Larry Turner

Catering To A Whim

Blog Post created by Larry Turner on Mar 28, 2018

In the Tech world there is not so much discussion as to whether or not mobile apps are the way to go.

In the Ed world, however, depending on the culture of the school, there can be much debate as to how much technology to incorporate, ie, mobile learning, hybrid classes, interactive white boards (not chalk?!), and it seems the conversations go on and on.

I'm young. I'm 40. I have been in the field of Academic Technology and Faculty Development since my Senior year at Southern Adventist University. I've since worked at other private universities, community colleges, an HBCU, tiny agricultural town, state capital, and currently, I'm a consultant for a private health institute in northern California implementing Canvas to allow the Institute to begin offering online programs. This most recent school, while growing in the understanding of financial gain in offering programs globally, are simultaneously undergoing "tech-free" zones around their campus, which is a health institute as well as an alternative health clinic.

Personally, I agree with what they're doing.

While technology has its place, and while SLO's generally speak to favoring online components and mobile features, I don't think it's healthy to stay there 24/7. Too many people work, eat, and sleep with their phones, and that's not an exaggeration.

I also don't think it's prudent to require so much out-of-class activity with an LMS so that students can never unplug from the virtual world we have created.

Just my $.02



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