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Week In Review: 2016-07-08

Blog Post created by Jana Capps Employee on Jul 8, 2016

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WEEK OF 2016-07-08

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This Day In History: 8 July 1972  Bill Withers - Lean On Me - YouTube


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“Lean On Me” moves into the number one spot on the pop charts on this day in 1972.


At age 34, Bill Withers recorded the song “Lean On Me,” just two years after stepping into a recording studio for the first time.


“Withers was still a full-time factory worker when he wrote the song whose success would finally convince him to give up his day job. “For a long time I didn’t really accept my new career,” he told the Los Angeles Times in 1975. “It was like I was on vacation from the factory and at some point I would have to take my tool box and go back to work.”


“Lean On Me” even gained momentum in its popularity, and has been covered by many artists. It continues to be a song everyone knows and loves.


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“Lean On Me” begins its first stay at #1 - Jul 08, 1972 - HISTORY.com

Bill Withers Photos and song Lyrics | Metamansion


Release Notes


Canvas Production Release Notes (2016-07-05)

In this beta release, Canvas has new features in Account Settings. Feature updates are available in Grades, Reports, the Rich Content Editor, and the User Account Menu, and minor changes have been made in Assignments, Conversations, Course Settings, the Rich Content Editor, Outcomes, User Settings, and APIs.


Beta features are subject to change based on user feedback and testing.


Visit the Canvas Studio to see what's in development-There are some exciting things! The specified item was not found.


Canvas Events: InstructureCON: One Week Left!


InstructureCON 2016: For information visit:



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You can register for Pre-Con Sessions now. Ed Camp is open and free for everyone to attend!


What to Expect When Expecting InstuctureCon 2016 (WEBINAR):


We’ve always felt like InstructureCon was summer camp for education-minded adults. But in 2016 we’re doubling down with a summer camp theme: Kumbayawesome! Come join us at Camp Canvas for all the education-driven, Canvas-based awesomeness you can shake an immaculately-whittled stick at. Plus campfires and boondoggles (!!!) and rivers and late night shenanigans and who knows what else! Come on, campers!


If you are one of the lucky ones coming to camp with us-WE ARE SO EXCITED. In our most recent K12 Assembly, we introduced guest presenter Jacquelyn Burrell. Jacquelyn, our Director of Events, presented  all about what to expect, when expecting InstructureCon at Keystone, CO 2016! Thank you to all of those that attended the webinar! If you were unable to attend, please see the recorded link below to watch! You won’t want to be the one left in the dark...


  • Why Keystone: Find out why we chose to hold this year’s InstructureCon in Keystone Colorado
  • The Venue: Learn about the Keystone venue, transportation, lodging, etc.
  • K12 Specific Sessions: This new focus comes straight from you, our K12 admins!
  • Activities: Get an insider's view of our Kumbayawesome activities happening that week.
  • How to Prep: Altitude sickness? Weather considerations? We’ve got you covered!  


To view the recording or download onto your local device, please see links below:


Download recording link:



Don’t forget! The schedule is HERE! Start scoping out which sessions you can’t wait to attend.


Tips and Tricks


With so many of you preparing for the upcoming 2016-2017 school year, we have received quite a few questions on your SIS rollover and how to import new courses, enrollments, sections, etc. We decided to include a few instructions below so you have the information you need.


If you are using PowerSchool...once you are ready to rollover your school year, let your CSM know. We will make the change in our SIS App so that your 2016-2017 courses and enrollments will show in your Canvas instance.


If you are using Skyward...contact your Skyward representative to rollover to the new school year.

If you are using Clever...please reach out to your CSM as we have paused all Clever syncs until we know when you will have all of your 2016-2017 data in Clever. We also have a few new features for Clever this year so we will want to discuss these new features with you before we sync the new years data.


K12 Bulletin AND Higher Ed Collective: New User Interface Change Over


This MANDATORY change is THIS SATURDAY. On July 9, 2016, the New Canvas Interface will no longer be a Feature Option in Canvas and will be enabled for all Canvas users as a standard feature. Enabling the New UI affects the user interface for the entire Canvas account.


Still haven’t decided to try out the new UI yet? Check outhttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1vPGE62UkzLdNCc9iGmwmO0PV9Sa1vLrCpxxdeHZMYV8/editthis Google Doc our awesome CSM, Andrew Gooch, made that shows the differences between the old and new UI.


  • New UI Resource Materials click HERE and Canvas Video click HERE.
  • JULY 9, 2016 is your deadline.
  • Not sure if you have moved over or not? Reach out to your CSM with questions.


Here’s a tip: If you want to brand your instance to represent your school colors and logo, start by playing with the theme editor when you log in. If you notice that you are having issues with the preview not keeping your changes, make sure that the “high contrast UI” feature is turned off under the admin settings. This will prevent custom branding. You can even brand specific sub-accounts (if you have multiple schools in your district using Canvas). Check out our Community page HERE to learn how. Check out these resources in our Community on using the new theme editor:



Top Ten Guides: June 26 - July 2, 2016


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