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Happy New Year! We hope you enjoyed a relaxing winter break. That being said, we are happy to see you back!


If you recall, last month we announced Changes Coming to Canvas Community Feature Ideas. We have been reviewing your survey responses, meeting with various internal teams and brainstorming.  A substantial update to the way the Canvas Community has input in the development of Canvas is well underway.


What have we learned so far?


Survey says: Community members like sharing ideas and seeing their feedback lead to changes in Canvas. And we think that’s awesome!


Here are a few things you like and don't like about the current feature idea process:



  • Users have a real impact on the development of the software (Canvas)
  • The process is democratic and transparent
  • The Product Team gives timely feedback (even if the answer is “no, we’re not going to do that.”)



  • Sorting through large cohorts of new ideas takes a long time
  • It’s hard to track ideas through the voting stages
  • The vote threshold is too high and the the voting windows are too short

What changes are coming?


You want a process that provides two things:

  1. Insight into what our Product team is working on right now and a way to give them timely feedback that helps guide their decisions
  2. An opportunity to share ideas about anything to do with Canvas, whether Product is focusing on that are of the application right now or not.


With your help, we can build a process that does both

How can you help with the changes?


Our goal is to launch the new process by the end of Q1 (March 31).. Here are some things you can do right now to help:


NOTE: If you indicated that you wanted to participate in the focus group in the December survey, you should’ve already received the invite to the Focus Group.