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Week In Review: 2016-05-13

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WEEK OF 2016-05-13

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This Day In History: Why We Fear Friday the 13th




In Western superstition, Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day. But why do we fear this day? Some say it originated from the Middle Ages and the story of Jesus' last super and the 13 individuals present in the upper room. While there is evidence of both Friday and the number 13 being considered unlucky - there is no record of the conjunction of the two causing and more "unlucky-ness" before the 19th century.


In Italy, 13 is considered a lucky number while Italians seem to fear Friday, the 17th. This legend comes from the number 17, in Roman numerals as: XVII. By shuffling the letters, one can easily make the word VIXI which means "I have lived" (implying death in the present) and is an omen of bad luck.


In Hispanic and Greek cultures, it is not Friday which causes anxiety but Tuesday, the 13th. Tuesday is considered in dominance by Ares (the God of War) and Constantinople was defeated by both the Ottomans and the Fourth Crusade happened on Tuesday, the 13th.


In the United States, it is estimated that 17 to 21 million people are affected by this fear. It has been reported that businesses lose $800-$900 million dollars on this day, due to lack of customers leaving their homes. So, whether you are superstitious or not, now you know where this day in history comes from. Just don't be mean to kids name Jason at summer camp.



Release Notes: Feature Updates



Canvas Production Release Notes (2016-05-14)

In this production release (May 14), the Theme Editor includes a color setting for showing the number of unread Conversations messages, and the Groups page design has been updated to complement the Courses page. Several other small changes have been made to various feature areas.



Canvas Events: InstructureCON, CanvasCONs and More!



InstructureCON 2016

What is InstructureCon?



It’s a conference held annually for people throughout the world who use and love Canvas or who would like to use Canvas. Our Learning Management System here at Instructure has been rocking the Higher Ed and K-12 Communities throughout the world. InstructureCon is where everyone comes together to share experiences, be taught new features and updates, where everyone is fed a wealth of Canvas knowledge, connections are made and networking is easy, and where SWAG is abundant. It’s a hoot, and well worth the time and money!


For information about our epic InstructureCon visit



Keep up to date with CanvasCons in your area, as well as other highlighted events from Instructure at our events page in the Community:


Canvas Live!



Mobile Series: Tips to Designing Mobile-Friendly Assignments

While Canvas app is effective in translating your course to be responsive on a mobile device, it is the job of the teacher or instructional designer to effectively design assignments to address the on-the-go learner, as well. We have tips to help you make your assignments even MORE mobile-friendly!


Tuesday, May 17, 2016 at LIVE Webinar

Starts at 11:00 AM · Ends at 12:00 PM

Click here to register.



Higher Ed Collective



Navigation the New UI

We will be hosting a webinar on Wednesday, May 25, 2016 on Navigating the New UI. Please join us to learn all about the new UI and bring your questions! Remember the new UI goes live on July 9th for all Canvas users!


When and Where

May 25, 2016 12:00pm -1:00pm MST

Join by phone: 1-650-479-3208

Access code: 808 363 810



K12 Bulletin Board



Tech Learning Tools For College Prep

How do you prepare graduating students with the right learning tools needed to succeed in Higher Ed? And how do you help them continue to succeed?


Presenters from both Harvard University and Phillips Academy, Andover will answer these questions while sharing with us strategies on how to drive better adoption and usage of learning tools as well as what has and has not worked for them when adopting an LMS.


Join us as we learn to bridge the learning gap as these presenters realize the benefits of using the same LMS from secondary to post-secondary school to truly prepare our students for college.


Kristin Sullivan
Program Director, Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT)
Harvard University IT (HUIT)
David Mallick
Manger, Language Learning Center
Phillips Academy, Andover
When and Where

Tuesday, May 17 at 1:00pm EST

Click here to register.


Top Ten Guides: May 1 - May 7, 2016



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