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Molly Nellman
SIS ID is the unique ID that Canvas imports from can I export SIS ID from PowerSchool so that I can troubleshoot users and data issues?
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Kona Jones
Hi all,   Does anyone have experience with trying to send attendance data from Canvas (perhaps using the Roll Call tool or some other solution, e.g. using API calls to create a report of submissions) with a Student Information System? I am using PowerSchool, but really if anyone has had experience with custom apps or any other ways to address… (Show more)
Kona Jones
Recently  my grades are not completely syncing to PowerSchool. The odd thing is the fact when I sync a course the grades are syncing to one of the two grade levels and not the other course. When I export grades I always have both courses together so it isn't that I've forgotten to export both classes. Below is what I found inside the monitoring… (Show more)
Kona Jones
I wish there was something in place when you imported to ask if they assignment category existed already. When teachers import courses from a prior semester or year they think because the category exists already it should sync. I've explained to them they need the category with the paper arrow icon and should delete the category without it as… (Show more)
Stefanie Sanders
After grades are stored in powerschool for Q1, or any other quarter as far as that goes, if a student turns in late work and it's graded the Q1 grade in teacher gradebook changes, therefore the grade printed on report card and what parents are seeing in Powerschool are different.  How do other districts handle this?  Currently at my middle school… (Show more)
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