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Danielle Mattson
Hello, I am doing the CCS online training program. I was at the module DHS 36: overview of CCS. I went to take the quiz and I could not open the quiz. Now when I go into the program none of my progress shows that it is marked as done. Is there any way for me to fix this? Do I have to start all over? Also the four modules I had  left on the program… (Show more)
in Training Services
Stefanie Sanders
Good morning everyone!  Since we are thrown into online learning due to the circumstances, I was wondering what is the best way to setup the 'Passport to Canvas' course for all of our teachers and students?  We have about 18 different courses and each instructor in those courses, do things a little different.  Would the best approach be to add the… (Show more)
Rosalilia Mendoza
Hello,    I am having difficulty logging on for free training course. Can you please share some tips? Also, the link to the community updates is either missing or not posting.  
in Training Services
Stefanie Sanders
Just wondering when training events will be posted to Instructure Events?
Stefanie Sanders
I don't see any training materials for Catalog in the Training Services Portal.  I believe there were some on the old training platform.  Is anything available?  I'm a new sub-catalog admin and reading through the Catalog Guide has left me wanting a guided walk-through.
Stefanie Sanders
I am looking for someone from Canvas that will do onsite training.  Does anyone know of this option?   RaLynne
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