Erin Hallmark

Canvas Deploys and Releases Update

Blog Post created by Erin Hallmark Administrator on Oct 14, 2019

Several months have gone by since we introduced and implemented our new release and deploy processes. We’ve been taking copious notes with each and have made some adjustments to improve your experience.



Deploy Notes Schedule

Our teams deploy to the beta environment every two weeks (Thursday morning US Mountain time). We will now publish deploy notes the day after the initial beta deploy (every other Friday US Mountain time). This change provides advanced notice about items in the deploy that may require customer attention. After the initial deploy notes, any additional code that may require user attention per engineering will be added to the deploy notes and noted in the document’s change log. Please ensure you are following either the deploy notes document (or the entire Release Notes space) to be notified about updates. Deploy notes are posted in the Release Notes Deploys page.



Release Previews

Monthly release previews were originally noted to be available in the beta environment on the same Saturday as the production release. However, since production releases are followed by the beta environment refresh, the new functionality is not viewable until the refresh is complete. Therefore, release previews are now being enabled the following Monday. For example, our upcoming release is Saturday, 19 October; the next release preview for the following release, 16 November, will be enabled in the beta environment on Monday, 21 October. 


Release Notes Schedule

In our current release process, the release preview is available in the beta environment but release notes are not available until the following Monday. Our teams are improving their processes to know what features are to be made available as part of the release preview, and we can now curate that information one week prior.


To help bridge the gap between the release preview and release notes availability, release notes will now be published the same day as the release preview—or to think of the timeline in another way, the Monday following the latest production release. This schedule change has also been updated in the Canvas Updates calendarFor example, our upcoming release is Saturday, 19 October; the release notes document for the following release, 16 November, will be published on Monday, 21 October. 


Canvas Screencast Schedule

Currently the Canvas Screencast for the current release is posted the Monday before the release. To also help institutions prepare for releases sooner, the Canvas Screencast for the current release will now be posted one week earlier, which makes the screencast available for two full weeks in the Canvas Screencast list. Any features that may be removed from the release after the Screencast has poted will be noted at the beginning of the screencast.



We will continue to  make adjustments to better assist you and appreciate your feedback. Feel free to reach out any time.