• Check before uploading

    Greetings. I teach Spanish at both a high school and a university in Virginia. Like many K-12 schools, ours is about to move tons of content online. I found the guide here and it was very useful. I am very conc...
    Vallarie Sevilla
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  • Our faculty are having a hard time understanding Modules vs. Pages

    I taught my first "Getting Started in Canvas" workshop to faculty and support staff last week and found the Modules and Pages sections to be confusing to our attendees. I had a hard time describing the difference betw...
    Amanda Postle
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  • Advice for setting up training course for students.

    Good morning everyone!  Since we are thrown into online learning due to the circumstances, I was wondering what is the best way to setup the 'Passport to Canvas' course for all of our teachers and students? ...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Increasing Teacher Participation

    I am in my first year as a Canvas admin in a district of 11,000 students and 500 + teachers.  This year my focus has been on the three intermediate/middle schools (1200 +/- students 75 +/- teachers in each buildi...
    Aaron Lunsford
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  • Importing Word formatted quizzes

    Hi, If I have a word document with questions formatted like this below, how can they be imported into Canvas?        1. In most organizations, the _____ is also the person responsible for  ...
    Hammad Elbedour
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  • Can I meet with a trainer to go over how a trainer like myself would help my company prepare for switching to Canvas?

    Hello!   My name is Taylor and I am the Technical Trainer at a university. We recently decided to stop developing our own LMS and switch to Canvas, which is a HUGE change for many different departments.  &#...
    Taylor Barnett
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  • Unable to Submit Media Recording iOS Canvas Student App

    When my students try to submit a media recording on the Canvas Student App, there is no option to record on the “Submission and Rubric” button under their assignments. I tried it from my iOS device under a...
    Michelle DeVall
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  • Canvas Training for Teacher In-Service?

    Hi, I'm starting a new job at a school that has been using Canvas for quite some time.  I'm very new to Canvas (just set up my account a couple of days ago) and just spent over 20 hours completing the courses "Gr...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Weighted Grades- Am I Confused?

    Weighted Grades --- Am I confused?   I understood that all grades within a category [say quizzes] carried equal weight within the category regardless of points if I am giving a percentage grade.  For exampl...
    Karen Van Horn
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  • New to Canvas Admin

    Hi,  I am transitioning into the role of LMS Administrator at my institution. I have been a instructional designer using canvas but not much on the administrator side of things. I am overwhelmed with the amount ...
    Rob Haroth
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  • Finding your Community Users

    I was trying to chase down some information for this question, and found that (at least for us) because we use AD/LDAP that the only SAML2 logins were used for SSO to Jive. Which gave me a quick look at our ...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • What data integration tools are recommended for Canvas?

    I'm designing a website with Canvas and it needs to be able to use data integration.    Are there any tools that would help me with this? The only one I have been recommended so far is Curl. I really l...
    Lee Newton
    created by Lee Newton
  • Dashboard change = not good

    The new dashboard layout is much worse than the previous format. Please offer the option to switch back to the old dashboard, here's why the new format is worse: The dashboard is now cluttered with various announcemen...
    Sam Sturgeon
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    I've imported a course, but the links for the Pear Deck slides aren't working....Suggestions??? New User! :-)
    Miriam Summerlin
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  • Mobile App not showing submissions

    My mobile app is not longer showing my submissions when i click on submitted entry to view it. I can Only view on PC. It was ok a few weeks ago. It also will not allow me to submit assignment. I just Get a blank page ...
    Carla Farrell
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  • Learning even more about Canvas and loving it!

    Who knew Canvas had so much to offer all in one spot??? Not me. Today I have learned more about Canvas and making it more dynamic than I knew was possible. I am excited about having an organized page for my students t...
    Kelly Fields
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