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craig curtis
I do not get back all the enrollments.  using /api/v1/sections/:sectionid/enrollments?access_token=xxxxxxx   I get back data but only seeing observerEnrollment and no students.   The access_token is generated by admin account.   I have tried a few other calls also but do not seem to get back current students i see last year students.  tried a… (Show more)
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Clay Hess
I have an LTI app that I currently have as a navigation item. It is basically a dashboard that displays items to do and completed, etc. I would like to be able to embed this in a page. I was successful in creating an app within Canvas that allows for a button on the rich text editor. When I click this, it opens a modal window and displays the… (Show more)
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Jason Klins
Hello, I'm working with a Common Cartridge (v1.2). In the imsmanifest.xml file of the cartridge, all of the resource links are tied to a standard (or set of standards).  I tried to import the cartridge, and all resources came in, but I got the issue "This package includes Curriculum Standards, which are not compatible with Canvas and were not… (Show more)
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Dustin Fast
Where can I get more information about the Canvas implementation of LTI 1.3 and LTI Advantage?  Is there a release date or documentation anywhere?
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SAGE CanvasAdmin
Hi,   I'm wondering, is Canvas now LTI Advantage (1.3) compliant?  What about the Free for Teachers environment, what level of LTI compliance is that up to? -Joseph
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Sam Yelman
So, I'm having issues with the Oauth for grade passback...   Here's what my authorization header looks like:   Authorization: Oauth… (Show more)
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David Mack
7/17/2018 9:12am - David Mack - - I have the latest Canvas running on Ubuntu server 18.04. This is running on a virtual on my Windows Pro 10 laptop. I am trying to get an LTI test app that works perfect with Moodle to work with Canvas. I have been successful in getting a launch to work great. The problem is that I… (Show more)
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Raju  Chapagain
I am just starting the integration process for my company. Could anybody please advise where can I get client Id and client secret?
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