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We've over 100 community members in the chatroom and already a full season of Twitter Chats lined up! There is chatter, chatter everywhere in CanvasLIVE!


I've heard of a #CanvasChat ...


If you've never participated in a Twitter chat before, here's your chance. A "Twitter chat" is a public Twitter conversation around one unique hashtag. In CanvasLIVE (depending on who's hosting the chat), each chat might have a different hashtag. 


This season TONYA MERCER is hosting a series of Twitter chats specifically for the K12 audience with the hashtag #canvas4elem. Don't miss the one tonight at #Canvas4Elem: Making Canvas Elementary Friendly!


We will also continue our general #canvaschat season every other Tuesday at 4pm MST. Next week we have David Lyons bringing you the best of #CanvasChat: Canvas. Mic Drop.


And later in September, Dr Rimmer is starting her Twitter Chats #k12canvaswk1: "But, I don't really like computers..."


RSVP. And get ready for a full hour of fun.


... But a Dad Chat?


Outside of Twitter, there's a whole lotta other chat happening in our chatrooms. Not only are we starting to see some interesting live conversation unfold, but members are creating different open forums or chatrooms, too!


Ryan Seilhamer created a channel for mobile (of course); Eddie Walker jumped in with "PLC for Math Teachers"; and, Jeffrey Brady launched "third-party tools" channel. But no one expected Stuart Ryan to create a place for "Dad Jokes" (Okay, maybe Jordan Dayton expected it).


CanvasLIVE continues to be a place for live chatter. Be it on Twitter or in a chatroom!




I’ve been thinking about ways to get out of my comfort zone. It’s my road to growth. And sometimes that means doing something dangerous--not “dangerous” like parasailing or bungee jumping, but willing to be in situations where I would take more risks. And risks mean making mistakes and dealing with them on-the-fly.


CanvasLIVE affords me those opportunities to take greater risks.


Okay, let me explain. A few weeks back, in one of the CanvasLIVE chatrooms, I chanced upon Chris Long's post:


Hey everyone, I’m one of the lead organizers for the Southern California Canvas Conference next week...I was thinking it would be killer cool to have a coaches/community virtual session to share ...Would any of you be up for giving this a try


Literally, two days before a live event, he wanted to livestream a virtual session on course design tips and training strategies! Who does that? If you know anything about planning conferences, you know that much of the event is planned well in advance. But something else Chris said struck a chord with me: He told us that he likes to add one new and untested element to the SoCal CanvasCon every year.


Thanks to the resources in CanvasLIVE and enthusiasm of community members like Chris and Adam Williams, I was inspired to jump in and help, as well. The risk? Presenting in a virtual, live-streaming workshop, without a lot of prep time in front of jam-packed (and unknown) audience. What could go wrong?


That casual conversation with Chris turned into a successful CanvasLIVE event (which you can see, btw, here at Live-Stream from SoCal CanvasCon: Design Co-Op Open Lab (10 am PDT)  and here Live-Stream from SoCal CanvasCon: Design Co-Op Open Lab (1:30pm PDT) .

And there it was. Nothing beats a live event.


Things can, and will, go wrong--but they should. We learn that way. We experience life that way. We want that. Let’s all get out of our collective comfort zones and put ourselves out there on CanvasLIVE.


Are you ready to take a risk?

That's what CanvasLIVE is. A place for fun. Sure, there are a ton of new events you can attend, Meet-Ups you can host, and chatroom conversations in which you can partake. But, at the end of the day, we're all just surviving, designing and refining our Canvas best practices and staying current on all of its latest feature updates. And what better way to do that then together with friends by your side...


Canvas community is full of great friends!

Truth be told, I have never been so humbled by the kindness and contributions of some of the folks here, some of whom I now consider dear friends. And, to me, nothing beats getting together face-to-face or engage in a real-time environment and enjoy each other's company, conversation and advice. Perhaps you might go so far to say that CanvasLIVE is the 'face time' of your (and ours) Canvas community. Or, as Tracey DeLillo puts it:


"Ooooh, this is gonna be FUN. It's like perpetual virtual InstructureCon!


Exactly, Tracey!


That said, this iteration of CanvasLIVE was 100% initiated by you and designed for you. Over the past 5 months, we have dissected hundreds of survey responses, interviewed a lot of community members, had deep-dive discussions in focus groups in order to deliver a place where you can meet people, collaborate on projects, help troubleshoot issues and share your knowledge... in real-time.


So, it is with great pride and pleasure that we present YOUR @CanvasLIVE. Enjoy!