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Paola Perez
I'm in 1.8 from my training and it is asking me to add an assignement to my sandbox from the calender. However, I can't find the sandbox. 
in Canvas Training
marc matthes
We are offering classes to a correction facility and need to lock out all student from being able to message anyone on the site or in a class and  lock down profile picture and bio in a users profile.  Is this possible??  If so can you point me in the right direction, thank you.
in Canvas Training
Stefanie Sanders
Hi, I'm starting a new job at a school that has been using Canvas for quite some time.  I'm very new to Canvas (just set up my account a couple of days ago) and just spent over 20 hours completing the courses "Growing With Canvas" and "Be the Hero PSK12."  So although I haven't asked my principal yet, I would imagine that he would want me to… (Show more)
Wendy Notz
I'm new to this training.  I've completed the First Look in the Welcome to Canvas.  How do I go about claiming the badge?
in Canvas Training
Brittany Lee
How do I create and embed flip card into my assignment/discussion?
in Canvas Training
As a graphic genre, the platform allows me to develop something to generate a personalized report in the statistics section?
in Canvas Training
Jaki King
I was recently told that I cannot use animated gif's in my modules because of accessibility. However, they are uploaded as an image, they have alt text, and none of them have blinking or flashing that are below three times per second.  I was told to remove them because of the "auto-play video/audio" criteria in the OEI accessibility rubric. My… (Show more)
in Canvas Training
Cheryl Golden
I would like to make sure that my institution knows I am participating in Canvas training.  I cannot tell if the "badges" I am earning for theses sessions are showing up anywhere.  I always respond to the prompts to "ask" for badges -- but cannot see that I am "receiving" the.m  I do not think this a particular problem -- just wanted to know .
in Canvas Training
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