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Dustin Fast
Where can I get more information about the Canvas implementation of LTI 1.3 and LTI Advantage?  Is there a release date or documentation anywhere?
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David Mahaley
Click to view contentI get the error message with the first step in the pathway.  Any ideas as to how to fix this?  There are no proceeding parts to complete with this.
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SAGE CanvasAdmin
Hi,   I'm wondering, is Canvas now LTI Advantage (1.3) compliant?  What about the Free for Teachers environment, what level of LTI compliance is that up to? -Joseph
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Lauren Vlam
Overview   Our commitment to adopting and furthering open standards is a no-brainer for us because it makes technical innovation possible. We believe standards help make Canvas a better platform, and encourage our users and partners to innovate without needing our permission. Instructure actively pitches in to help shape the future of these…
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craig curtis
I do not get back all the enrollments.  using /api/v1/sections/:sectionid/enrollments?access_token=xxxxxxx   I get back data but only seeing observerEnrollment and no students.   The access_token is generated by admin account.   I have tried a few other calls also but do not seem to get back current students i see last year students.  tried a… (Show more)
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Clay Hess
I have an LTI app that I currently have as a navigation item. It is basically a dashboard that displays items to do and completed, etc. I would like to be able to embed this in a page. I was successful in creating an app within Canvas that allows for a button on the rich text editor. When I click this, it opens a modal window and displays the… (Show more)
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Jason Klins
Hello, I'm working with a Common Cartridge (v1.2). In the imsmanifest.xml file of the cartridge, all of the resource links are tied to a standard (or set of standards).  I tried to import the cartridge, and all resources came in, but I got the issue "This package includes Curriculum Standards, which are not compatible with Canvas and were not… (Show more)
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