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Week in Review: 2017-10-06

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WEEK OF 2017-10-06

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Canvas Releases


In this production release (October 7), late and missing submission status labels are only displayed to instructors in SpeedGrader, and rubric criterions can include a point range instead of an individual point value. Other small updates have been made in several Canvas areas including account-level Analytics, SpeedGrader, and the Assignments API, and several icons and styles have been changed in the user interface.


Production release notes also include fixed bugs.


Features are subject to change throughout the release based on user feedback and testing. Please follow the release notes for the latest information.


Canvas Production Release Notes (2017-10-07) 


InstructureCon 2017 Featured Video

What happens when you turn course design over to students? They push themselves harder than you ever would. They stay engaged longer, take ownership of the learning process, and work together toward success. This session discusses the process and results of a course turned over, completely, to students.

Increase Engagement Through Student-Led Course Design- Robin Bagent 


Relive ALL of the InstructureCon magical and catch-up on what you might have missed HERE!

Guide of the Week


How do I run Roll Call Attendance reports in a course? 


Upcoming Canvas Events


Accessing Your Canvas Data with CanvasDataViewer: Encore

Accessing Your Canvas Data with CanvasDataViewer: Encore 


WHEN: Tuesday, October 10, 2017 @ 12:00 PM  · Ends at 1:00 PM, MDT (America/Denver)



CanvasDataViewer is used to automatically download Canvas Data files into a SQL Server database where you can query and analyze the information. In this webinar you can get a guided tour of CanvasDataViewer and find what it takes to set it up and host it.

Project Description

Our project is used to automatically download Canvas Data files into a SQL Server database where you can query and analyze the information. Canvas Data files are very large--currently a full download includes at least one file for each of 82+ tables, and some tables require more than one file. For a large campus each daily download can include more than 8GB of files that contain millions of database records. Manually downloading Canvas Data files from the Canvas web interface and loading them into a database can take hours. Our CanvasDataViewer automates this process. When set up with a SQL job agent to run the process at night, you can come to work every morning with fresh Canvas Data waiting for you to analyze. 



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