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Week In Review: 2016-02-19

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WEEK OF 2016-02-19

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This Day in History


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On February 19, 1473, Nicolaus Copernicus was born in the central Polish city of Torun. Copernicus has been given the title of “Father of Modern Astronomy." He was the first modern European scientist to propose that the Earth revolved around the sun as well as the other planets.


Copernicus was raised in a wealthy merchant family and education was a large part of his life. He moved to Bologna, Italy to study at the university. During his time in Bologna he lived in the home of Domencio Novara, who was designated to issue astrological forecasts for the city. Copernicus assisted Novara with these astrological forecasts. He was exposed to astrology as well as “aspects of the Ptolemaic system, which placed Earth at the center of the universe.”


Through his life, he completed his “Six Books Concerning the Revolutions of the Heavenly Orbs.” Such ideas range from the earth rotating on its axis to the elliptical patterns of the planets revolving around the sun. By the 18th century, this information was widely accepted.





Release Notes


Canvas Production Release Notes (2016-02-20)

In this Canvas release, admins can restrict students from viewing future enrollments in their courses list, and instructors can tell if their assignment submission Crocodoc annotations are being read by students. Canvas also includes various design enhancements to existing feature areas.


Canvas Commons Release Notes (2016-02-09)

In this Commons release, the Search Page interface has been updated. Additionally, deleting a resource generates a confirmation message and search results have improved accessibility. Last, recently used tags will no longer appear when tags are added to resources.



InstructureCON 2016 Call For Proposals


What is InstructureCon?


It’s a conference held annually for people throughout the world who use and love Canvas or who would like to use Canvas. Our Learning Management System here at Instructure has been rocking the Higher Ed and K-12 Communities throughout the world. InstructureCon is where everyone comes together to share experiences, be taught new features and updates, where everyone is fed a wealth of Canvas knowledge, connections are made and networking is easy, and where SWAG is abundant. It’s a hoot, and well worth the time and money!


Interested in presenting? To submit your presentation proposal, please complete this form by February 21, 2016 at exactly 12 a.m. MT (that is, the stroke of midnight in the Mountain time zone).


For information about our epic InstructureCon visit



Canvas Tips & Tricks - Recurring Calendar Events


Are you finding that you are having to create events in the calendar multiple times a week? Recurring Calendar Events allows instructors to create multiple copies of an event every day, week, or month. However, once events are created, they are not linked together and are treated as independent events. Speak with your Customer Success Manager and have the recurring calendar events turned on so these events will duplicate for you.



Canvas Training Classes: FREE! FREE! FREE!




Do you have a case of the February blues? Our Training team is feeling the love and hoping to brighten up your month. Whether you're a veteran to Canvas or have just joined us for the first time, please take a minute to check out our Canvas Training Subscription Description.


It's subscription based and jam-packed with hands-on activities that you'll agree are totally awesome. Plus, for the last full week in February (2/22-2/26), it's completely FREE! A comprehensive list of the courses available for BOTH Canvas Admins and Instructors can be found HERE. Please feel free to share this link with your colleagues at your institution.



K12 Bulletin Board


It's Parent-Teacher Conference Time!

Check out our Canvas Live recording (coming soon) for making parent-teacher conferences a success with Canvas:


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Top Ten Guides: February 7-13, 2016


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