• Quizzez Text to Speech

    How are districts allowing student to use TTS within Quizzes?  We use TextHelp Read & Write but it does not work when the student is taking a quiz/test.  Wish that accessibility features were built ...
    Shannon McCarthy
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  • Check before uploading

    Greetings. I teach Spanish at both a high school and a university in Virginia. Like many K-12 schools, ours is about to move tons of content online. I found the guide here and it was very useful. I am very conc...
    Vallarie Sevilla
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  • When I compose a message through my Canvas Inbox, how can I use rich text formatting (bullets, bolded text, etc.)?  I do not see a way to do this currently.

    I cut and paste my messages from a template for each lesson, but I do not see any way to bold or italicize text, use bullets, etc.  Am I missing something, or is the "compose message" feature in the Inbox in Canv...
    Nicholas Johnson
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  • Access to Training Service Portal

    I cannot access the Training Services Portal. I can't authorize my access and get the message "Please ensure you have a valid Canvas name and email address." I don't have the same problem for Commons. How can I solve ...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Growing with Canvas Updates

    Thanks to Erin Keefe  andSallie Michalsky as well as the rest of theCanvas Training team for developing wonderful, free resource such as the Be The Hero - New Training Course for Canvas Admins...
    Janie Ruddy
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  • In the Announcements area, how do I change the order in which the Announcements are listed?

    I want to change the order in which the Announcements appear in the Announcements section.. I have tried changing the dates on which Announcements appear but they are all still out of the order I wish them to appear..
    David Murphy
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  • Our faculty are having a hard time understanding Modules vs. Pages

    I taught my first "Getting Started in Canvas" workshop to faculty and support staff last week and found the Modules and Pages sections to be confusing to our attendees. I had a hard time describing the difference betw...
    Amanda Postle
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  • How do I make the viewing of a video into an assignment which requires completed viewing.

    I have video content on canvas and I would like to "assign" the viewing of this content and make it mandatory. Is this possible? I want my students to view these videos but only be able to receive a completion grade w...
    Michael Geiger
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  • How do I add events on my calendar using the iOS app?

    I know how to add events using the PC version, but I also want to know how to use the calendar on my iOS device. 
    Anton Santos
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  • CCS Online Training

    Hello, I am doing the CCS online training program. I was at the module DHS 36: overview of CCS. I went to take the quiz and I could not open the quiz. Now when I go into the program none of my progress shows that it i...
    Danielle Mattson
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  • Advice for setting up training course for students.

    Good morning everyone!  Since we are thrown into online learning due to the circumstances, I was wondering what is the best way to setup the 'Passport to Canvas' course for all of our teachers and students? ...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • free training

    Hello,    I am having difficulty logging on for free training course. Can you please share some tips? Also, the link to the community updates is either missing or not posting.  
    Rosalilia Mendoza
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  • Canvas training calendar for March is empty

    Just wondering when training events will be posted to Instructure Events?
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Catalog Training

    I don't see any training materials for Catalog in the Training Services Portal.  I believe there were some on the old training platform.  Is anything available?  I'm a new sub-catalog admin and reading ...
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Where can I find in-person training?

    I am looking for someone from Canvas that will do onsite training.  Does anyone know of this option?   RaLynne
    Stefanie Sanders
    created by Stefanie Sanders
  • Resize an embedded google file

    The html I used to use to resize google docs is no longer working. How can I get my embedded files to be viewed at a larger size? Thanks
    Darlene Cates
    created by Darlene Cates
  • Increasing Teacher Participation

    I am in my first year as a Canvas admin in a district of 11,000 students and 500 + teachers.  This year my focus has been on the three intermediate/middle schools (1200 +/- students 75 +/- teachers in each buildi...
    Aaron Lunsford
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  • Any way to view past/completed courses no longer showing on Canvas Dashboard?

    Title pretty much says it all, I’m just looking for a way to view grades from my Fall 2019 semester, from which those courses are no longer showing on Canvas.   Thanks! Colton
    Colton Nicholas
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  • Canvas Training

    Will Canvas allow a school Canvas admin to copy the Canvas Training as part of their knowledge hub for teachers?
    glenda obre
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  • training for new grading application

    I notice that there will be a new grading format in January.  Is there training to where I can participate on line?  Thank you, Rachel Tidwell
    Rachel Tidwell
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