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Release Notes: Canvas LMS

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Every day, we come to work with one purpose in mind: we want to help you achieve your goals and find success within the life-changing field that is education. Canvas is the LMS that makes teaching and learning easier. And every day we want to give you our very best, no matter what it takes.


Every new or updated feature in Canvas goes through a specific life cycle—whether the feature receives future enhancements or is replaced by the latest technology. Our product team’s main priority is to improve fundamental Canvas features without significantly disrupting a user’s workflow and provide our Canvas admins with peace-of-mind preparation.


To determine the best dates for these changes, we collaborate frequently with various departments throughout the company to compile as much customer information as possible. We are also continuously mindful of academic schedules and preferences in both northern and southern hemispheres. Changes are exciting, and we recognize some work may be involved! But we’re here with you every step of the way.


First, to our commitment to transparency, our new Upcoming Canvas Changes page provides a central location for communicating all our significant upcoming changes that affect all institutions. This page will always be current so you can have up-to-date information any time you need it.

  • We recommend you click the Follow button at the top of the Upcoming Canvas Changes page so you will receive all updates as they are made available.
  • Announcements will also continue to be posted in individual Canvas release notes as updates are made available.


Second, when we announce a change, our product and marketing teams ensure we provide you with release notes and other resources you need for change management. We’ll not only help you prepare for the change, but we’ll give you the tools you need to get everyone on board.


And last but not least, our Customer Success team is always available to brainstorm those challenges that may not involve a cookie-cutter solution. Our goal is nothing but your success, so reach out to your Canvas admin or Customer Success Manager to see how we can help solve your specific needs.


Please let us know if you have any specific concerns or have additional ideas about how to help you prepare for these types of changes.


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