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Catherine Flowers
I am looking for some design templates- some with more color - tabs... etc do you have a known resource?   Dr C Flowers
in Canvas Training
Sallie Michalsky
  We know a lot of you prefer to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule. Our goal is to provide you with self paced resources that will assist you in learning the Admin side of Canvas.  Beginner  Advanced   Canvas Admin Tour  The Canvas Admin Tour is a self-paced video course designed to help beginning Canvas Admins learn Canvas. The…
in Canvas Training
Laura Warner
need to get exam from one Canvas course to another --- this is proving to be absolutely impossible, I am not happy!
in Canvas Training
Eva Goldstein-Meola
This might be really basic; however, I can't figure it out for the life of me. Yesterday, I received my first student paper via CANVAS.  i graded it - using the highlighting - comments option etc.  It was easy - all good. Today, I received another paper - the options are no longer available.    Also - my parent said they couldn't submit a WORD… (Show more)
in Canvas Training
judy Hopkins
I have the apex course in canvas but need to have the students access the apex tutorials when needed?
in Canvas Training
Stacy Greathouse
G'day,   Is there a breakdown of time-to-training allotment per each workshop or individual self-paced module all in one place? Time-to-task is huge with our professional development endeavors, and it's something we teach faculty to be able to provide their students..   Ta.
in Canvas Training
Maria Struder
A parent is asking by email for all grades for student -- this student is in my homeroom and when we used ASPEN I could run a report for all grades -- how can I do that in CANVAS? This is a family with limited English language. I would like to help.
in Canvas Training
Sandra Hanes
in a timely manner. Right now, they are not processing at all. I did not have this problem at the previous institution at which I taught. Is this application only available at certain schools? Thanks  Sandra Hanes
in Canvas Training
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