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Mia Foster
When I log in to the Instructure Events  page, it says there are no upcoming events.
in Canvas Training
Cheryl Smith
How does a new user locate a training that is to be reviewed for future enrollment?
in Canvas Training
Lisa Sonricker
We have developed a one-point rubric that does not conform to the rubric design automatically generated on Canvas assignments.  We would like to be able to comment in this rubric from speed grader and send our feedback within this rubric back to the student.  Is this possible or is the only rubric available through Canvas? Attached is a sample… (Show more)
in Canvas Training
Tracian kelly
i need to know how to rearrange the course content like home page announcement module assignment in that order
in Canvas Training
Larry Turner
In the Tech world there is not so much discussion as to whether or not mobile apps are the way to go. In the Ed world, however, depending on the culture of the school, there can be much debate as to how much technology to incorporate, ie, mobile learning, hybrid classes, interactive white boards (not chalk?!), and it seems the conversations go on… (Show more)
in Canvas Training
Abigail Warner
I was supposed to attend the Google LTI webinar tonight, but it just tells me "The meeting has not yet started. You will be able to access the meeting once the host arrives. Please wait."   Since I don't think I misunderstood the start time, I think it must either be a technical issue on my side or the session got canceled? Any info on this?
in Canvas Training
Nicholas Johnson
I cut and paste my messages from a template for each lesson, but I do not see any way to bold or italicize text, use bullets, etc.  Am I missing something, or is the "compose message" feature in the Inbox in Canvas just extremely minimalist in features?   Thanks!   -Nick Johnson Adjunct Instructor, Anthropology Ivy Tech Community College
in Canvas Training
Elizabeth Mirabal
I'm trying to sign up for a Canvas for Vocational Studies, or Fine Arts, training. I don't see a button or anything to actually sign up. Please clarify
in Canvas Training
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