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Renee Carney

Ideas: Archiving Anew

Posted by Renee Carney Administrator Sep 20, 2017

Next week we will archive our first batch of ideas since the beginning of 2017. When we relaunched the evolved feature idea process we took a calculated guess that ideas in the top 10th percentile would be retained.  We’re actually going to retain the top 17th percentile of ideas that opened for voting in March 2017.  Here’s how we came to that number.


  • 439 Ideas opened for voting throughout March 2017.


  • 24 of the ideas are directly related to Canvas Studio priorities.
  • 46 ideas constitute roughly 10%, so we're retaining the top 46.
  • 381 ideas will be archived and moved to Cold Storage, a repository of archived ideas.




Archiving ideas helps all of us to gauge what’s particularly important in a six-month window of time, and makes room for new ideas.  You can read more about archiving, resubmissions, and Cold Storage in How does the feature idea process work?. You can also find more information about how ideas impact the overall development process in What is the feature development process for Canvas?


Your ideas, use cases, and votes are always important to us.  Thank you for the thought and energy you put into helping us make Canvas even more awesome!