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Trip Gould
Click to view contentI am testing out a POC of the oembed support in Canvas and have run into an issue I can't seem to get around.   I form the URL as described in the docs   here: and    here:   So, for instance, attempting to oembed a video:  … (Show more)
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Sam Yelman
Hey - I'm a bit confused. I'm working to write a LTI 1.3 compliant tool, using the IMSGlobal LTI1.3 PHP library as a base. I've got a LTI 1.3 test case to launch fine and all, it's just odd that I need to know the client_id and deployment_id before hand. Shouldn't it be provided during the launch, from platform (Canvas) to the tool? It doesn't… (Show more)
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Dustin Fast
Where can I get more information about the Canvas implementation of LTI 1.3 and LTI Advantage?  Is there a release date or documentation anywhere?
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