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Mary Barr
I created 2 quizzes- Safety Test #1 and Safety Test #2. I need to give a third test and was wondering if I can make the previous 2 tests that I created ( no test bank) as a test bank so that I can pull questions from both previous tests.    Simply- if I create a test- can I make it available as a test bank for future tests. 
in Canvas Training
deborah silguero
Can someone direct me to which program I need in order to get a Canvas LMS certification.
in Canvas Training
Cynthia Neal
Our district has purchased Canvas and indicated that we have access to all of this training; however, I have been unable to access anything. I keep getting an error message each time that I click register. I have tried different browsers with the same result: "Site cannot be reached." This is quite frustrating, and I feel that I have invested way… (Show more)
in Canvas Training
Inger Stark
Do any of the webinar trainings cover the attendance feature in Canvas?  If so, which ones?
in Canvas Training
Brandey Addison
I do not see record of training sessions that I have viewed that were recorded.  Where can I find this?
in Canvas Training
Ruth Compere
When I sign into Canvas training I am not able to see any upcoming events. Is this because I do not have the right kind of account on my end? I am an administrator so should be able to see events to register for them. Thanks in advance for any help!!
in Canvas Training
mary bruce
There is either a capital U or a picture of me beside every announcement. I am the instructor and do not understand what this means or why it is there. Also I would like to remove the U if possible but cannot figure out how. 
in Canvas Training
Robert Henn
How do I remove the default grade scale and use my own scale?     ie..89.5%-100% = A 79.5%-89.4% = B
in Canvas Training
jim wadsworth
First Look page. There are no navigation tools or high-lighted areas to continue from this page
in Canvas Training
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