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Over the last few weeks, I've been immersed in the world of elementary, middle school, and high school teachers who are new to Canvas. Their collaborative spirit and quick facility to group together to help one another out is delightful to watch, and as my teacher-learners broke out into their various hands-on sessions, and as their questions popped up, a leitmotif kept running through my mind:


Hey, there's a CanvasLIVE for that!


Here's how that tune in my head was going:


How do I get my students engaged in Canvas?

K12 Study Hall: Let's get Engaged...with Canvas


Yes, but what if they're recalcitrant?

#k12canvaswk1: "But, I don't really like computers..."


OK, I've taken the steps to get them engaged. Now how do I keep them engaged?

#Canvas4Elem: Reward Learning with Badges


I use Google Drive a lot, and I've already created resources there. How can I use my existing resources in Canvas?

#Canvas4Elem: Getting Googley with Canvas (coming up on October 11, 2016: be sure to RSVP!)

Live-Stream from SoCal CanvasCon: Design Co-Op Open Lab (10 am PDT)


How can I check out what teachers in other schools are doing in their Canvas courses?

#Canvas4Elem: September Showcase!


My students' parents want to monitor their kids' activity in Canvas. And I want to help them. How do we do that?

Canvas Parent: Meet-Up

STUDY HALL: Successful Parent-Teacher Conferences


How can I create an auto-graded quiz where students fill in a spreadsheet?

Using Tables for Spreadsheets Formulas in Quizzes with Fill-In-The-Blanks to use Autograding Demo


My school uses multiple grading periods. How do they work?

K12 Study Hall: The Nitty Gritty of Multiple Grading Periods V2


I've mastered the basics (I think!). How do I learn more?

Faculty Tips and Tricks: Hints and Reminders from Peers for Getting the Most out of Canvas


I see I can learn a lot from my peers at other schools. How can I connect with them?

Canvas Klatch (30 September)


How can I use my newfound knowledge of Canvas for professional development?

Program #1: Bring Your Mobile Knowledge Up-to-Speed

Program #2: The K12 Study Hall Series


You've told us that Canvas is a dynamic learning platform, and changes are implemented every three weeks. So when I come back to school in the fall, how do I know what changed while school was out?

What’s New in Canvas (Fall 2016) and What's New in Canvas (Fall 2016)?


OK, I'm sold! CanvasLIVE is definitely the place to be! I'd like to help. How do I share my own ideas?

How do I set up a CanvasLIVE event?


These are only the ones that came to mind in the few minutes of each hands-on session; I'm sure there are more. And if you don't believe me, just ask Kristin Lundstrum, TONYA MERCER, and Chris Long, some of the tireless contributors of all-things-K12 to CanvasLIVE!


So, for everyone, but especially for those K-12 teachers who are just starting out here: Welcome to Canvas! Join us in the chatrooms (and did you know Canvas Elem has its own chatroom?)


Have a question? There's a CanvasLIVE for that!


(Edit: links updated 10/6/2016)