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Hi All, We are a small Chiropractic Unversity and are just making the switch to Canvas. We use CampusManagement (CampusNexis) as well. I'm looking for others that use both systems and how they are overcoming some specific issues we are having with the SIS Imports. PLEASE contact me if you are willing to share information.  Thanks in Advance!
Mehar Nandra
Hello Everyone,   We have recently signed up with Canvas and are wondering if any of you used CSV's to upload from Banner to Canvas.   If you have, did you establish a sub account structure?  Could you possible share your CSV files with me so that we can see how we will be starting our instance?   After using CSV's, were there any plans of… (Show more)
in Higher Education SIS
Stefanie Sanders
When I sync it fails stating that "Cannot read property 'id' of undefined" Anyone know what this means?
Sarah Stetson
Can I upload documents for all the students to use?  I can't seem to find a upload button?
in Higher Education SIS
Luke Caldwell
I am at a small college and we currently require all grades to be recorded in Canvas, however, we are required to input our midterm and final grade into Jenzabar as that connects to all of our in-house, reports, transcripts, tracking forms...yadda yadda yadda. As of right now, our faculty have to re-enter their final grade in our Faculty Course… (Show more)
in Higher Education SIS
Jenny Hopf
Hello Canvas users!  We are in the process of moving to a new SIS, CampusNexus Student (by Campus Management) and are looking for fellow users to connect with. We have some specific questions about Grade Passback, but would love to connect more generally as well.  Thanks in advance!
in Higher Education SIS
Kelley L. Meeusen
If I create assignments in Canvas how do I get them to talk to Skyward?
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