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Shannon McCarthy
How are districts allowing student to use TTS within Quizzes?  We use TextHelp Read & Write but it does not work when the student is taking a quiz/test.  Wish that accessibility features were built in and that could set to allow for specific students? That would be great!  
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Darlene Cates
The html I used to use to resize google docs is no longer working. How can I get my embedded files to be viewed at a larger size? Thanks
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Aaron Lunsford
I am in my first year as a Canvas admin in a district of 11,000 students and 500 + teachers.  This year my focus has been on the three intermediate/middle schools (1200 +/- students 75 +/- teachers in each building), the Career Center and the High School (3500 +/- students, 200 +/- teachers).  Canvas was adopted over the summer before I started. … (Show more)
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Colton Nicholas
Title pretty much says it all, I’m just looking for a way to view grades from my Fall 2019 semester, from which those courses are no longer showing on Canvas.   Thanks! Colton
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Amanda Postle
I taught my first "Getting Started in Canvas" workshop to faculty and support staff last week and found the Modules and Pages sections to be confusing to our attendees. I had a hard time describing the difference between the two and people walked away a bit confused, some even upset. We are currently moving from D2L to Canvas at OSU.   My next… (Show more)
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Rachel Tidwell
I notice that there will be a new grading format in January.  Is there training to where I can participate on line?  Thank you, Rachel Tidwell
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glenda obre
Will Canvas allow a school Canvas admin to copy the Canvas Training as part of their knowledge hub for teachers?
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Janie Ruddy
Click to view contentCanvas is a clean and intuitive LMS system which can be quickly mastered.  Many can learn Canvas on their own and enjoy doing so through exploring the system.  Most of us are busy professionals and are more interested in receiving a solid training foundation that will get us using Canvas right away, like in the term is starting next week… (Show more)
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