings they would like to offer for open enrollment for free or for profit. We have seen Catalog used in a number of ways from our K12 schools and districts from Professional Development, Community Educations, Parent Information, Online Learning, New Hire Courses, to External PD offerings to other districts to name a few. Come learn how Catalog can enhance your Canvas implementation.


Join us February 10, 2016. Look forward to our email that will include the Webex information and the time.


Top Ten Guides: January 24-30, 2016


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