• SIF - Setting Term Dates and Enrollment End Dates

    Overview: In order to prevent student enrollments from being hard concluded (or dropped) at the end of a term, the Term End Date in PowerSchool must match a student’s enrollment Exit Date. These dates are sent t...
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  • Issue with grades to powerschool

    Anyone having issues with Canvas grade passback to PowerTeacher / PowerSchool?  Since Monday our grades are not syncing from Canvas to PowerTeacher.  Just wondering if we are alone.
    john kelly
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  • Monitoring Tool Error Message Dictionary

    Error Message - TeacherCategory ID: Error Message - Due Date Must Be Between...: Error Message - Assignment Already Exists Error Message - Student does not have an AssignmentStudentAssociation...
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  • Changing Assignment names in PowerSchool causes Sync Issues with Canvas

    We have Canvas syncing with PowerSchool.  However, once I import (sync) an assignment into PowerSchool, can I change the name of the assignment in PowerSchool (to get around the 30 character limit) and continue t...
  • Do I have to repay the fee of a course if I want to retake it?

    Hello,       My name is Emma Brinkman, and I am a highschool student that is currently enrolled in the Geometry A online course. I am writing you to ask if I have to repay the cost of this co...
    Emma Brinkman
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