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Sandra Shillington-Lopez
Hello! I registered with the wrong email address. I have two jobs and I used the email address that does not correspond with the employer who uses Canvas. Could you please help me change this problem. My email address (and the one I should have registered with ) is The email I used to register (and the one I need to have… (Show more)
in Canvas Training
Greg Landry
I'd like for all students in my class to be able to access each others eportfolio while keeping their setting as private. As i understand it they would each need to access the url for each classmate's eportfolio. Is there an easy way to do that? Thanks!
in Canvas Training
Lisa Moore
Will the quizzes sessions (Quiz Basics and Managing Quizzes)  include information about Quizzes.Next? I read that traditional quizzes will be phased out, so I'm hoping to get some training in Quizzes.Next. Also, my school has a paid subscription, but I do not see Quizzes.Next as an option. Do I need to ask my admin to turn it on? Thanks for your… (Show more)
in Canvas Training
Tamy Chapman
Hi, I'm an admin, and we have a homepage template (just with required banner at top) that we want to put in all of our courses. I thought if I put it in an empty course at the global/account level and shared it to Commons I could then apply it to all courses in our account, but I still only see my own courses when I look at where I can share it… (Show more)
in Canvas Training
Marie Salazar
How do I print a document that has  been added to canvas?
in Canvas Training
Asher Levin
Hi all, So I did not have a 'conditional release API Admin' when I installed the GITHUB Canvas. Now I cannot use the mastery mode options. Any ideas please?
in Canvas Training
Tom Calhoon
We have a company developing courses for us, all of their courses will be loaded into a sub-account.  WE have a site theme that has been applied to that sub-account, but their course material has a lot of inline style information.  How can I apply a CSS file that will enable the display of their elements.
in Canvas Training
When I go to any part of the Canvas LMS site there is no direct link, nor any obvious section that simply says "Hey, here's Kung-Fu" which would let me get started on the belts, which are a requirement for my school. Instead, I've clicked about 30 links, and filled out a ton of little login and profile things, some on separate websites like… (Show more)
in Canvas Training
Cynthia Lohrke
I have been looking at the scheduling and am unable to find the Mastery Paths Introduction training. I have found many instances of the Mastery Paths training.  Can you help me?  Thanks.   Cynthia Lohrke
in Canvas Training
David Taylor
How do I delete a student who has withdrawn from a course?
in Canvas Training
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