• Canvas talking to Skyward?

    If I create assignments in Canvas how do I get them to talk to Skyward?
  • Hello Everyone

    I'm new to this group and looking forward to learning more about career advising.  
    Barbara Hunter
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  • SIS: TEAMS (Prologic)

    As a  Canvas admin in a PK-12 district in Texas that uses a SIS called TEAMS, I wanted to create a discussion that could serve to facilitate communication between TEAMS and Canvas users going forward. If you come...
    Stephen Simpson
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  • What are some problems you encounter in PowerSchool SIS integrations with Canvas?

    Just looking for a heads up on problems with PowerSchool integrations. What were they, how did you solve them?
    James Sanzin
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  • Canvas and Clever and Infinite Campus Confusion

         Today was our first day back with teachers and our 2nd year of Canvas Implementation in grades 6-12.     Teachers still do not have their 2017-2018 Courses because of the...
    Stefanie Sanders
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  • Losing Course Enrollments

    Being integrated with PowerSchool has its ups and downs. One of the downs has to do when a user is on leave: maternity, medical, or something else. Our district marks these users as not active which marks their C...
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  • Canvas/Skyward - successful Canvas post does not appear in SIS gradebook

    I want to let others know of what I found today with one of our teachers using the Skyward gradebook integration. The teacher tried several times to post grades to Skyward.  Each time she received the Success me...
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  • SIS for Elementary/Middle Schools

    After seeing the request for SIS information for colleges and universities in another discussion, I realized it would be good to get the collective wisdom of the Canvas Community for our situation.  Here goes: &#...
    Doug Joubert
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  • Course Set-up

    What is your setup for the Course and Section titles from Rediker to Canvas?
  • Sync Back & Forth btw Rediker and Canvas

    Though Clever was thrown out there, I need to make sure Rediker and Canvas sync regularly.  Does anyone know the steps to take to ensure this happens?   Thanks, in advance, for any help.   Doug Jouber...
    Doug Joubert
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  • Attendance tool for Rediker

    What are Rediker schools doing for Attendance?   In particular, has anyone found a software and workflow that supports period-wise attendance and follow ups through the Attendance Office?   Thank you, ...
    Jay Chalfant
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  • Canvas + Rediker Schools

    There are a few already-existing discussions that focus on Rediker... Sync Back & Forth btw Rediker and Canvas Course Set-up Attendance tool for Rediker   ...but I'd like to expand everyone's contact lists. ...
    Kristin Lundstrum
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  • Kimono & Tyler SIS?

    Is anyone using Kimono with Tyler SIS? If so, how's it working for you?
    Janetta Garton
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