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Week In Review: 2016-05-06

Blog Post created by Jana Capps Employee on May 6, 2016



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WEEK OF 2016-05-06

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This Day In History: Babe Ruth



In 1915, on this day, 100 years ago, "Babe Ruth of the Boston Red Sox hit the first of his 714 major league home runs in a 4-3 loss to the New York Yankees at the Polo Grounds."


"Ruth’s first three career home runs came against the Yankees. His second came again at the Polo Grounds in a 7-1 Red Sox win on June 2. His first home run at Fenway Park came 23 days later, on June 25 against the Yankees, in a 9-5 Boston victory."





Canvas Events: InstructureCON, CanvasCONs and More!



InstructureCON 2016

What is InstructureCon?



It’s a conference held annually for people throughout the world who use and love Canvas or who would like to use Canvas. Our Learning Management System here at Instructure has been rocking the Higher Ed and K-12 Communities throughout the world. InstructureCon is where everyone comes together to share experiences, be taught new features and updates, where everyone is fed a wealth of Canvas knowledge, connections are made and networking is easy, and where SWAG is abundant. It’s a hoot, and well worth the time and money!


For information about our epic InstructureCon visit www.canvaslms.com/news/instructurecon.



Keep up to date with CanvasCons in your area, as well as other highlighted events from Instructure at our events page in the Community:




Higher Ed Collective



Upcoming Partnerships Webinar:  Simplified and Streamlined Remote Proctoring in Canvas with RPNow


Columbia University and Software Secure, a Canvas Certified Partner, will share their experience implementing online proctoring.


This webinar will focus on the remote proctoring implementation and integration process at Columbia University’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, faculty feedback, and initial results pertaining to faculty efficiency.


Nancy Rubin and Mark Musacchio will discuss how RPNow integrated with Canvas to provide a frictionless proctored exam registration process for faculty and seamless remote proctoring for students.


See information below and click here to register.


When and Where

May 10, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm MST



K12 Bulletin Board



K12 Study Hall: Packing up your classroom!


A webinar touching on best practices for administrators and instructors at the close of the school year. Learn about Terms, course conclude dates and managing student access after the term end date. Teachers will learn how to pack away their course and either save to Commons, or create a Canvas course export file. Instructors will learn some tips on maintaining a summer sandbox during break and how to leverage that space for content creation and curation.



Lisa Young, Scottsdale Community College

Brooke White, Instructure, Director of On-Boarding


When and Where

May 11 2016 12:00am-1:00pm MST

LIVE Webinar

K12 Study Hall: Packing up your classroom


Join by phone: 1-877-668-4493

Access code: 800 094 738



Top Ten Guides: April 24-30 2016



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  6. How do I use the Dashboard? (New Canvas UI)
  7. How do upload changes to the Gradebook?
  8. Canvas Overview (Students) [Video]
  9. How do I set my Notification Preferences?
  10. How do I add contact methods to receive notifications?


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  2. Which browsers does Canvas support? (Admin)
  3. How do I change my login password? (Student)
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  6. How do I submit a peer review to an Assignment? (Student)
  7. How do I view Turnitin results for my assignment submission? (Student)
  8. How do I create a new ePortfolio? (Instructor)
  9. How do I upload a file as an Assignment submission in Canvas? (Student)
  10. How do I add new people to an existing Conversation? (Instructor)
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