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tl;dr We have over 100 official partners in our program. (That’s a lot!) This monthly update is a collection of partner stuff you care about, omitting the stuff you don’t.



Current Partner Count: Alliance - 20 | Premier - 15 | Certified - 79 | Community - 8

Partners Recently Added: SAS Curriculum Pathways, CirQLive, RefME, CK-12, Knovation



Higher Ed

Cool Tools for All

What do they do?

Provide standards-aligned content that is beautifully integrated with Canvas...oh, they are also a free virtual school!

What problem do they solve?

An alternative learning method in K-12 plus quality free (and some paid) content that is aligned to standards.

How are they different?

They’re free and they have built an integration that (IMHO) is better than any other K12 content provider.

Why should I care?

If you’re working with K12 customers, these guys probably have something that can enhance the learning experience for students in that school district...it can also help save time for teachers because of the tight integration.

What do they do?

Provide a tried-and-true proctoring solution that uses human proctors as well as a key tracking authentication technology

What problem do they solve?

Prevent cheating and provide an additional level of secure authentication

How are they different?

Most proctoring solutions today are “proctor-less”, meaning they use webcams to authenticate and monitor students. There has been some student pushback to this method recently. ProctorU uses real human proctors.

Why should I care?

Because if you have higher ed customers, they probably have some need for an online proctoring and secure authentication solution. If it hasn’t come up yet, it probably will soon so now you know!

What do they do?

Provide an open badging platform

What problem do they solve?

They allow our customers a free option for badging

How are they different?

They are free, open, link to various locations (e.g. LinkedIn) and they support their solution

Why should I care?

Because you probably are using or have customers who are using CanvaBadges and that is a badging solution that is no longer supported. Badgr provides a nice alternative.





Find ALL upcoming partner webinars listed below the fold on

the Community Home Page and on the right side of the Partner Portal. Our webinars are designed to proliferate the message of openness and showcase new integrated tools for our customers to utilize to make teaching and learning easier.





In the news!

There’s a new press page dedicated to sharing stories about partnership and integrations. This collection links out to press releases issued by our partners and by Instructure about our partners!

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The following partners will be joining us at these events:


October 20th

October 28th-29th

CanvasCon EMEA (Event sponsors)


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Once upon a time we had a lightweight version of a BrainPOP integration in the EduAppCenter. WELL...Good news! BrainPOP has now built their own deeper LTI enabled integration and we expect to be able to call them an official Instructure partner soon. We’ll provide more information on this once it’s official, but this is exciting news for all K12 customers!





email: partners@instructure.com  | partners: partner portal  |  twitter: @eduappcenter



Partnering is a two-way street so ask your customers to advocate for partnership to the third-party as well.

It’s amazing how fast things can move when they hear from their customers!