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If you've been coming to CanvasLIVE sessions, then you know that community members aren't the only ones hosting events here. You've probably seen a few Canvas Partner-led events, too. Canvas is built on openness, therefore, we embrace our partnership programs to help extend and enhance the functionality of Canvas.


Introducing Canvas Partner Days

Every Canvas partner has a dedicated space in the community where members can learn more about each tool and service that integrates and/or aligns with Canvas. But we thought it might be nice to feature groups of partners in hopes to introduce you to new and unique options for your Canvas needs! Every two months (or so), the Partnership Team will host about 8-10 partner webinars throughout the course of ONE day!


What Happens during Canvas Partner Days?

In addition to partner webinars, expect thoughtful presentations by keynote speakers, challenges through #PartnerTrivia, and cool exploratory experiences in various partner playgrounds (sandboxes). Of course, there will be swag giveaways and prizes, too. (Cuz, who doesn't like free stuff, right?!)


How Can I Stay Informed?

We wouldn't want you to miss any CanvasLIVE events. Here are some ways you can learn about upcoming Canvas Partner Day events:


If you have additional thoughts and ideas related to partnerships, please be sure to connect with the Partnership Team!


You've probably noticed the new 'look and feel' of CanvasLIVE space. (If not, and you're new here - welcome!) This post will quickly bring you up-to-speed on CanvasLIVE and the things we're doing to ensure its growing success! We are continuously expanding CanvasLIVE so it can be the virtual event destination for all Canvas users.


A Bit of History...

Back in the day (circa 2013) CanvasLIVE (1.0) used to be a once-a-month webinar series, highlighting specific features of Canvas and providing just-in-time training for Canvas users. As it gained momentum (and Canvas kept evolving), we were able to host about 2-3 webinars per month. The demand for more topics was more than we could deliver. So, our next step was to enlist the help of our community members. After all, Canvas users are the ones who have hands-on experiences and offer more valuable, practical tips and use cases.


Leaning on Friends (Community Members)

Mid-2016, we streamlined CanvasLIVE (2.0) to encourage community members to host and promote their own events (and effectively, got out of their way). In addition to presentations, we also added more event types (i.e. meet-ups, demos, Twitter chats, etc.) to offer more variety in event programming. Within 9 months of the CanvasLIVE reboot, we had over 200+ events (48% of which were hosted by community members)! And about 52% of those events were meet-ups, demos, and Twitter chats. To this day, we continue to be amazed at the types of events our community members are hosting!



CanvasLIVE Next Gen

CanvasLIVE will always be place for all community members to share their insights, tips and best practices. (We'll always prioritize that!) The Community Team will continue to support all community-hosted sessions. And our Virtual Events Team will be hard at work to coordinate more exclusive events through CanvasLIVE, such as: 

  • More strategic partner-hosted webinars
  • More Instructure-hosted events, such as, our monthly expert series by Canvas Training Team, regular "Ask Me Anything" sessions that offer insights from our VPs, Directors and Product teams, and live-stream (or encore) sessions from local CanvasCons
  • More "Canvas en Vivo" events for our Spanish and Portuguese-speaking members in the Español community


In the next year, expect the timely and relevant sessions on which you depend. But, be prepared as we explore new ways to elevate our programming to create more dynamic virtual experiences. (And if there's anything you think we should be doing to meet your needs, please feel free to let us know.)


I hope you're excited about this next phase as much as we are! After all, we want CanvasLIVE to be your #1 virtual event destination!