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Prashant Omer
Is there any way to create a plugin in Canvas LMS system to override existing controller/models methods and respective views for making some customisation on for requirement basis? If there is any documentation or video tutorial is provided or available for that?   I want to add some functionality like "Act as User", to allow some other Users to… (Show more)
in Canvas Training
Thomas Robb
ARe live trainings essions an available through an RSS feed anywhere so we can share in spaces our faculty use?
in Canvas Training
Ellen Calderon
I have a picture as my icon (?) for my course on my dashboard. There is a color over it and makes it hard to see the picture. When I clicked on the three dots on the right to change the color, there is no option for clear. Is there a way to type in a new color on the bottom? Where do I get the color codes from? Or is there a color code for clear?
in Canvas Training
Michele Eller
I would like to create groups or an additional course within Canvas for new teachers and certain subject areas - English teachers, math teachers, etc.  I can't seem to figure out how to do it?  The groups I have are the ones our technology department has created.
in Canvas Training
Sallie Michalsky
  We know a lot of you prefer to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule. Our goal is to provide you with self paced resources that will assist you in learning the Instructor side of Canvas.  Beginner  Advanced   **Kung Fu Canvas   This Commons course is a GREAT place to start learning Canvas or to fine-tune your existing Canvas skills!…
in Canvas Training
Stephen Howell
Why can't I open Recording: Course basics?  I have installed Adobe Connect add-in several times.  This is very frustrating.
in Canvas Training
Holly Magnuson
I've been trying since yesterday afternoon to register for some of the Canvas classes but keep getting the following error message:   Unable to launch Adobe Connect window. Please try again later.    Is it an Adobe Connect issue or a me issue?   Thanks for any info you can provide. 
in Canvas Training
Dana Hicks
web address to access training PLEASE    I am registered and attended the first class       Now I am 300 miles away and cant access                Many Thanks       Dana Hicks   dbh 1952
in Canvas Training
Mike Truong
Our campus just got onboarded, and we have access to subscription training.  I'm wondering if the live training are recorded.  If so, how do I access them?
in Canvas Training
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